Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Every season
 has a day for dreaming, 
a day that fills 
your head and heart
 with endless 

...and in spring time 
it is a day where 
you see the first patch of green 
that is coming alive
 after a soft rainfall...

...a day that makes you 
want to hang a sign
 on your front door,
 telling the world 
that you have 
"Gone Fishing".

a gentle breeze appears 
and brings glory 
to the front porch...

...or the sun shines
 in just the right spot
 to remind us that
 wishes do 
come true.

You might start a day 
such as this
 with a glass of sunshine,

...before you take a trip
 down a country lane...

...to where
 the Farmer's Market
 has just opened up...

...and, returning home, 
where the aroma of roasting vegetables
 will mingle with 
the soft scent of
 sweet peas...

...along with
other bright colors 
that can lift the spirits
 and brighten the corners.

There might be the sound 
of bird song 
that makes you look up
 and take notice
 of the blue sky...

...or you might prefer
 sitting quietly,
 a cup of tea,...

...while looking at an image
 from today 
that brings back
 memories of...

...a past yesterday 
in a similar
 time and place.

FYI:  The two pictures above are of mother and son, Tami and Jake, taken in the same driveway, loading up the same wheelbarrow (different dirt!) over 35 years apart.

A day for dreaming 
is a day to
 follow your heart...

...whether it takes you down
 a special path 

 flights of fancy...

...and at the end of that day,
 as the song says...

Dream On!


My heart felt thanks
 to Bernideen at BTTCG
 for featuring my last post. 

 I appreciate it
 more that you know,

"It was the moment 
between six and seven 
when every flower -
 roses, carnations,
 irises,lilacs -

Virginia Woolf, "Mrs. Dalloway"

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  1. Very sweet post Judy. Isn't it great to look back at memories? Nature is abundant all around us. I love listening to all of the different kinds of birds. Thank you for sharing at DI&DI. Have a lovely week.

  2. A beautiful walk on a country road reliving life's special and treasured moments! Thanks for the sweet journey today! Blessings, Cindy xo

  3. Judy, We love our memories and need then at times, I think. Loved all your photos. It's spring here this past week and going into this one. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Dear Judy:
    Each photo here is like a book - that takes us away to some other place of beauty! I love them all and thank you for sharing and linking.

  5. Such beautiful pictures Judy. The flowers are so pretty and your bouquets are stunning. Thanks for taking us on this lovely post. Spring is always so very special.

    Have a great rest of the week.

  6. Oh, goodness! How beautifully you write, Judy. You captured the sentiments of spring that I so often have and feel. Your photos are wonderful.

    Happy Spring!


  7. How beautiful your images and words are, Judy. You paint a word picture of home at a moment in time.
    Cute pictures of mother and son - too funny that it's the same wheelbarrow!

  8. Your photos are so beautiful and warming to the heart and soul. Lovely post. I hope to enjoy some sweetpeas in July....a long ways away! The grass is just starting to green a bit here. Have a lovely day Judy.

  9. Judy, what a lovely posting. I enjoyed all your beautiful images and words that paint a picture of home and days of yesteryear. Lovely bouquets and the pictures of mother and son are so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up with me. Have a splendid day.


  10. Hi Judy, you just have a special way of bringing the right words to your beautiful photos. This was such a dreamy and lovely springtime post. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a lovely day. Hugs and Blessings xo

  11. Judy,
    A truly charming post!! So much eye candy was shared in this post!! Beautiful!!


  12. You sure have a good eye for taking pictures and word to go with

  13. I enjoyed your "day dreaming" post today, even if I am a little late visiting.
    The old wheelbarrow looks like one that my Dad had. It brings back lots of memories.
    Your flower pictures are lovely. I'll be so glad when mine start blooming in my garden.
    When I went out on my deck this morning, I heard a familiar bird sound.........my little wrens have come back for the summer. I love those little birds.
    We're having a cloudy, kind of damp day today. A good day for day dreaming.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Charlotte in Va.

  14. Dear Judy,
    I will be featuring your post at No Place Like Home this week. Have a lovely day.


  15. Love seeing all these pics-makes me even more anxious for spring than I am. Here in Colorado, we never know what our weather will be-one day it is in the 70's and then next we have rain and maybe snow.
    Have a great evening.

  16. Gorgeous photos. Such a lovely post.


  17. Awesome photos of spring day! Pleased to see all these brilliant shots. We didn’t celebrated spring season but are going to visit LA in coming summer vacations. Would like to celebrate my 18th birthday at party venues in Los Angeles. Very excited for the trip!


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