Tuesday, March 31, 2015


It was a beautiful weekend.
  The lilacs and the Lady Banks roses
 are brightly
 gracing the garden and...

...we drove down to Santa Cruz
 and the kids took us out
 to a delicious dinner 
and treated us to a basketball game,
 all in honor of
 the Captain's birthday.

Santa Cruz is home 
to the D league of 
the San Francisco Warriors. 
 They have erected a structure which,
 from the outside, 
looks like a huge tent,
 but on the inside
 has the appearance of a big league stadium
 with all the amenities
 that you would expect 
associated with the NBA.

  Most people are season ticket holders
 so it is like a community of friends
 that come together with each game. 
 Even the dog 
pictured above
 is a big fan.

Our new sofa was delivered
 and it is everything 
I had hoped it would be. 
 The color is perfect
 and it is very comfortable...

...are you old enough to remember
 that comfortable object 
that you and your family sat on
 in the living room
 when you were young? 
 It wasn't a couch...
it wasn't a sofa...
sometimes it was a divan...
but usually it was known as
 a chesterfield. 
 This new sofa of ours
 brings back those memories.

I borrowed the Captain's lamp 
from his library 
(or as he would say, "Like I had a choice?")
 and we both like it in here,
 so now I have to come up with
 a replacement for him.

I have had these two lamps
 on the master bath vanity
 and really never turn them on anymore so,
 I brought one into
 the new space...

...and fancied up a shade for it. 
 I really like the feel
 of it here.

I was so happily surprised yesterday
 to receive this beautiful package
 in the mail 
from my good and dear friend,
 Kerin, of Mill Hill Meadows.

  She had wrapped up this bag
 of the best smelling chunks
 of Blueberry Pound Cake
 for use in a tea-light warmer
 and two of the
 sweetest little birdies...

...to add to my collection. 
 They seem to feel right at home
 as they parade across
 the mantle piece...

...all of these thoughtful gifts
 were accompanied by a beautiful
 "dream" card 
that I appropriately tucked 
into a corner of the guest room
 along with other
 special momentoes.

Thank you so much, Kerin. 
 I so appreciate 
your kindness and
 your friendship.

We found this chest
 in a shop in Lodi. 
 We loved the lines of it 
and its usage
 and knew that it would be perfect 
in a special spot. 
 The colors are not in tune
 with what is planned for the room 
so there will be a drastic change coming
 and then the whole room 
will be revealed.

Hope you all had 
some wonderful weekend wanderings
 as well.


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  1. I like the treasures you share here, the pottery, the china bird, and how fun to enjoy the basketball game with your family.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful weekend. Your new "chesterfield" is beautiful as well as that cute little chest of drawers - looking forward to seeing how you change it up. And lucky you with the yummy wax melt and cute birds. Hope your blessings are continuing on through the week! Jane

  3. Yes, I remember when everyone had a chesterfield. I also remember 'hoovering' the carpets every week. I guess that pegs me at a certain age! Your new chesterfield is beautiful!

  4. Oh what a wonderful weekend Judy! Love that new sofa of yours and I totally get you taking the poor Captain's lamp to use with your new furniture! I think I may be swiping my son's bookshelf for the office! And you all are in total spring swing as I am still waiting for the first daffodill! Soon I hope. Wishing you and all those you love a very blessed Easter.
    XO Barbara

  5. Isn't it so much fun to receive special treats in the mail? I call those 'Happy Mail'!! Love your new sofa or as my grandmother used to call it, davenport!! So funny how different generations and areas of the country have different nicknames for things! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Sending blessings for a wonderful Holy Week! Cindy xoxo

  6. Hi Judy,

    Oh, what beautiful and romantic lilacs right outside your door! How lovely they look against the pretty, blue facade of your home. Lilacs and peonies are my favourite spring flowers, but unfortunately, they don't thrive here in the hot Mediterranean, and I miss them so! Your new chesterfield, (which I, too, remember!), is very smart looking; lovely colour.

    Happy Easter!


  7. Beautiful flowers outside your door. Love Lilacs, but they don't do well in So CA. I love your new Chesterfield and yes I do remember ours. Sitting on it listening to the radio shows - as there was no TV then.
    Happy Birthday belated to the Captain and it sounds like you had a fun time going to the basketball game.
    Looking forward to your post on the bedroom.
    Have a wonderful Easter to you and the Captain.

  8. Hi Judy,
    It looks like you had such a nice time with the kids, celebrating your hubby's birthday! I'm so glad!
    Wish your hubby a 'happy birthday' from me too.

    The lilacs look so beautiful. They aren't blooming here, yet, but I stuffed my nose into a some blossoms at the nursery the other day, and drank in the sweet scent of lilacs..... **smile**.

    So glad that the couch is just what you hoped for, and more. Around these parts, we called it a sofa and someone's grandma actually had their sofa covered in a custom plastic dust cover {my hubby's grandma}.

    Loving that little chest, and I can't wait to see you make it over.... I know it will be darling!

    Thanks again for your friendship, and generosity. I am glad that you liked the little 'thank you' and 'thinking of you' that I sent.

    Have a happy day !

  9. How pretty your lilacs are. And, your new sofa is perfect, what a great color. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  10. Nothing like a new sofa! I love your choice. Have a Happy Easter dearie!

  11. It sounds like you had a fun time celebrating the Captain's birthday on the weekend. I think your new sofa is lovely and I like the new chest you found as well. The room is coming together nicely. It's very cold here today...still below freezing with a cold wind. Brr. It's up and down with the weather but at least it isn't snowing. Have a beautiful day Judy.

  12. Oh my, where to start. Yes, I'm definitely old enough to remember the different names. And your sofa is divine, the lamp the perfect color (how sweet of the Captain to give it up). Your blooming flowers are fabulous - ours are just a few weeks behind but with sunshine we'll be there soon. I love the new chest - it is going to be lovely. I'm looking for something similar too - we'll see if I find it. Your visit and dinner and basketball game all sound wonderful - happy wanderings.

  13. Sounds like you had such a fun weekend?!?! LOVE your new sofa...it is so pretty!!! You received some wonderful goodies in the mail from your special friends too! Happy Easter!!!

  14. Oh my that chest is awesome. Love it!

  15. You are simply one of the sweetest bloggers, Judy :) Your sofa is gorgeous! It looks so plush and comfortable and of course I always love seeing your pretty lamps.

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. May you have a blessed Easter, sweet friend! Hugs!

  16. I grew up calling it a divan. LOL
    Hope the Captain had an awesome birthday.Cute little birds but the tan one looks a little grouchy. lol


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