Wednesday, February 24, 2016


My sister, Sid,
 was here for a couple of days. 
 It was great spending time together,
 which we don't do
 as often as
 we should.   

We don't live
 that far apart
 but life has a way
 - of getting in the way - 
of the important things.


A while back 
we took a ride
 on some country roads 
and I haven't shared
the pictures
 with you...

It's always nice
 to get away for awhile, 
even though 
it might not be far.

the grass is greener 
on the other side.


Every afternoon,
 around 2:00,
 this is the scene at the Cottage..

It is dinnertime for Kai,
 or at least he thinks it is, 
but the actual time is
 more around 
3:30 or 4:00.

He starts out on the floor, 
intently staring 
at the Captain...

..then he is up on the chair,
 intently staring at the Captain.

Before long 
I guess his head starts
 feeling too heavy 
to keep the act up

He resorts to
 the arm of the chair
 to keep his head up
 so he can continue 
to stare.

When all else fails
 he gives up graciously 
and entertains himself with a toy, 
and this seems to work
 for awhile 

...not for long,
 and this time
 he's serious!


You probably can tell
 that I am grasping at straws
 for something interesting
 to write about today...
but that's OK...
you just have to give your mind
 a rest 
and let slow and steady 
be your guide.


I can tell you 
for sure
 that I have discovered 
a new (for me) author.

  Her name is Santa Montefiore. 
 She has written a few books 
and I have just finished
 "The French Gardener".

 It is the type of story 
that I enjoy, 
England, France, cottages, gardens,
 families and love.

 I have just started 
"Secrets of the Lighthouse" 
and it seems 
that I will love this one 
just as much.

Hope you all are having 
a wonderful week 
and thank you so much 
for stopping by 
for a visit 
when you have the time.


Slow and steady
 and a full tummy!

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  1. Judy, your posts usually make me smile and today's is no different. Those books sound like a good read and I'm glad Kai finally got his tummy filled! Pets are quite the entertainers! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day.


  2. Dear Judy:
    What a cute run down on life at your home and glad you were able to spend time with your sister. Doesn't life just spin by! That sure is a cute dog and very photogenic! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is always nice to get away especially on country roads! Kai is adorable!

  4. OH such wonderful photos. How sweet to have a sister - and a visit from her. I love the county roads drive - how I miss that part of California. That Kai - such a ham - cute photos. I'll have to look up that author - I'm keeping a list because I'm getting behind in recommended authors.

  5. Hi Judy, that is so cute with Kai! I had to smile because that is what my dog does when she wants to go on a walk. Your dog reminds me alot of mine. Small, black and cute! I'm glad to know someone else has a little trouble getting motivated to do a post. I was trying to take some photos for a post this morning and the lighting just wasn't very good where I was staging and so I felt like the photos weren't very clear so I gave up and went and worked at a Church garage sale instead!
    Have a great rest of your week,

  6. Judy, Your sister is as pretty as you. I know you had fun. I liked those pictures from your drive around. Your dog is trying to will the Captain into getting him dinner or a cute. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo,Susie

  7. I enjoyed your photos of your little drive in the countryside Judy, but I loved the photos of Kai and her ways to the Captain's heart (and her full food dish). Too funny. Have a good evening.

  8. Very pretty country!your new book looks good! I found a new author as well---the book is on my instagram if you want to look. So glad you got to see your sister and little Kai is so so so cute!!

  9. Your pictures are beautiful. Your dog has got your number - they sure learn quickly don't they. He sure has adapted into your life style and he is a keeper.
    Such a cute little guy.
    Enjoy your weekend as it is going to be nice. Looks like no El Nino around California.

  10. Hi Judy, this is a test, I'm trying to figure out why your not getting my emails. :)

  11. Hi sweet Judy! Long time no talk, my friend :) It was such a joy to pop in this morning for a little visit.

    Your pictures are simply beautiful and you Kai is a little darling.

    Thinking of you and wishing you a blessed day. Hugs!

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  13. It's sad to say that my sister lives about 1/4 mile from me and we seldom have time to hang out. I need to make more time! I love your posts about Kai, why not showcase such a sweetie!! Enjoy a wonderful upcoming weekend! Blessings to you and the captain! Cindy xo

  14. Love your little ticking clock and all his maneuvers! Kai is so cute!
    I'm glad you and your sister ventured out...looked like a fun day.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend, Judy. xoxo

  15. A friend of mine sent me a card saying the same "life getting in the way of important things" many of us seem to be feeling that way lately. A pretty lady your sister is and nice to have had time spent with each other.
    Love those country drives with you - such pleasant scenery.
    Always a joy to read your thoughts and that sweet little Kai is a joy to see and read about too.

  16. Too funny - I started that very book and it is on my bedside table. Did you know that her husband is a very well-known and serious historian. I read his book on Stalin - very good, readable and thorough.

  17. hi Judy, so glad your visit with your sister went well. Lots to see where we live. Love the scenery and views. Kai looks darling. Our sweet pups stare at me when it's dinnertime...Have a great week. We have a new link party. Would love it, if you joined Dishing It & Digging It on Sundays.. xo


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