Tuesday, March 17, 2015


"Every time I decide to repaint a room,
 I obsess over barely perceptible subtleties
 to select the perfect color. 
 The moment the first brushstroke 
of the new shade hits the wall,
 I panic - my heart stops 
and I'm sure I've made a horrible mistake.
  A week later, I love it!"

 So said Peggy Kennedy,
 one time editor of Victoria magazine, 
in her March, 2001 editorial,
 but those thoughts and choices
 could have, just as easily,
 been mine.

I was so ready for a change in this room,
 but change can be very unsettling.
  Decisions needed to be made but,
 because of what the final outcome 
of those decisions might be, 
I did not feel up to the challenge.
  I so wanted to 
get it right.

The paint store that we do business with
 has a decorator on staff 
so I decided to ask for help
 with my color choice.

 We already had our new sofa on order
 and knew that we were painting 
all the trim work bright white.
  The existing carpet color is burgundy
 and that would have to stay
 and we also wanted the room to tie in
 with the parlor.
   With all those elements decided, 
I needed help with the right wall color.

My first gut reaction
 was a shade of blue. 
 I am very fond of blue
 as it is a very soothing color to me. 
 I took a pillow in with me 
that had the exact match that I thought I wanted,
 plus a piece of the parlor wallpaper.

  The decorator was very convincing
 that the color would be too dark
 and suggested to match the gold flower in the wallpaper. 
 Since decorators know best, right?
 I thought that would be the perfect choice.  Once we held the swatch up to the walls,
 it was apparent 
that the room would look very washed out
 because of the amount of light 
the room receives.

I went with my original gut feeling
 and picked out three different shades of blue. 
 We came home with a pint of each color
 and painted patches on the walls.
  Because of all the burgundy
 surrounding those patches,
 the colors all looked very different
 than I thought they would,
 and I became even more confused.
  I then went back to the store
 and chose the darker shade
 that I had first been drawn to
 and invested in two gallons of paint. 
 I say 'invested' 
because paint
 is not cheap now-a-days!

Benjamin Moore's Bedford Blue
Because of the lighting and time of day I took the photo the color looks a little more green than it really is. 

So, in Peggy Kennedy's words,
 I love it
 and it didn't even take me a week
 to find that out!

Here is a picture of the new sofa 
as it sits in the furniture display room. 
 It was a leap of faith
 to pick this out also! 
I think hope 
that it is a little more to the brown side
 than the gold it shows in the picture.
 I thought it was when we first saw it.

 We are having the carpet cleaned tomorrow and then the sofa will be delivered
and I only hope that
 I will love it 
in one day also!

I also changed up the parlor mantle
 to reflect Friday's beautiful beginning
 of spring.

As we were having coffee 
in the parlor this morning,
 I thought that maybe my display was a bit much,
 as I just can't seem to get
 the "less is more" concept down,
 but when I voiced my feelings
 to the Captain,
 he just rolled his eyes, and said,
 "Yeah, you probably have
 one too many daffodils 
in the pitcher"!

 I guess 
if he is happy with me,
 and with what I do,
 maybe I should not 
 so much!



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  1. Judy,
    Can't wait to see the reveal!! You have to go with your gut...That is why I never went with a designer especially because of the style we so love. Chances are it is a style that most designers nowadays just do not get!!
    I used to watch the Christopher Lowell Show many years ago and it is because of him that my home is filled with so much color. He always talked about deep rich color so I decided to go for it. I remember painting the dining room rose for the first time. I thought I was going to vomit as I rolled that paint over the light green that the walls were painted. But I thought of Christopher Lowell saying Paint the whole room, put all your things back into the room and then see what you think. Deep rich color always makes your wall hangings pop and he was so right!! I never looked back with using color in my rooms after that!!

  2. I love your spring mantel. It looks so pretty. Choosing paint is a really hard thing as most of us have to live with it for a long time. I like the blue you chose and can't wait to see when your sofa is in and the room is finished.

  3. At my age I have learned to listen to my inner voice, always...Your home is simply lovely, beautifully Victorian, wonderful colors and accents ...love the new couch too!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day...Julie...

  4. I think the Bedford Blue is going to be gorgeous with pretty new sofa. Going with your gut is almost always the best choice. Looking forward to the reveal Judy! Jane

  5. You of all people should never second guess your design choices! I love how darling your house is!!
    Love the choice of the new sofa too!

    Paint colors are tricky....lighting, existing décor, room layout... etc..
    Also, as you mentioned, paint is not in-expensive.

    Anyway... no matter what choices you make, everything you decorate really is very pretty :)

  6. You know, Judy, when you have that "gut feeling" you just go with it regardless of what anyone else tells you. If you LOVE it-it will work! Can't wait to see tit all pulled together with the new sofa....which is very pretty, by the way. Good job, girlie! xo Diana

  7. I love how you went with the first choice for your color - it is gorgeous. Picking paint is always hard, but rewarding in the end. Your style is wonderful and the pieces you have are stunning. Your new sofa is fabulous. We don't have room for a full size sofa in our living room and at one time bought a brown love seat - mostly because it was cheap (brand new at a moving sale - and only 35.00) but it was dark brown and I hated it. Finally sold it on craigslist and then one day saw the perfect loveseat - a shade of dusty pink. It was a week until it was delivered and I fretted so much, worrying that it was going to be hot pink when it arrived and that I would hate it - but it was the nice soft dusty pink that I had originally thought it was and is perfect for our space - and our grandson loves it because once again he can sit next to us for reading.

  8. I usually don't have trouble deciding on the color...but getting the right shade of that color can drive my crazy! The last room I painted, the guest bedroom, took over six different shades of cream paint to find the exactly right one. So much depends on light. So nice that you made the perfect choice for you.

  9. Judy, your new sofa is a great piece. So glad to hear you followed your gut on the color. It is beautiful. Can't wait to see it all put together. I agree with you on paint being an investment these days. Phew, it gets expensive. Love your spring mantel too. Have a great day. Courtney

  10. Beautiful rooms. Just love the colors you've chosed, even if I'm a "White" person myself, lol. Wish our trees were in bloom to, but so far we only have some spring flowers and rather satisfied with them!!
    Have a great day.
    Love Elzie

  11. Good morning, dear Judy! I suppose decorators know what they are talking about, but there is nothing like your gut feeling, my friend :) The color looks perfect, warm, and inviting.

    And your couch is gorgeous! Great choice. Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration - I love having you link up. Hugs!

  12. Picking out paint colors is always so hard. However you did very well...I love the new color!!! I think your new sofa will look fabulous so stop worrying :o) Love the vignette on your parlor mantel too!
    Happy Spring!

  13. Your mantle looks beautiful Judy and I know your room will too when it's all done. I can hardly wait to see it finished with the new sofa in the room!

  14. Hi Judy, your parlor is gorgeous and I love the color you chose. Each and every detail of your vignettes are beautiful. Picking paint can be tricky but you followed your instinct and it paid off. Your new sofa is gorgeous too and looks so rich and striking with the other colors in the room.
    Gorgeous display on your mantel too.
    Enjoy your work, it is stunning.
    Hugs, CM

  15. Hi Judy, I came across your blog through the "Share Your Style" blog party. I love your charming Victorian cottage. Before we purchased our log home, I researched the many styles of homes that I adore. Two were on the top of my list--a log cabin home and a Victorian Queen Ann home. Your home is so inviting and cozy. I love the Spring mantel and the blue wall plates. I would love to see the finished blue walls with the new furniture. Beautiful. -------Marsha@The Little Yellow Corner Store

  16. Love the blue!! you made the right choice :) Love the new sofa too...won't it feel good to get it all put together again? Your mantle is gorgeous...it screams SPRING for sure! That is one thing that both of us have to do...neither of us have brought down our easter/spring decorations lol!! We'll put that on the list for next week!!!
    Enjoy your day!
    Karla & Karrie

  17. Oh, Judy...I had dark blue walls in the boys rooms for years and I always loved just sitting in there because it was so soothing to me. Your new sofa looks very comfy and your little Paddington bird is precious with the daffodils! It's always hard to choose a paint color but I think you will love it. Especially with the bright white trim.
    I'm still not getting your posts by email...I will try to sign up again. Hope you have a fun weekend- you are always having fun somewhere!
    xo, T.

  18. Hi Judy,
    Looove the new sofa so pretty. It is good you went with what you love that is always going to be the best choice.
    I am sure the room is going to be so pretty when the new sofa arrives.

    I am with Tina on not getting your posts into my email either. I will try to resign up and see what happens.

  19. Oh I totally agree with how hard it is to change paint color let alone chose a new sofa that you have to live with for a long time! I love change but the decisions that go with it are ominous. Not to mention the mess we create tearing up rooms to achieve it, lol!! The blue you chose is going to look incredible!! Nice pick. Can hardly wait to see the final outcome.

    Happy painting! Edie Marie

  20. Hi Judy, I love those bright yellow daffodils with all the blue in your parlor. Blue and yellow is such a pretty combination, IMOH. :) I know what you mean about second guessing yourself, Judy, I'm really bad to do that, too. Paint colors are just not easy to choose, and you're right, it's not cheap either! Decorators can be very helpful about some things, but I know several people who have gotten bad advice about paint colors. I think that's something that we just have to choose ourselves. When we were having our kitchen re-modeled, the contractor's wife picked out my cabinet paint color, and it was ALL WRONG!! I didn't have a good feeling when she insisted that was the right color, but I thought she knew best. I learned a big lesson then. I actually went online and found the color, and it's perfect for our room. I've never picked out a paint color online before.

    Your room looks lovely and I think the new sofa is gorgeous! I'm really wanting to get our living room and dining room painted now. :) Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  21. Judy,

    I love the color you chose. And the that couch! I love the color and lines. Happy Spring!

    Amy Jo

  22. Hello Judy, it is so nice to meet you!
    You have a lovely place here and I'm happy to have found you.
    I think you did a beautiful job with your paint color, gorgeous.
    Others opinions are nice and can be helpful, but often times our own desires and choices are best in the end.
    Have a beautiful day!
    Joy! Debbie

  23. It'll be grand when it's all finished, so fresh and clean. You will love it!

  24. Gorgeous display, hope your sofa turns out to be what you wanted, lovely pictures

  25. Loving that sofa! I feel the same way about painting and paint. It is a big job, a taxing job, and expensive. if one doesn't get it right... So glad that you went with your intuition and that you love it. Your rooms look very attractive and cozy.


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