Tuesday, August 4, 2015


From Fire...

...to Fair

It is rather amazing
 how Fast life can change sometimes.

 Within one weeks' time,
 the mood has gone from
 Frantic and Fearful
 to the anticipation of
 Fun and Family.

The Fire is considered contained to 85%,
 only smoldering in heavy timber areas
 and all road closures 
and evacuations
 have been lifted.

The Fair 
is opening next week 
and the sight of uniforms and Fire trucks 
is being replaced with the early arrival
 of the carnival rides 
and the brightly colored Flowers 
lining the paths.

 The sounds of mowers purring
 and workmen scurrying 
greet us on an early morning walk
 through the Fairgrounds.

 A weekend of Frivolity 
is planned for all
 to enjoy.

"Let's all go to the county Fair,
There's blossoms and ribbons and hope in the air.
The Harvest is in and we have
 time to spare,
 and the best place to be
 is the county Fair.

There is nothing better that I have Found
Than hearing music with a glorious sound
As we ride round and round
 on the merry-go-round.
And so to the county Fair
 I am bound.

Author Unknown


There is a Full crop
 of green hydrangeas
 emerging this year. 
 They have already bloomed
 in their normal colors 
but now there is a second crop
 of green masses showing.

  I don't remember this happening
in years passed.
  Am I just not that observant,
 or is it something
 that could be attributed
 to the lack of water this year?

I have picked a Few
 that I will try to dry
 and see 
if the green color sticks.

Believe it or not,
 some of these hydrangeas,
 shown here in my great-grandmother's
 English ironstone pitcher,
 have been around for over thirty years.
  The dry twigs in the arrangement
 are from a birch tree
 that grew in our Front yard 
before we moved to the Cottage
 almost thirty years ago.


We Finally received
 the Bali blinds that we ordered.

  The Captain put them up
 and I couldn't be happier. 
 They cut out just enough of the sun light
 to make the sitting room 
much more pleasant
 on the hot days...

...and I love the Finished look
 that they give the room 
without hiding any of the
 Fancy millwork
 around the windows.


Progress Report:


It is a Fine day.

  A little cooler, 
with a tiny Feeling of Fall
 in the air.

A happy
 Fair and Fine August
 to everyone.


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  1. Judy,
    Love that your hydrangeas are reblooming. That is so great. I love hydrangea's. Your paint by number is lookin good! Glad the fires are almost all contained. That is the most dangerous of the fire service jobs out there. Have a good week and glad the fair is coming to town. How fun.

  2. It's good to know that life goes on and the fires are not burning like they were. I love your hydrangeas and the new window blinds. The blinds look very attractive in the day and at night too. The coloured glass on the windows is striking. Take care and enjoy the fair! xx Pam

  3. What a huge relief and blessing that the fires are contained! That is such a scary thing to go through.

    I adore your hydrangeas. Last year was my first year for hydrangeas, and I saved some of the blossoms. They are so fragile though... how do you save yours? Are they fragile too?

    It is nice that the fair can go on. Sometimes when we are all worried and consumed with fear, it's nice to have a reprieve from that, and do a bit of smiling :)

    Sending warm wishes..


  4. I was reading about the fires, so devastating. I am sure that the extremely dry conditions make it far worse.

    Love you blind and hydrangeas, they are such great flowers, there is so much you can do with them.

    Enjoy the Fair!

  5. I am so glad that your fires are under control and the fair is in town! That is so much better, Judy! Your hydrangeas are lovely. I don't have them in my yard anymore. I don't think they liked my soil, they never bloomed. You are moving along with that painting. I am impressed...so many tiny spots!

  6. Judy your hydrangeas are fabulous!!!! Do you dry them? If you do I would love to purchase some. The colors are remarkable. You have a great blog. I will sign up and follow along. XO Jo

  7. I'm glad the fires are contained, I Been thinking about you I was washing the new and look so bad all you hydrangeas are beautiful enjoy the fair and take care your self

  8. Oh good news about those fires Judy! Your hydrangeas, green or any other color, are just beautiful.My favorite summertime bloom. And your blinds are sooo pretty. They are just perfect with your pretty cafe curtains. Enjoy your county fair...ours is still a week or so away.
    XO Barbara

  9. I am so glad the fires abated, Judy. That is just plain scary. I love hydrangeas. Our bush is filled and drooping with large heavy blossoms this year. Like your new blinds, too! Hope your week is a good one. Just trying to get a post up and visit a few people while I have a bit of time. xoDiana

  10. Your post makes me so cheery! Glad things are more like they should be. I am so impressed that you have some dried hydrangeas for so long. Amazing!!! I have some that were sent me from afar. Your paint by number looks so fun! It would take me a century to finish one up. Lots of flitting around for me this summer. So nice that you came by!

  11. Your post makes me so cheery! Glad things are more like they should be. I am so impressed that you have some dried hydrangeas for so long. Amazing!!! I have some that were sent me from afar. Your paint by number looks so fun! It would take me a century to finish one up. Lots of flitting around for me this summer. So nice that you came by!

  12. Judy, I am so happy you are living safer now.. Glad things are looking up. Wow, your hydrangeas are beautiful. I love the big bouquet. I love paint by numbers...used to do those when we were first married for entertainment. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. So happy to hear that the fire is almost contained. I was worried about you and the Captain and your cottage.
    Your hydrangeas are stunning. Mine did not do well at all - they were pitiful. I am so sick of watching my plants died because of the drought. I will get the sunflowers seeds off to you next week.
    I had some kind of intestinal problems the whole time I was at my son's house. He sent me tickets to come up for my Birthday. Had a good time, but could hardly wait to come home, I didn't let him know that I didn't feel good. So it has been non stop with Birthday celebrations since this was my 80th Birthday. I really don't feel my age, thank goodness. Tomorrow is the last day of celebrating - 2 weeks is just to long. Having lunch with a dear friend.
    Have fun at the fair - looks like you all have something to celebrate.

  14. Judy, That's great news abut the fires. Have a wonderful time at the fair and thanks for linking to the Share Your Style party.

  15. I'm glad that the fire is coming to an end near you, I know there have been many. Do you ever go to the fair? I've never been here in AZ because the crowd is usually pretty scary :( Beautiful hydrangeas, hope you enjoy them!! You are coming along on your painting, that's going to be a long project! Blessings, Cindy

  16. Those hydrangeas are gorgeous!! And I love the colored glass bottles in the window. ...I do that too. I enjoyed the poem about the fair so much!

  17. Your hydrangeas are amazing Judy. Mine only bloom once in this short growing season, but how awesome it would be to have them rebloom. I love your new blinds too. Really a lovely look in the windows.
    Aren't those wildfires scary? I worry so much about the people fighting them. My brother used to fly for the forest service and dump the retardant. So glad he doesn't do that anymore.
    Enjoy the fair my dear...I know you will.


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