Tuesday, November 5, 2013



The tail in question.

Two Cities...

Downtown Grass Valley
Mill Street

Downtown Nevada City
Broad Street

We bundled up in our wellies
and our woolies...

Not literally wellies but...it is cold, not wet.

And leashed up Buddy...

...who donned his autumn hued fur coat, in keeping with the season, and set off to share with you some of the beautiful fall colors seen around our area.

Won't you, too, bundle up, and come along?

Our crepe myrtle tree. Didn't have the best blooms this season but the fall color is spectacular.

A little less color, but beautiful nonetheless.

Pretty reflections at the Fairgrounds.

The Virginia Creeper starting to turn on our fence.

A few Victorian homes surrounded by the pallet of nature.

"A little wind sang among the
fir tassels."

Lucy Maude Montgomery
"Anne of the Island"


The Buckeye Tree.

 In the spring, the long flowers form along with a full abundance of green foliage that lasts all summer. As soon as autumn comes around all the leaves fall and these  beautiful seed pods form and hang on the tree in a very artistic fashion as though hanging by ropes.


Another form of a pod that falls from a tree similar to a maple. I don't know what it is called but very interesting.

 Do these remind you of a nest of baby birds with all their mouths open begging for their dinner?

Chinese Lanterns

This is a branch of the flower that I picked off the vine and dried. It holds its shape really well.

I somehow missed this bloom and it dried naturally on the vine. I had never seen this before. How beautiful.


Then it was back home for some hot apple cider in front of the fire, and a peek at some of the fruits of the harvest season yet to be seen around the Cottage...

A new addition to my lantern collection from Hobby Lobby for half price.

The Harvest family picked up at a country shop a few years ago.

A few pictures of the parlor mantle dressed for Fall.

And the guest room mantle would not be outdone...  

...with a theme of Nursery Rhyme songs..

..and a colorful autumn bouquet...

A little bit of left-over Halloween.

Tarnished tray blackboard was picked up at a flea market. All other items came out of the Kruenpeeper Creek Gifts catalog. This is my go-to for inexpensive, but very adorable pretties. www.kpcreek.com

A lovely bowl of fresh picked persimmons, graciously given to us by our sweet neighbor, whose name, coincidently, is Autumn.


Sweet Maggie is now doing what she has dreamed about all summer long!

Please join us...



  1. How lovely this all is. You live in such a beautiful area. I love all of the interior decorations...the blue wallpaper is wonderful and the new lantern is quite a find.

  2. Hi Judy, what a lovely place where you live so many beautiful fall color around your cottage your home are so cozy I know Maggie is so comfortable on her lovely home with mom and dad.

  3. Oh Judy, everything is just stunning - all the beautiful trees. The colors are breath taking. Your mantles are so pretty - love the blue with orange leaves..Thank you so much for sharing your terrific pictures with us.
    Have a great week.

  4. Your mantles are just gorgeous! I always love visiting your cozy home. Wish I could curl up by that fire, too!

  5. Judy your lovely home is so beautiful and cosy. I have enjoyed the autumn tour outside too. Have a wonderful week.X

  6. Judy- EVERYTHING is just so beautiful. I love how cozy and warm your home is. It does Fall beautifully- xo Diana

  7. Oh Judy what beautiful pictures. I love seeing the beautiful pictures of your home. Gorgeous.

  8. Judy,
    Beautiful pictures as usual! I love the Autumn colors. I have never seen a crepe myrtle change leaves. But I live in Florida and nothing really ever changes. It is green one day and dead the next. lol

    Amy Jo

  9. Hi Judy..
    I thought that I recognized that Virginia Creeper. It grows here as well, and is always so beautiful in the Fall.
    I love all your pictures. It's just beautiful there, and the old houses..... well, I swoon :)

    I love the color of persimmons, but I've never tried them. How kind of Autumn to share.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of this week, my friend.


  10. Your fall color shots - inside and out - are spectacular. Great foliage, great mantels.

  11. I just love the Gold Country towns. I'll always be a California girl, no matter how long I'm away. My grandsons and daughters are here in Washington so I'll never live in California, but I really do appreciate the photos you share. Such memories.

  12. Your pictures certainly capture the beauty of fall in your area. I need to get over there to visit soon! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I missed seeing this post until tonight Judy. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful fall colours and scenery around your hometown. Also, your mantels look beautiful dressed for fall. Pamela

  14. Awesome scenery, gorgeous homes - what a beautiful town! Loved this awesome post! I do apprecate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  15. Judy,
    I stopped by to thank you for your visit and I apologize that i am so late in doing so. I have been so busy.
    I decided to spend a little time visiting and catch up with your posts.
    What a lovely post filled with so many beautiful things.... from the sceenery to the gorgoeus homes and your stunning mantle. LOVE that wall paper!!
    Just beautiful!!



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