Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Once Upon A Time...

...long, long ago,
 before we had our Cottage
 and before we had moved to the Gold Country,
we owned this house. 
 We knew
 it was not going to be
 our forever home,
 only a stepping stone to take us 
to our place of retirement, 
our foot in the door, so to speak. 
 We owned it for about two years,
 rented it out, 
and then sold it.

During the time 
we had the house,
 we would come up every weekend, 
spending the time to drive around,
 looking for just 
that special place...

...and we did find it,
 but before that,
 we began noticing a couple 
that we would see 
almost everyplace we went.

 They were elderly, 
he very petite,
 always wearing a wide brimmed hat 
and suspenders;
 she was definitely 
of larger porportions,
 in a brightly flowered dress
 with her gray hair
 done up in a bun. 
 They drove a long, vintage Cadillac
 with big fins.

 They were a sight 
you don't readily forget 
and we often
 about their story.

One Saturday,
 we happened upon a yard sale 
in an old house.
  The house was desperately 
in need of repairs. 
 The rooms were littered
 with papers, books and all things 
 It was very smelly,
 to put it mildly, 
and after seeing a number of cats,
 alive and dead, 
we knew why.

You might imagine
 most people would hold their breath 
and run away,
 but if you are a "junker at heart"
 and are always expecting 
to find that "pot of gold",
 you know the answer to that

  As we made our way 
through the rooms
 you might take a guess 
as to who the owners
 of the house were!

 The "odd couple",
as we had come to call them, 
that we had been seeing around town,
 dressed as usual,
 and holding court 
among the remnants 
of their life.

We made our way
 up a very narrow, 
steep and twisting stairway 
and it was in one of the bedrooms 
that we found our treasure.

  We had been looking for
 an iron bed for our guest room
 and this one was perfect. 
 After settling on price
 and figuring how to untangle the frame
 from the old mattress
 and all the newspapers, magazines, etc. 
that were holding it down, 
our biggest dilemma became apparent; 
how to get the bed down 
the narrow staircase.

The only way
 was to walk out the window,
 onto the roof of the floor below,
 and lower the bed to the ground 
two stories down. 
 It was a very "iffy" solution, 
considering the shape of the roof, 
but it was our only option
 if we wanted the bed. 
 At this point 
I was down below 
and I do remember taking pictures 
of the procedure
 but can't find them anywhere.
  You will just
 have to take my word for it. 
 It was a scary sight to see.

As you can see,
 we were successful 
in getting the bed out
 and it has been enjoying 
a better life 
ever since.

As most good 
bedtime stories go,
 there is a beginning and an end, 
and this one 
is no exception...

...as I said 
in the beginning, 
we sold this house 
and the new owners 
took it to another level...


I often wonder
 what happened to the "odd couple". 
 I would imagine
 they have passed by now
 but their old homestead lives on
 as a bed and breakfast
 known as the Emma Nevada House. 
 We have taken a tour through it 
and it is a far cry 
from when we first saw it.


As I mentioned, 
we did find our Forever Cottage 
and after many years 
the changing and the fixing 
is still ongoing and, 
I imagine,
 will continue 
for time to come...


As for the bed, 
it has been a place of rest 
for many important and beloved guests 
in its time here,
 but none more loved 
than the current occupant...

"Bless'd be the spot, where cheerful guests retire."

Oliver Goldsmith

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

The End  


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  1. Hi Judy, Great post-I loved seeing your old house and how it has been trandformed and of course the story of your getting the Iron Bedframe was too exciting. I love that frame and your guest room looks so welcoming, comfy and just perfect. We left a 1200 s.f. ranch style house in California and it sold for more than a million after we had left. Should have known.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. I enjoyed your beautiful story! Your guest room is lovely!

  3. I enjoyed your beautiful story! Your guest room is lovely!

  4. What a beautiful story of your two homes and the 'odd couple'. The old iron bed frame is a beauty. It reminds me that we have an old wooden bed frame that I would love to have in use again. The frame is probably from the 1800's and is a 3/4 size but not a standard one today so finding a mattress to fit is impossible without paying a lot of money. Kai sure has a lovely place to sleep. Have a great week!

  5. Oh Judy, I loved that story!I kept thinking you were going to tell us that it is your house you live in now that once belonged to the odd couple and that you put the iron bed right back into it! :) Your cottage is so totally adorable, you are so lucky to have it and I like it blue so much better then the green.
    Happy March!

  6. I love a story of a house saved. This one was lovely, with its twists and turns and happy endings for all three houses!

  7. Love the Oliver Goldsmith quote. I've saved it in my files. '-)
    I so enjoyed your bed time story, Judy. It's heartwarming to see old homes restored and loved. I hate that so many of the homes in Austin are being demolished so the builder can put a "box" in its place. So many with little or no character!

  8. What a delightful story. The sadness of the odd couple is hard to bear. I always feel sad when people don't get a chance to live in a tidy house - it is such a pleasure to do so. Your bed was a lovely treasure - and your room is delightful. I'm glad that the odd couple's house lives on in a new incarnation - and your old home is now lovelier than ever. Three happy endings.

  9. I do love your story, Judy! And that Kai, so sweet! I see you are doing another painting, I'm happy you found another hobby to love! Enjoy the process! Blessings, Cindy xo

  10. I love house stories and the evolution of a home I suppose. It neat to see the changes that people make.

  11. Such a sweet story and abundance of recollections. The photos are the icing on the cake, The bed is a running thread--love it! The odd couple---love to them wherever they are. :)


  12. Back in my "yard saleing" days, I loved the thrill of the hunt. You sure did find a treasure in your iron bed. Your guest room is lovely and I'm sure Kai loves the bed as much as you do.
    Your blue house is sweet.
    Charlotte in Va.

  13. What a sweet story, Judy! With your great description, I can just picture the "odd couple" driving around town and then you finding their place through a yard sale. How pretty the iron bed is in your cottage and the story of how it got there. What a sweet ending to your story!

  14. What a delightful post, Judy! You have surely brought alive the story of the 'odd couple' and the removal of the bed from their dwelling place. I love your home and the personality you are bringing to it. I so enjoy house stories and thank you for sharing yours with us. Have a beautiful day.


  15. Dear Judy:
    What a darling story and picture of "what could be" and "what did happen". I love the transformation of all 3 houses. The bed is a story within a story and so glad to see it at your home. This was a treat! So glad you shared.

  16. Oh Judy, I loved reading this post and how you came upon your iron bed. I think I might have run, but you held out and captured a great find.
    I love that the home has become a lovely B&B. What a change. I also love the remodel of your first home.

  17. Judy - What a precious story. Thanks for sharing with us.


  18. Judy, I loved your story. The bed is wonderful. The old couple, I probably would have called them toast and honey...you know like they belonged together forever. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  19. I love your story of how Kai's lovely comfy bed came to be with you!
    What characters your "odd couple" must have been. I can tell that no hubby of min would have been so gracious as to get me that bed. What an adventure that day was....and quite clearly, it is a fond memory.
    How strange to see the B&B and know what came before it. If those walls could talk, hmmm?
    xoxo, T.

  20. Your story is precious! Memories that live on.... Thank you for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It! :)

  21. I so enjoyed reading this post, Judy. I am always fascinated by what becomes of houses. Love that beautiful bed too, and of course sweet Kai.

  22. Judy,
    I love "Happy Endings", dear one!
    Your story is mesmerizing and would make a "good read" if published!
    The Guest Room is very appealing and the bed is a perfect fit!

  23. Dear Judy:
    Just letting you know that this post was one of those chosen as a Special Feature on my blog today! Congratulations!

  24. What a lovely post! I have to say I'm still wondering about all the cats....how creepy to find dead cats in the home - those folks should not have pets, obviously!

  25. What a lovely post! I have to say I'm still wondering about all the cats....how creepy to find dead cats in the home - those folks should not have pets, obviously!

  26. Hi Judy, what a great story. I so enjoyed reading this and the happy ending for the iron bed. It's amazing how the odd couple you would see around town, would have a home where you found a great treasure. I always wonder how people can live with all those cats and then to have dead ones too. awful. You two were very brave to go in anyway. A true junker!! Loved your photos. Have a nice weekend. xo

  27. Hello Judy and thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, I appreciate it a lot !
    Congrats to you too on your feature at Bernideen's Blog Party, your blog is so charming, I'm following you with joy.

    Enjoy your new week,
    sending hugs to you


  28. What a wonderful post! I love your story telling. Yes, I have been in a smelly, yucky house pickin' for treasures! I did find some great ones too. The iron bed is gorgeous as is the room it is in. I love the transformation of your homes, old and new. Congratulations on your feature at Bernideen's.


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