Saturday, June 13, 2015


"You're a
 grand old flag

You're a 
high flying flag

And forever 
in peace 
may you wave

the emblem of
The land 
I love

The home of
 the free
the brave

Ev'ry heart
 beats true
'neath the
 Red, White and Blue

Where there's never
 a boast
 or brag

 auld acquaintance
 be forgot

Keep your eye
 on the 
grand old flag."

You're A Grand Old Flag
George M. Cohan


...Gold Country Cottage...


  1. Such a lovely post Judy.
    You have decorated your cottage, so lovingly.
    The American Flag.. a symbol of freedom and liberty.
    wishng you a very happy week.
    val xx

  2. Judy, Your house is always the cutest! Did you make that hooked flag pillow? OK off to pull my stuff from the attic- I am so inspired! Angela

  3. I'm glad you host your flag like that. We are very bad on it in this country. Seems as many people are afraid to be called rasists if they have a flag on the house. It's a pity! But we have our blue and yellow Swedish flag on our terace and I'm glad we have it, lol.
    Now you can find my real blog a bit easier, not my scrapblog that I hardly never post in.
    Hope you have a Lovely Sunday.
    Love Elzie

  4. Beautiful Judy! I remember singing that song in grade school as a kid - always loved it. Wish kids were taught those patriotic songs today. Gorgeous flag decor at your house, too! Hope your week gets off to a great start. Jane

  5. O, you have such a pretty house, Judy girl...and love all the flag photos.

  6. You had me singing, Judy! I almost stood up to march! I love that song and Our Flag! Love your photos! Is that a latch hook pillow? Love it!! Blessings, Cindy

  7. You know how to rock the red, white and blue!!
    Loved this post, and all of your pretty patriotic displays. Even the wee sheep on the porch are sporting a bit of patriotic flair!!
    We love displaying the flag, and it goes out every morning and comes in every night.
    Homes just look charming, quaint and patriotic with a flag !

    Have a great week, my friend.



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