Tuesday, October 13, 2015


"October's the month
When the smallest breeze
Gives us a showering
Of autumn leaves.
Bonfires and pumpkins
Leaves sailing down -
October is red and golden and brown."

Author Unknown

We are going to depart a bit today
 from the mOONLIGHT
 and concentrate on the mAGIC.

 The magic of family
 and their never ending support and love
 and the magic of friendship 
that is felt everyday
 since I started writing this blog.

 I have made so many friends
 who are all willing to share
 of themselves with me, and everyone,
 their good times and their bad,
 whether they are happy or they are sad.

  I appreciate you all so much 
and hope that I deserve
 a fraction
 of that magic
 in return.

The Captain and Bride. Sorry for the quality of the picture. It is an antique, after all.

On Thursday last,
 the Captain and I 
celebrated 55 years of marriage,
 and you have to admit
 that there must be
 some kind of magic involved 
to keep us going that long.

The newest member of our family
 gave us a beautiful little nosegay
 in celebration.

It is tucked here
 into a vintage 
Seven Up Plug Cut Tobacco can.

Thank you, Kai,
 for bringing magic 
into our lives again.

The kids sent another gorgeous bouquet,
 as they do every year. 
 It sits on the parlor mantle
as though reflecting 
in touches of moonlight.

We are so blessed 
to have our children in our lives. 
 The thoughtfulness and caring
 that they give to us everyday 
is the stuff
that magic is made of.

Thank you always,
 Tim, Tami and Jake.


Last week,
 I received a package in the mail
 from a dear friend, 
Barbara at 21 Rosemary Lane.

 The blogging community is so lucky
 to have her in our midst. 
 She shares her wonderful blog 
with all of us
 along with her sweet and caring nature,
and not to mention
 her talent and creativity.

The box contained
 vines of bittersweet
 from a bush in her New Jersey garden. 
 I have arranged 
the beautiful berries 
in my old spongeware pitcher
 against a backdrop 
of my great-grandmother's quilt piece.

To me,
 bittersweet is the quintessential
 sign of autumn 
and I am so pleased
 and thankful
 that Barbara thought of me.

The very next morning 
this is how the berries looked.

 If this isn't magic,
 I don't know what is.

 Thank you so much, Barbara,
 I really appreciate
 your friendship.

Maybe all of my blessings
 aren't really magic
 in the true sense
 of the word but...

...they are all
 certainly magical
 very dear
 to my 


It was brought to my attention 
the other day
 that my "follow me on Pinterest" gadget
 was not working.

(You can find it
 in the upper right corner of the blog,
 right under the header picture)
 I LOVE Pinterest, 
you might say it is an obsession,
 and I think I have pinned 
some really pretty things.
 I have over 9,000 pins,
 but only one board! 
 I realize that is not the norm
 and, I admit,
 it is sometimes hard
 when looking for a specific pin, 
but it is relaxing for me 
just to leisurely scroll 
through it all. 
 Anyway, I think there will be 
something of interest
 for each and everyone of you on my board,
 as my interests are varied,
 and I hope you will now
 follow me,
 as I have fixed it,
 and because
 it is all a part of technology...
believe me,
 when I say, 
that is pure magic!

The Cottage Witch
October, 2015

Be sure to come back 
next week
 for the continuation
 of what is

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  1. Adorable picture of you and the Captain!! Happy belated anniversary!!
    Love this post, and all your pictures, and especially your thoughts. Very sweet and so you !
    What a kind and thoughtful friend to send you bittersweet. I have never seen bittersweet live... just the faux kind. Can you preserve it??

    Kai is a sweetie.. and so are your kids! Love the flower arrangements!!

    Sending you warm {{hugs}} sweet friend.

  2. Oh, Judy...I love you dearly. Thank YOU for sharing your heart and soul with US.
    You have captured the most beautiful light in the photo of the door. It's calling out to me.
    Doesn't bittersweet make you smile? I have some that a blogging friend sent to me and it fills the house with autumn cheer, for sure.
    Friends are so good to us, hmm? I'll be heading over to see your zillion pinteresting finds.
    Hope your anniversary was magical...just like you, Cottage Witch.
    xoxo, T.

  3. Judy I am so thankful to have found you in this blogging community and we as a community are so blessed to have your most thoughtful and sweet words along with such beautiful photos to remind us of the magic which surrounds each and everyone of us everyday. Your gift from Kai is adorable and the flowers from your children are stunning. And I love the way you chose to display the bittersweet. So happy to be able to share with you the gifts of our backyard. God Bless and Happy Tuesday!!!
    XO Barbara

  4. Pure magic is so true. Congrats to you and your captain on many happy years of marriage. Love your fall touches. The mantel looks fabulous!

  5. What a sweet post - and lovely photos. It certainly is magic at your house.

  6. What a wonderful post, Judy. Congrats on your 55 years of marriage. Can you believe how fast life has passed for you? I can;t believe my own!!!
    Loving your bittersweet- I have been looking in my usual haunts for it around here without much luck this year. Everything is looking great at your house and I am so happy you have such a loving family, too. xo Diana

  7. 55 years!! Wow, congratulations, I love your wedding photo. Beautiful!

  8. Hi Judy loved to read the first thing I saw on your blog ,the poem about fall and halloween ,nice ! Congrats to your 55 aniversary ,enjoy with your kids and family

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and your dearest. Fifty five years is a lifetime and you are to be congratulated. What beautiful bouquets you received for the occasion. Bittersweet doesn't grow up here that I know of and we can't bring it across the border from Maine so I enjoy a few faux sprigs. Take care. Hugs, Pam

  10. Happy Anniversary to you and the Captain. Wishing you many many more. This was a beautiful post Judy and love all the flowers.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. What a lovely posting, Judy! Congratulations to your Captain and you! A marriage that has lasted fifty-five years is indeed magical and an occasion to be celebrated and praised! Love the picture of the two of you. Your flowers are gorgeous and you have them displayed beautifully on the mantel with the mercury glass pumpkins. Have a lovely weekend.

    Autumn blessings,

  12. Happy Anniversary- what a beautiful bouquet that your children sent..it is gorgeous!

  13. First, allow me to congratulate you and the Captain on 55 years of wedded bliss! What a testimony to commitment and love! And, the flowers from your kiddos and Kai are so very nice. Sorry I didn't get by sooner. My son and I have both been hospitalized this past week. I'm home and picking him up tomorrow, it's been crazy! Also, how sweet of your blog friend to send such a nice piece of 'life' to you! I know you are enjoying that! Many blessings for a wonderful week, Cindy

  14. Congratulations for your anniversary. Beautiful flowers from your children and Kai. I like the purple bow, the way it compliments the arrangement, very nice. What a nice surprise from Barbara sending those beautiful vines of bittersweet. Every thing looks so nice the way you have it arranged.
    Happy Monday

  15. HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Must be some Llove in there and Magic to keep it going 55 years. Great post.
    I love how you set up the the quilt, frame, vine and water pitcher. I'd love to do something like that in my home somewhere in the amongst the rustic style. Thanks for sharing this sweet post.

  16. Judy,
    LOVE the mantle and your other vignettes and Happy Belated Anniversary!!


  17. Congratulations on celebrating 55 magical years together. We recently celebrated 40. A longtime beautiful marriage makes for a good life. '-)
    The bittersweet is a thoughtful gift. For me, bittersweet is a sign of autumn. We buy ours at the market, but my friends on the east coast say it grows as a weed in open fields and lots. Thanks for sharing the pretty flowers and snippets of your cottage.


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