Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 for time to be together,
 turkey, talk and
 tangy weather..

for harvest stored away,
 home and hearth
 and holiday..

for autumn's
 frosty art,
 and abundance
 in the heart..

for neighbors,
 and November, 
nice things, new things
 to remember..

for kitchen,
 kettle's croon,
 kith and kin
 expected soon..

for sizzles, 
sights and sounds,
 and something special
 that abounds..

That spells
 T H A N K S
 for joy of living
 and a 
jolly good Thanksgiving."

Aileen Fisher, "All in a Word"


The above is my wish for you...

May you all experience 
a wonderful and thankful day,

 A feeling that will continue
 throughout the year.

  Also, I hope you enjoyed 
the reveal of the Cottage dining room. 
 There are still some bare spots
 and a few projects to be completed but,
 for now, 
I am thankful
 that it is almost done 
and that soon there will be
 love and laughter
 around the table. 

 That is the best part.

Have a
 jolly good Thanksgiving



 Beginning December 9, 
there is going to be
 a new Christmas Home Tour Link party.

 It will be co-hosted by
and by

 I am really excited
 because this will give us all a chance
 to put our Christmas on display
 like we haven't had
 for a long time.

Before my time,
 I understand, 
there were some Christmas Home Tours
 that all could participate in 
and thanks to Debra and Brenda 
they are back
 once again.

 Thank you 
lovely ladies 
for doing this.

 I'm sure you will have many takers..

Hope to see you all there
 and be sure to go over to


to get all the info
 about the new party.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones, Judy! Your dining room is very cozy and inviting. You have so many wonderful touches. Love the print of the girls with the chickens {brings back memories}, the wee cabinet vignette with the teddy bear in front of the door, of course the china and your lovely table. All of these wonderful personal touches make your home very welcoming and thank you for sharing it all with us.

    Autumn blessings,

  2. Judy, I loved your post today. Your home looks so charming and inviting for a gathering of your loved ones. I wish you lots of good laughs and plenty of hugs. I now the food will be wonderful. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I couldn't love this most any more! Love the poem, thoughts, and your dining room!!
    Everything is done so nicely and it all looks so warm and cozy. Darling checked bows on the dining room chairs too.... did you make those?
    Love the red and white dining room, persimmons, dining room furniture, crown molding, and wreaths.. especially that twiggy yarn ball wreath. I am SO making me one of those!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sweet friend.


    1. p.s I sincerely want to live in your house :) You always make it so cute, and decorate everything so nice for the holidays.

  4. Loved that Judy!! Love the poem and the pictures are just lovely and look so ready for the holiday!

  5. So pretty Mom!!! can't wait to see it in person!!!
    Tell the Cap-man nice work!!! See you soon!! LOVE from me and the boys :)

  6. Oh - your house is the most beautiful one in the world. You have such a clever touch with decorating - the dining room is divine. I have the exact same china cabinet as the letter "N" - except mine is painted white. A neighbor in CA had to go to assisted living and her niece was renting out her house. I asked if I could buy the china cabinet but the niece said she was leaving it for the renters to use. The renters were careless and burned the house down. The top of the china cabinet was damaged and the glass was broken and the cabinet was charred in spots. THEN the niece asked if I wanted the china cabinet - for free!!!! I hand sanded and cleaned and cleaned and sanded and painted and replaced the glass - it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture - but I would have been just as happy to buy it before the house was burned down. Enjoy your family time on Thanksgiving day.

  7. Absolutely stunning, Judy! I am in love with the room, the color, the decor, the charming details. Love, love, love it. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your charming room! :)

  8. Przepiękne i bardzo romantyczne zdjęcia wspaniały klimat panuje na Twoim blogu - wracam by oglądać i podziwiać archiwalne wpisy - pozdrawiam serdecznie

  9. Such a lovely post Judy! Beautiful pictures, charming sentiment. Happy thanksgiving Judy, my dear blogging friend! You are a treasure in blogland. Jane

  10. Gorgeous post Judy. Your home is so welcoming that feels like one big hug. You have created such a beautifully charming place for you and the Captain to enjoy. What a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving my dear sweet friend!
    XO Barbara

  11. PS you have probably already pointed out in the past that we have the same Crystal d'arque champagne glasses. What fabulous taste you have!!! XO

  12. Your table looks fantastic! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  13. I pray you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with Family, Blessings and Kai! Love your dining room photos! Lovely! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  14. Judy,
    I absolutely love this room!! It is so warm and inviting!! And I adore how you have it decorated!! Beautiful!!
    Yes, there used to be tons of Christmas linky parties years ago but now it seems that they have fallen by the way side and only a few participate in these "supposed" parties. I do know about this one and I also have a party listed on my side bar on my Christmas blog that Jann Olsen from Have a Daily Cup pf Mrs. Olsen will be hosting with several others with themes on different days...


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