Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This past week started out
 as most weeks do...
with simple ideas to accomplish, 
the usual daily lists of projects
 to start and,
 hopefully, complete...

...a trip to JoAnn's
 for some fabric to make
 sofa pillows...

...an expected visit 
from the kids 
to celebrate
 Father's Day.

Life was good
 and going along
 as planned

"Don't you dare ever do that to me again"

...we noticed that Lucy,
 one of the two cats we had inherited
 when their drug dealing, wife beating,
 child abusing owner abandoned them,
 was scratching and 
most likely had fleas.

 We thought a good idea 
would be to put a flea collar on her.
  We took her by surprise
 as she was eating
 and slipped the collar over her head.

 Well, you probably get the picture! 
 She was hissing and jerking around,
 trying to shake it off. 
 I swear she jumped six feet up in the air
 and took off running down the sidewalk,
 under the front gate,
 down the middle of the street 
and out of sight.

We spent a few hours
 looking for her in the neighbor's yards and bushes
 but to no avail. 
 We were just sick
 and telling ourselves she would never come back
and we should have foreseen
 how she would react
 and thinking of how innocent and trusting she is
 and how badly she had to have been treated in the past.

We thought she was surely gone
 but she did come back a few hours later,
 we removed the collar,
 and she was fine.

Two days later,
 she didn't show up in the morning 
for breakfast like she always does,
 nor for dinner or breakfast
 the day after that.

 We looked all over
 and couldn't find her any place.
  That evening we heard mewing
 coming from our neighbor's garage
 and found she had been locked in there
 the whole time.

She has pretty much
 used up two of her nine lives
 so, hopefully, 
she'll have better luck from here on.

Sunday afternoon
 we heard planes flying low
 over our general area
 and knew that was a signal that a fire was close by.

As it turns out,
 one was burning
 just about 1/2 mile
 from our house
 and from town...
as the crow flies...

 we have well trained
 and well staffed firefighters
 in our area and
it was dealt with quickly.

 the fires are further out from town
 as we are surrounded by
 outlying areas of forests
 but as you can see above,
 as evidence by the pink fire retardant
 on the ground and road,
 every place is vulnerable now
 due to it being so dry.

 FYI: If you can imagine,
 to the first, single, tall tree
 behind the telephone pole, 
at middle right of the picture...
we live about two blocks
 behind there!

We have certainly had 
enough excitement,
 if you want to call it that,
 for awhile 
so now I am just going 
to concentrate on getting those pillows made...

...and helping the Captain
 put together his new
 Father's Day toy.

Hope all the wonderful dads' and husbands' out there had a great Father's Day...



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  1. WoW, Judy what a week you had, so glad the kitty is doing well, and that the fire was placed under control! Enjoy making those pillows!

  2. Oh you've certainly had some excitement going on there the past few days! I'm so happy that all is well now but I'm sure the dry forest conditions can put on on edge. I'd be happy to share some of the rain we've been getting here. The weather is so unbalanced isn't it. Have fun sewing up the pillows and I hope you get to enjoy a barbecue soon! Hugs. Pam

  3. We put Rebolution on our kitty she was like your one day she came to from door never left now is part of the family but she like to be out some time and we also have two dog no flea in this house please ,our lost her tail in my HB truck we has to take her to emergency to cut like 6 inch of her tail I'm glad your home is ok with the fire.
    Happy summer and enjoy your BBQ


  4. What a time you have had, I'm so glad the fire is under control and the your kitty is now safe with you! We have had so much rain here in PA. would gladly send some out if I could!


  5. Oh my, that little kitty of yours has her own idea about things, doesn't she! She sure is cute!! I know there are a couple of fires on the eastern side of the Sierra's, near the Markleeville area! Hoping your area stay free of any more and you get some rain!! Blessings, Cindy

  6. That kitty is something! lol Poor thing-getting stuck in that garage. We once had one that crawled into a bureau drawer that we seldom opened and she got closed in there for almost 24 hours before we found her. Scared me to death!
    Glad they got the fire under control quickly. That is really scary, isn't it? Hope you have a great week, Judy, and get your pillows made. xo Diana

  7. Boy, you've had a measure of excitement around there!! Feel badly for that poor kitty. Glad she's back, safe and sound.
    Holy cannoli !! How frightening to have the fire break out so close to your house!! Thank heavens for the first responders and their quick work of putting the fire out!!!

    Love the fabric that you are making pillows with.. it's so pretty!!
    Looks like your sweetie had a good Fathers day, I'm so glad :)

    Have a good day today, and hopefully a calm day .


  8. Guess you had enough of exitement for some time. Poor cat, locked in, they are truely easy to lock in when they don't want to show up when closing doors.
    Hope your pillow turned out as you planned and I can see that the Captains fathers day present will enjoy both of you lol. Here father's day is in November and I guess it's too Cold to have a barbeque!!
    Take care.
    Love Elzie

  9. Awww... I am so glad your sweet cat was okay! You have indeed had some exciting days! What a blessing to have the fire taken care of and no one hurt!

    I hope this week is shaping up to be more calm :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration....I can't wait to see your pillows! Hugs

  10. My goodness - I'd say that was plenty-too much, as my aunt used to say. I'm glad kitty survived her ordeals - and the fire - oh my that was a close call. So much of the west is so dry it is scary - even in rainy WA we are observing fire bans and being more cautious because of the lack of rain this winter and spring.

    Happy pillow sewing - I have a magician's cape to sew for a grandson - better get busy on it.

    We had a little excitement ourselves - Don was admitted to the hospital on Sunday in almost complete collapse from exhaustion - mysterious things going on - scary for sure. After a long list of tests and scans for every possible thing, they discovered that a medication that he was taking was destroying his thyroid gland and it was dumping (called thyroid storm) all the thyroid hormone it could - causing the awful symptoms (along with 20 pound weight loss in 3 weeks). With med changes he has responded so well that he is coming home this afternoon - a true miracle happened. I say too, enough excitement for a long time - give me slow and tame.

  11. Wow, Judy, you've had a rough few days! Glad to hear everything has settled down now and I hope the rest of your summer is smooth sailing. Take care, Courtney

  12. Your moments have been anything but dull for sure. Fires - scary and so close. Firefighters work hard and so thankful for them, they do an awesome job!
    I know Captain and you are enjoying his Dad's day gift. I haven't cooked the first thing on a grill yet, it's either miserably hot or raining. I'll take the rain at the moment.
    Happy weekend

  13. Hi Judy, I'm so glad you found Lucy both times!! She's so pretty. :) It's really upsetting when a pet disappears like that; you just worry yourself sick.

    Oh dear, that fire was way too close for comfort, wasn't it? An out-of-control fire is such a scary thing. I really hope and pray your area will get some rain soon, Judy.

    Happy Fourth to you!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  14. Hello dear Judy,
    I have been absent for a while due to my operation... and am trying to catch up a little.
    I must have missed the post , where you now have a cat.. I am so happy for you. Cats can give you a lot of love and fun.
    Your little one looks so cute.. what a tale with the flea collar.. ):-
    sending hugs val xxxx

  15. That fire would have been too close for my comfort. Glad all is okay.
    Lucy is a pretty kitty. Poor baby getting locked in the garage. I've shut my dog up in our closet and laundry room before.


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