Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hi, everyone.

  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  Rosie and Cruzer were here
 to celebrate with us.
 Of course,
 Mom forgot to take any pictures.

 We had a great time
 except when Rosie
 was trying to be
 the boss of me!

As you know,
 I wear many hats
 while I fulfill my apprenticeship
 here at the Cottage...
(that's me above, well,
 actually that's more of a scarf!)

 Maybe that is why Rosie thought she needed to be the boss of me!

 besides my watching abilities...

...I am in charge
 of making sure
 each brush stroke is
 performed to perfection...

...making sure Dad 
doesn't fall off the ladder...

...an occasional dish washing...

...learning the ins and outs
 of setting up
 a Christmas tree...

...watching that Dad
 walks those other dogs
 just right.

 here I am,
 seeing that Dad watches 
his daily fluid intake.

 I am at the office car
 writing this week's post
 as a stand-in for Mom 
while she is busy
 decorating the Cottage for Christmas.

 She said 
I could give you a sneak peek
 of what is happening
 around here:

lets get down to business.

The other day 
we had a little snow fall
 and the folks were excited
 to introduce me to
 the white stuff...

...they thought
 I had probably never seen snow
 between you and me,
 I hope 
I never see it again!

 The minute I stepped foot
 out the door, 
I knew it wasn't for me.

  I tried as hard as I could
 to shake it off of me!

I did try to give it a chance
 and thought it might smell good - 
but no way...

I even tried to walk
 without having my feet
 touch the ground.

No amount of pleading
 on the part of my people
 could entice me...

I was miserable...

I wanted no part of it.

 I only wanted back 
into my warm house.

I pleaded and
 I begged
 for the door to open...

...I even promised 
big kisses
 if I could just
 go inside.

I thought that might work!

 I was back
 where I was meant
 to be...

 it's cold outside!


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  1. Kai, you are such a cutie. You are a real trooper for putting up with all that snow nonsense. Bruce and Jack wanted me to tell you that "dogs like us prefer a fluffy bed by the fireplace". I know you'll agree with them. I do! Be careful watching mom and dad decorate...it can be quite dangerous. Maybe you can convince them to sit by the fire with you! xoxo, T.

    1. Hi Miss Tina. Thank you for your kind words. Tell Bruce and Jack that they are my idols. They are so big and strong and my only claim to fame are my "ballerina feet". I can't believe that they don't like that white stuff either, now I don't feel like such a sissy..Wags, Kai

  2. Oh, Kai, you're so cute! You and I have something in common! I don't like snow either. The only thing is, you don't have to put up with it very often where you live. Here where I live, well, let's just say, they don't tease us about getting dressed up like Eskimos for nothin'. You're a real cutie and tell your mom that I appreciate your participating in my party today.


  3. So sorry Kai....I was laughing . You were cracking me up. Judy, I enjoyed this post...pets are so funny to me. You may have a hard time getting that pet back outside in any snow. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  4. You tell your peeps that you want a trip to Florida for the winter (for a Christmas present). Santa rides a fire engine and throws candy and dog treats down there! xo Diana

  5. Kai, I bet your are going to learn to love the snow. Give it another try! You are such a cutie. Good thing they have you around to help with the Christmas decorating. Tell your mom I said hello :)

  6. What a cutie~Kai :)
    It's a good thing he's such a good helper around the house, and pulls his own weight.
    Looks like he wouldn't enjoy being an outside dog **smile**!

    Happy Christmas decorating !


  7. What a lovely guest poster here today, Judy! So cute...thanks for sharing, Kai! Ps- I'm not a big fan of snow either! ;)

  8. I must say Kai - you did an exceptionally good job of filling in - and of doing all your duties. I'm with you - I don't want to be out in the snow.

  9. Your Kai is soooo adorable Judy@! What a writing talent he has to boot! He may have to start his own blog...haha.
    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    XO Barbara

  10. Kai, you are a great fill in for your momma (sshhhhh, don't tell her I said that) but you can tell her that she's doing a great job decorating the cottage!! Sorry you didn't enjoy the white stuff, maybe next time will be better! Enjoy your week sweet one! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  11. Kai, you are adorable. Thank you for sharing what is going on at the cottage this week. Say Hi to your mommy for me. Be good ok? Hugs. Pam

  12. Kai, you sure are a wonderful dog and I am so glad that you have such great parents. It's so good of you to keep an eye on Mom and Dad.

    Loved your blog and tell Mom we want to hear more about your adventures.

    Waldo and Lili liked your blog also.

    Waldo and Lil's mom

  13. Kai you take your job seriously and are sure doing a great job! Tell your mommy we cant wait to see the pretty decorating and to give you a nice doggie bone for being a good helper

  14. What a fun post, Kai. You had a lot of responsibility, and I can see that you are up to the task. Gotta keep those people in line! Looking forward to seeing the cottage decked out for Christmas. Thanks for the sneak peek. Oh, and Sadie and I are right there with you about that white fluffy stuff. Life is so much nicer without it. '-)

  15. Poor Kai... All that responsibility and then to be outside in the cold white stuff. LOL.
    Kai did a good job of supervising.


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