Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Wave goodbye
 to January...

...and say hello
 to February.

 while being the shortest month 
of the year...

...is also the one
 with the most heart.

The skies of February 
portray signs of winter
 still to come...
but with a sliver of brightness 
along the horizon...

...the view
 through one window
 promises a budding spring...

...and the view 
by another window 
holds the warmth of 
sunny days to come...

...but the view
 outside my office car window
 this morning 
puts us in our place
 and reminds us
 that all that is expected 
will not materialize
 for awhile yet...

...and as I am sitting here
 warm and dry,
 the Captain trudges through 
the sleet and snow, 
walking the dogs.

 This is dedication 
and all heart.

While we wait
 for the elusive spring,
 touches of that very thing 
will help to keep 
the cold at bay.

A mixed bouquet 
on the dining room table,
displayed in an old tool caddy,
accompanied by 
candle light...

...a bit of greenery
 and a painted rose 
catch your eye 
as you pass into
 another room.

Lamps are lit,
as well as candles,
to continue the feeling of 
being safe and warm 
at home.


During the holidays, 
I was looking for some 
seeded eucalyptus with not much luck.
  I finally found a few sprigs
at Raley's
 but that was all.

  When Courtney at French Country Cottage
 showed a faux eucalyptus wreath
 last week 
that looked so realistic,
 I ordered one.

 Not only is it beautiful,
 but the price was outstanding. 
 It came from Balsam Hill 
and it regularly sells for $69,
 on sale now for $28.

 I couldn't pass it up 
and am really pleased with it.

 Thank you, Courtney.


 on to the 
heart of the matter...


and his little pal,
 send our best Valentine wishes 
to all of you...


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  1. The Captain is still walking shelter dogs? Bless his big, loving heart. That is so wonderful. I love your dining room, Judy. It looks so comfy and welcoming. I love all your lovely dishes in view. "Hi Kai"

  2. Judy - Love your photos - especially the one of Kai and the hearts.


  3. Oh Judy...so many things to love in this post! Beautiful photos, all of them. I adore your embroidery of "guess how much i love you" and all your hearts. Pom pom garland on your angel, education board, Kai, window views...makes me want to bundle up and come visit with you. Stay warm and tell the Captain to be careful out there. Bruce and Jack come in and head straight for the fire when it's cold. Bruce will stay there all day. xoxo, T.

  4. Judy, this is a delightful post! Yours is far more interesting than my meager look at February. I'm a heart kind of person, and seeing all your wonderful hearts makes my own heart sing. Will be adding some of these to my Pinterest board of hearts. Happy February!

  5. Beautiful post, Judy. You captured the warm and cozy feel we try to make in our homes in the cold wintry months and at the same time, sharing the beauty of the outdoors! Your home is beautiful in the soft light and I really love all of your cute hearts and Valentine's Day touches.

    Stay warm and cozy...


  6. Judy, you always share such lovely images of your home accompanied by a warm and loving text. And you make us all feel so welcome. Love the picture of little Kai. Thank you for joining me for No Place Like Home.


  7. Love all your hearts :)
    Nice and cozy pictures of your cute cottage.
    Stay warm and dream of sunny days to come :)


  8. Walking in that kind of weather really is dedication! Love that bunny embroidery! Happy hearts here!

  9. A lovel, lovely post Judy. Your home looks so cozy and warm. I love the dining and sitting rooms. We're getting snow here today to be followed by rain. A nasty mix! Take care and have a lovely day.

  10. Your posts are pure poetry, Judy and your pictures are just lovely. Happy February. May it truly be filled with love!

  11. Judy, I LOVE this post -- no pun intended. :-D As usual, the images of your home look so pretty, warm, and cozy. I'm a big fan of lace curtains, and yours are beautiful. Your post has definitely put me in the mood to decorate for Valentines Day.

    Well, that Kai is just too adorable. Love his little friend! I'm afraid Duncan would have already chewed that to pieces by now. Sigh. I'm so glad you and the Captain are getting so much joy from Kai; dogs really do add a lot to our lives.

    I've been away for a little bit so am trying to catch up with my blog visits. I hope you have a great week, Judy!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  12. Judy, I liked seeing all your wonderful pictures. My favorite was the candle in the window with the budding plant just outside..the lace curtains...I love lace curtains so much. Hope you and your husband are doing well. Blessings , xoxo,Susie

  13. Dear Judy:
    Thank you for sharing so many beautiful vignettes and photos of your pretty items. I am saying thank you for linking from Missouri - going home tomorrow and I hear we have 12" of snow there. We closed on our retirement home in Missouri last Friday. Lots of work yet to do in moving! Have a great week! Thanks so much.

  14. Oh I just love your home - it is so very sweet. Each photo is a delight. Your decorating style is simply wonderful. I want to be you when I grow up.

  15. Judy,
    Your home looks so warm and inviting!! Love the candlelight photos!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  16. Love the doggy footsies in the snow.
    Well February came in with a blast for you. I know it's bound to be more for us, even with all of our rain, there is still snow sticking around for more.
    Such a cozy home you have. I wish my dining room was as large as your dining room, so much space to put extra chairs and even another hutch. Love the hurricane shades on your table. I think I will make valentines with the girls today as you have put me in the mood.

  17. What an absolutely charming and lovely post! :)

  18. Your writing, combined with your wonderful photos, always bless my heart and make me smile! Happy Heart month to you, The Captain and Kai! Blessings, Cindy xo

  19. Your collection of hearts is beautiful. I imagine that you house is a very cosy place to come back to on a chilly winter night.

  20. Dear Judy, I simply love this post. Your home is so inviting and so well pulled together. Cozy, warm and inviting. I see so much love and talent in your vignettes you display. Love your heart collection and all so beautifully photographed. This post is just filled with charm. Thank you for sharing. I have to go back and revisit everything again.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments. Have a great rest of the weekend. xo

  21. I just love your blog and home, so homey.

    1. Thank you Row. I really appreciate your kind words and glad you like it..Happy Tuesday..Judy


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