Friday, July 5, 2013


Things have quieted down at the Cottage.

The rains have come and gone.

Hopefully the high heat spell has abated somewhat and we will get back to normal temperatures for this time of year.

The holiday is behind us and soon the red, white and blue decorations will be put away for another year.


The fairies have decided to stay and have moved their residence to the base of the wisteria vine in the Secret Garden

I guess they feel like they have more privacy there whenever they are not out dancing in the garden.


They are still receiving their mail under the fountain.


Summer has truly arrived...

A sure sign is the dragonflies, poised for flight, like tiny helicopters ready to launch.

The Secret Garden has been put back to rights and is, once again, an enjoyable and calming place to be.

Sitting here in the evening, surrounded by candle light and the cooling sounds of the bubbling fountain, is a perfect ending to a busy day.


The fireworks display was spectacular again this year.

 I did try to capture them in all their glory. 

I have had this little point and shoot Canon for about five years.

Only recently, I figured out that it has a special fireworks setting.

To be absolutely perfect (?) I should have used a tripod.

Not your traditional way that a fireworks display should look, but you do get the idea of the "rockets red glare".


I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July and that all our Canadian friends enjoyed their Canada Day...

 ...and that your launch into summer is as perfect as you want it to be.


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  1. What a beautiful post! I love your outdoor spaces, and the wicker sofa looks so comfy. Love the old door too! Neat that I bought a picture like yours!! Thanks for your visit!

  2. Judy...glad to know that your rains are over and that things are beginning to get back to normal. Ahhh...I don't want to put my red white and blue away...I love the 4th!!! Your sitting are looks so inviting and the pictures of the fireworks are really cool...I like them without the use of a tripod! Hope you are relaxing in to your weekend and spend it exactly the way you envision!!!
    XO Barbara

  3. Your photos turned out really nice!

    I guess fairies have to have a mailbox to receive bills like the rest of us. Only their bills are tiny ones!

  4. Judy-Summer is looking so good at your place. Love the fairies. We have them, too. Only very special people have fairies that live with them, you know! Great photos!!! xo Diana

  5. Hi Judy,
    Oh a little rain sounds divine! Your secret garden nook in the dappled sunlight is dreamy, beautiful!

  6. What a deliightful little fairy post box. They will be around.
    Your secret garden looks lovely once again Judy.. so very inviting.
    Great fireworks on your special 4th July.
    We are having great days very very hot..
    great post Judy..
    happy weekend.
    val xxx

  7. We had lots of rain here while I was on vacation.Nice to see the sun.Love your photos of your garden!Great photos of the fireworks.Those are hard to capture and you did a great job!

  8. Oh how deliciously lovely. Everything is simply charming - the dragonflies - the fairies and their locations - the coziness of the secret garden - I loved it all. I love summer!

  9. Things sound just lovely around your house and garden. After the excitement of the holiday, it's nice to sink int' a soft chair on a pretty porch and just watch the world go by!

  10. Glad to see the storms didn't wreck that wonderful secret garden. It's like a fairy tale place!

  11. LOVE your Secret Garden!! I have a Canon point and shoot too...I'm going to look for the fireworks :)

  12. Your secret garden is really special. Just love the table and chairs you have there. And your Pictures are great as Always.
    Hope you have a nice day.
    Sorry it's been so long since I visited.
    Love Elzie

  13. Yes, it’s good that the storm season has started to pass. Now all we have to worry about are the few ones that sprout up from time to time. But they’re relatively harmless, so more or less, it’s a peaceful time to be in the garden. Just check for damages to the house that may have been caused by the passing storms.

    Edwina Sybert


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