Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The Captain found this little white truck in some stuff being thrown away so he grabbed it right up.  He knew I would love it...
and he was right!

This is really becoming a busy season here around the Cottage.

I mentioned before that we were going to the kids for Thanksgiving and then back home until Christmas Eve, then back to the kids for the night and then back home again until December 30, then off to San Diego for the month of January.

This is such a handsome Santa and I've had him for many years. He always looked so elegant, if not traditional, in his green coat...

Well, I guess I didn't think he was pretty enough, so changed him, with some of the believable magic of the season, to fit into a new scheme.

Here is a peek at another project added this year...and this is only one piece of the puzzle.

I put these little cone trees together with a lot of love and some sticky fingers...

...and added a really tall one, held together with peppermint baker's twine...

...and finally, this little girl was fashioned out of a combination of jute and yarn.  She was a perfect little tree until I tied a piece of tattered ribbon around her neck and she was transformed into an angel.

A pretty ruffled wreath made out of unbleached coffee filters.  A really fun project and quite easy.

I picked up this wreath of glass balls for $1 at a thrift shop.  I added sprigs of faux pine and cones and let it shine in front of a mirror.

This is simply the same banner I used on the parlor mantle for Fall.  I just turned it over, copied Christmas music and glued it onto the original black cards, with an embellishment of letters from a stencil and some cute little scrap booking charms.

I'm saving the best for last...

I saw a similar lamp and shade like this in a high end shop I visited.  I don't remember the price exactly but it was over $100.  I thought it was really beautiful but could not pay that kind of money when I have a house over run with lamps as it is.

I saw the base, in brass, at a thrift store, for $5.  I bought it and glued the jute twine, I had left over from making the cone trees, around it.  I then ordered the shade online. It did cost me $30 but, that was a marked down price, and I love the shape of it.  I then picked up the tin flower/snowflake ornament at Ben Franklin's for $5.  For approximately $40 I have a lamp that I am really quite proud of.

I also received my copy of the new Simply Shabbilicious magazine. It is chock full of pretty ideas for Christmas, beautiful feature homes that you might be familiar with in the blogging world and wonderful photography.  If you are interested you can see here where and how to order it.

All of the above that you have seen today, is scattered around the Cottage in small vignettes pertaining to Christmas.

I am now off to the grocery store to fight the Thanksgiving crowds and then tomorrow I will be baking and cooking my contributions to our family dinner and somewhere in the couple of weeks between then and Christmas, I will be back to show you, in full dress, where this little bit of Christmas magic is happening around the Cottage.

All of us here at Gold Country Cottage want to wish each and every one of you a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving Day with your friends and families.


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  1. HI Judy! Love your little Santie and the little cone trees! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. Hi Judy, I love your truck so cute look like you going up and down on the freeway 5 this year for the Holyday
    enjoy and have Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. So many cute pieces! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Judy, I love all the Christmas things you have out already. You've been very creative with the jute string too. And the lamp is just gorgeous! Amazing the things one can make with jute. I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. I ask you, who in their right mind would throw away that sweet little white truck...Wonderful crafts...love your lamp and coffee filter wreath... I actually made Bee Skep ornaments out of jute one Christmas...Have a lovely Thanksgiving...Sending warm regards from Maine, Julie..

  6. You have a great Thanksgiving too Judy! Your holidays this year sound like many we have had. Visiting, and visiting some more. It can feel so busy to a homebody like me. It's fun to see your clever projects. Love what you did with that pretty lamp!

  7. What a beautiful display of treasures! I loved each photo and especially your old truck and the cones with the star on top. Two items I may copy for my Christmas decorations.

  8. Dear Judy,
    Lovely, sweet and wonderful décor. You certainly have a jump start on Christmas decorating.

    Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.
    Travel safely, and enjoy time with family.

    Warm wishes...

  9. Trees in trucks - my favorite thing. Be safe in your travels.

  10. Yes, yes! Don't you just love these little trucks? Yours is adorable. Love all of your pretties and Happy Thanksgiving.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. You certainly have been busy creating lots of fabulous things! I hope that you have a lovely holiday with your family.

  12. Your decorations are so lovely this year Judy, you are very good at changing and improvising.. I like the idea of the coffee filters..but how did you get them to be pink.. really nice.
    A lovely little truck.
    I have been absent for a while.
    must say I like your new header.
    hope that you had a nice thanksgiving.
    unbelievable that its only a month till christmas..
    sending hugs. a beautiful post judy
    val xx

  13. You have some beautiful decorations for Christmas Judy. I havent thought much about it yet but I do need to get on with a christmassy header for my blog. My grandchildren will put their christmas trees up on 1st December but because we have real one we dont put ours up for another couple of weeks after that.I loved your green Santa!

  14. I love all of your decorations! Especially that truck, I would have grabbed that to and what good idea putting the tree in the bed of it. Your header is very nice, I like that.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  15. Judy,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!! LOVE the truck!! I am on the look out for one myself.... All of your decorations looks lovely and I aodre the trees that you made....
    So you will be decorating your home for Christmas this year???
    Again, Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  16. Oh such prettiness. I love the old truck - we have an old beat up VW Bug with a tiny tree on top. It sounds like you have a busy holiday schedule - but fun - enjoy every minute. We are staying home for thanksgiving. Our oldest daughter is cooking thanksgiving dinner and will send up some food - I have such a horrid cold and cough and certainly don't want anyone to catch it. We sure will miss the fun - but christmas isn't too far off and we will be enjoying all the celebrations by then.

  17. Judy, so many gorgeous things to love and comment on here! First, your lamp is FABULOUS! OMG, you MADE that???? LOVE it! The vintage card, the little truck, .... great post! Wishing you a happy and blessed time with your family. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Big hugs,

  18. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! You;ve made some beautiful items. LOVE that lamp. Great job!


  19. Hi Judy,
    Somehow I missed this post! Wow, you have been a busy crafty little gal over there! How fun! It's all very nice but I really like the wreaths. I noticed those little silhouette charms on your banner, how cute, where did you find them. They would be perfect for my dollhouse. Your lamp looks great, isn't it fun to make your own version of something expensive?
    Have a great weekend,

  20. I admire your creativity, and also that ornament wreath you found at a Thrift shop. Your home is turning into a winter wonderland, and I note you post a line by Helen Steiner Rice and today on my blog I posted a poem she wrote. Great minds think alike, LOL.

  21. Hi Judy,
    I just had to come by and have a peek at your little truck. It is darling! I love it and what a cute decorating item for the holidays! Hope you're enjoying all the upcoming festivities.


  22. Wow, you have certainly been decorating. Love, love your mantel, it's gorgeous.


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