Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Another beautiful day in the country.
  The temperature is steadily climbing
 and there is talk 
of thunder showers
 sometime today.

Do you have something in your life
 that pulls at you
 and you don't know why? 
 My something is cemeteries,
 especially old ones,
 and even though I have no desire
 to become involved, personally,
 with one anytime soon,
 I can't resist the sight
 of the intricate, lacy iron work
 that surrounds some of the graves
 or the flowery inscriptions
 that are carved into
 most of the headstones.

This one is of particular interest
 because it tells a partial story 
of a very small boy, Little Georgie.

  We know the beginning of the story
 and the ending,
 but what went on between those dates
 in the short space
 of 2 months and 18 days.

 this grave tells us a little more
 about this life...

...times were hard back then.

It is always so sad
 to see an old cemetery in rough shape.

  I suppose all family ties are gone
 and it is just a body there, after all.
  The heart and soul of the person
 has moved on 
and no amount of vandalism...

...or disrepair from Mother Nature
 can diminish
 who that person
 once was.

There is another visitor 
to this place
 on this day...

If you think about it,
 what other place
 could be as safe as this one,
 to hide your valuables in?

 he is not a grave robber

...he has done
 just as good a job
 of burying his

...and now
 he can reap
 his rewards.

This pretty little nosegay
 is a result of dried roses
 from a vintage bush 
in the garden.

I picked up another vintage book
 to add to my collection. 
 Pretty colors on this one
 and a title that speaks 
of the changing times 
in the early 1900's.

The Tall Pines Vintage Trailer Rendezvous
 took place at our fairgrounds this weekend.

  What a treat to see 
all these older (pre-1970) trailers
 and how the owners
 have fixed them up.

From here on,
 I will let the pictures do the talking.

 I have tried to show you a peek
 inside each one.

 There were a lot of onlookers
 and with the spaces being so small
 it was hard to get a complete picture,
 but I hope you can get the idea.

These bikes came along for the ride with the trailer above.

This little Airstream, a "canned ham" was all decked out inside with some French flair, below.

Below, you can see the original flooring in this little jewel.

This orphan needs a lot of fixin' but I do love that screen door.

This trailer was so cute,
 done up with part of it's siding
 in chalk board paint.
 We couldn't go inside. 
 As you can see,
 Dad was leaving this message for us.
 You can see
 his little daughter's art work
 on the left of the door.

It was so much fun
 to see all the vintage trailers
 in different stages of restoration,
 and it so happens
 that we had one
 that was identical,
 to the one pictured above,
 back in the mid-1960's.
 The only difference was,
 ours was the real deal,
 and this one is a
 brand new reproduction.   

How great would it be 
to just add
 some gorgeous accessories
 and not have to do
 all that work?

The owner pulls the trailer
 with this 1949 Ford.

What a fun camping experience! 
Or as they say, 
"glamping" experience.

To cap it all off,
 we did get our thundershower...
all six minutes
 of it!

 is becoming
 a very vintage item
 around these parts.


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  1. Hi Judy! What a beautiful post and pictures of the cemetery - always fascinating history. I got quite the smile reading about the trailers. So neat! Jane

  2. Cute header... loving that hooked patriotic pillow!!
    Yes, I too find old cemeteries and the stories they tell very interesting. The dates and the carved headstones are interesting to read. I think that there is an organization that charts cemeteries, documents headstones, etc... Maybe you could find out about it and see if that little cemetery has been documented and photographed.

    Oh, how delightful to see all those darling trailers!!! Love them all!!
    We sold our "tin can cottage" this past spring. We hadn't used it in a very long time and sweet young family was so excited to buy it and go camping :)
    Have you ever seen "The Long, Long Trailer", with Lucy and Desi ? Adorable show!!
    Now, that's the size of tin can cottage I could do ***giggle**.


  3. I always go to the old cemetery in Springwood, VA were all of my relatives are buried. A lot of the stone markers have fallen over and s matched. Love to read all the old saying, etc. Love the trailers and have always wanted one, but to old to go trailering.. LOL They sure fixed them up really pretty. Looks like you and the Captain had a terrific time on your little trip. I am waiting for the rain to come, but I don't think it's going to happen.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  4. Hi Judy,
    We have been doing the same thing lately! I spent Friday in an old cemetery taking pictures of the wonderful iron fencing!! Aren't they just so neat?
    Those vintage trailer campers are wonderful, how fun!
    Have a great week!

  5. Dear Judy,
    What an interesting post this is. Like you, I dont go visit cemetaries. But when I do go, and that is about twice a year. I always take time to walk down the rows of tomstones and lovely graves.. and read who lies there .. Only the other day, someone said to me.. does your x husband have a flat gravestone. I replied "yes"..oh, its so different said this person.. as most of the graves are the same where Manuel is buried. My son went for over a month searching for something different. He found it. It was a very big stone slab from a monastery .. its simple and beautiful.
    when reading this post of yours today.. I wondered how many people stop by and read who lies below.
    Its all part of the history of the place that you visit or live.
    The "Glampland" vintage caravans are so super.. there is a page on fb ..and i follow them. some are so beautifully decorated and loved .
    I can imagine what yours must have been like.. you have such a good eye for decor.
    glad it rained... we need it badly.
    have a super week.
    val xxxx

  6. What a wonderful adventure. I love cemeteries too - and like to think that when people visit it is renewing the thoughts of the lives that have gone on before - and no one is completely forgotten.

    The campers are such fun - it is interesting to see how differently they can be decorated - from fancy to down home - my cousin has one she has fixed up really cute - but oh my they are small.

  7. This was such a lovely post, my friend...one I thoroughly enjoyed. I, too, love old cemeteries and have since I was a little girl. I often wonder about the history...what the story and history is of each person there.

    And those campers....oh my, they are wonderful! Each one is adorable and decorated so uniquely. Thank you, sweet Judy, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  8. It would be lots of fun to have a vintage trailer to camp in...but it is far too late for me. LOL Some of these are so cute. This seems to be a hobby that has really taken off recently.

  9. I enjoyed this post Judy, as I enjoy old cemeteries too. The vintage trailers are so cute but I don't think I'd enjoy having to un-decorate every night to put the dining table down and set up the bed in some of them. Oh well, I suppose it's all for fun. The new vintage one is sweet and I love the yellow and white one with the striped awning.

  10. I like visiting old cemeteries like this one too. The art carved into the old headstones with inspirational thoughts, sweet memorial to a loved one.
    I love those campers, my daughter bought one and has it parked on her land as a get away, a respite after gardening.
    She likes to nap there too.
    I really enjoyed reading this post and I may have to get me a little trailer like the ones shown here for my little get away.
    I will just bring one in as my husband can't picture it. Will need a couple flamingos for the front door with my lounge chair, yep got it pictured.

  11. fun to see all the different trailers and how people decorated them~

  12. Hi Judy, what an interesting post. Visiting cemeteries can be fun. Some of the headstones are unique. Loved seeing the trailer.s How cute they are. Do they have a bathroom? I did get your comment once. Thanks for visiting. I am sorry you had to try so many times. Happy weekend.-

  13. My goodness Judy, where do I start? My parents have a cemetery that backs on to their garden and the man that sold the property to them was so nervous it would put them off. On the contrary! My mum loves to research graves, the older the better, so she visits it often and then tries to find out more about the inhabitants. The other thing they always say, is 'quiet neighbours' and 'it won't be built on!'. Now to the caravans, they are absolutely divine! I would quite happily become a hermit in one, especially with bunting and bright comfortable furnishings! So beautiful. Thank you for your visit and follow to me, I am very happy to be doing the same :-) Lovely to meet you. xx

  14. Hi Judy, what a great post and so much fun to see the vintage trailers. What fun it would be to own one of these. Love seeing the great decorating.
    Cemeteries can be really interesting places and beautiful gardens. Love the history!
    So nice to see you tonight and thanks for stopping by.
    Have a great week ahead. Hugs, CM

  15. Those travel trailers were awesome. How fun to see them. While I don't tend to just visit cemeteries but I have been to a few.
    The small cemetery that my grandparents are buried in offer some really old neglected head stones. Makes you wonder where the family went, I caught the prettiest sunset the last time I got to visit. But I did visit one in Savannah Georgia that provided lots of history and interestng carvings and ironwork.


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