Tuesday, April 26, 2016


"We bring roses,
beautiful fresh roses,/
Dewy as the morning and
colored like the dawn."

Thomas Buchanan Read (1822-1872)

Cecil Brunner is in full bloom. 
 He will need a good hair cut
when the time is right.

This is a David Austin rose.

 I cannot tell you what the name is...

...another David Austin 
which, too, 
shall remain nameless.

The two roses above, look the same in the photos, but they are two different roses.

This pretty bit of brightness
 was a gift from our kids
 a few years back.

These two old roses 
were growing in the garden
 when we bought 
the Cottage.

A few spots
 around the Cottage 
to enjoy the sweet aroma 
of these delicate blossoms.

The last showing 
for the 
Lady Banks.


More bright spots 
of a different nature...

We finally got rid 
of these terrible eyesores
 and replaced them with...

...two others
 that bring a bright spot of color 
to the sitting room. 
 They lend a lighter feel
 to the space.

When the sun streams 
through the windows in the morning,
 there is the illusion
 of summertime...

...and the addition of 
the perfect flower 
seems to make it seem 
more so.

We ordered the chairs 
from Wayfair 
and I am really pleased
with them.


when I described how Jake 
and his buddies 
started taking the 
swimming pool out?...

...and how Tami and Jake
 were moving dirt
 35 years apart...

here the two are together,
 still moving dirt...

...and in Tami's own words:

"48 tons
 of dirt and blisters 
up the wazoo later -

Bring on the inspector!!"

They still haven't 
let us in 
on the finished project.


wanted to share with you
 his new hair cut 
and to let you know 
that the bright spot of his day 
was when Dad and Mom 
picked him up afterwards!!


I want to thank Sandi
for featuring my post 
from last week at 
No Place Like Home.

 I am honored
 that she thought it was worthy 
and appreciate it so much.

  Thank you, Sandi.

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  1. Wow - I just can't even imagine so much work. I have just been digging in my yard for days and it takes me forever to do one area of digging and empty the heavy wheelbarrel. I do appreciate their hard work. God bless them! Thanks for sharing and linking Judy. The photos are lovely!

  2. Oh what a great post Judy. Kei is so cute, you can tell he is loved.

    Your roses are stunning and such beautiful bouquets - love them all. I am almost finished deadheading ALL my rose bushes. i have about 100 so it has been a job.

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home and flowers. Have a terrific week.


  3. What gorgeous roses Judy. I adore roses in all colors. Your home has such a cozy feel that I could just sit in your sitting room for hours! Beautiful posts...thanks for sharing.
    XO Barbara

  4. Congrats on being featured Judy. Your roses are so beautiful. What a treat to cut some and bring in, so you can enjoy their beauty. That is quite the project, regarding filling the pool. I want to see the finished results. Thanks for sharing at DI&DI. Happy Wednesday.

  5. Judy, I love all your roses. So pretty...bet they smell great in the house. I like the blue accents color in your room and especially the chair. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Your roses are gorgeous, Judy! And I love your new chairs.
    I can't even imagine the work involved in the filling of a pool...
    Kai looks precious with his new haircut!
    xoxo, T.

  7. What a lot of work to fill in that old pool. I look forward to seeing what they do with it. I love your roses Judy; my absolute favourite flower! Each image is so very beautiful. They just make me sigh to look at them. I'm going to miss mine when we leave this place. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day.


  8. Dear Judy, I love your roses and thankfully when hubby pulls out some of ours, we will still have two bushes. He hates the work they take, so I try to go for old roses too. I have to tell you that I love your new chairs and also the decor in your living room. Your end tables look so perfect with your vignettes; my end tables tend to be empty. I don't have that gifting to arrange things so that they look nice and neat. Thank you for sharing. I grew up with a built in pool and when we sold the house after my father passed, the new owners filled it in. I can understand it, but glad I grew up with one. I've got to check out Sandi's post about you!
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. Judy,
    Your roses are so lovely!! And your new chair is a lovely modern update to your decor. I love the color.
    Tanks so much for stopping by!!


  10. That is a lot of dirt!! I love your pretty pictures, inside and out!

  11. Just discovered your blog awhile ago and LOVE your "old time" photos... I feel like I'm back in another era. Your roses are stunning and I bet they bring such fragrance to the inside of your cottage! Your living room with the blue chairs is also wonderful.. and love love love the old window frame and shelf and candles above the couch! The blue is so nice and calming and yet cozy too. One of these days I'm going to grab my cup of tea and cookie and take some time to look at your other posts! I live in central Oregon so we are almost neighbors! Marilyn

  12. Hi Judy, How sweet Kai looks in his new hair cut!! Love all the gorgeous roses from your cottage. Each variety is beautiful. Your new furniture is really pretty and I love the colors. Looks like you filled in the pool. I know that had to be a lot of work. Great photos.
    Wishing you a great rest of the week and weekend ahead. Hugs

  13. So many wonderful things - I love your posts. The chairs are beautiful and AI adore the sunflowers in separate vases - what a clever idea (translation- I'm going to steal that idea). Kai looks so handsome with a new haircut.

  14. Your posts makes me think of all the time and energy I spent last spring going through our things, packing boxes, and moving said boxes to storage units in anticipation of a move. No move, almost a full year later, and expensive storage units has me undoing it all box by box. I brought seven more boxes home today. I don't want to keep paying the storage fee, plus I miss living with many of the things that I put in storage.
    Kai looks handsome. I think he and Sadie woud be great friends.

  15. Your roses are wonderful, Judy! I have a climbing rose at the lake as we have so much more sun there, but otherwise I have not been too successful! Ugh.

    I love pics of your home and that Kai is one special pup!

    Hurray for all that work going on. Youth and energy is so admirable! ;-D


  16. What a stunning post, dearest Judy, it's such a joy for my heart and for my soul, thanks most sincerely for sharing it with us !

    Hope you're having a wonderful Spring, Sweetest One, I'm sending blessings of joy on your weekend ahead,
    with my dearest love and gentle hugs


  17. I really like the addition of blue to your cozy living space! Your roses are beautiful, I'm trying to talk myself into adding some to my yard! I don't know why the kiddos filled up the pool, but as a widow with a pool in the back yard, some days..... May you enjoy all that is beautiful today! Blessings, Cindy xo

  18. Loved the roses photos and also the sunflowers I have such one to but a small thing with glasses and I do the same filled them up with one flower ,looks wonderful ,indeed feels good to see the illusion of summertime I lookforward to ,always nice to come to your blog have a great weekend

  19. Judy, you have a true sanctuary in your home and garden. Your roses are beautiful. I love seeing them in arrangements with your background transferware and pitchers.
    Can't imagine the amount of dirt it took to fill in your pool. Jake and his Mom are hard workers. Do you plan to garden in that spot ?
    Will look forward to next week's loveliness from you.
    Charlotte in Va.

  20. Those roses are gorgeous! Every cottage needs roses, don't you think? I'm also wondering what kind of dog you have....she looks exactly like mine but we have no idea! Thanks for linking up your pretty roses to Dishing It! & Digging It! this week!

  21. Wow those roses are so gorgeous! I actually liked your old chairs too!!lol wow!---what are they doing with the pool space now?

  22. Your roses are so beautiful! What a pleasure to go and pick your own for a bouquet to enjoy in the house. Enjoy your weekend. xx Jo

  23. I love all your pretty flowers...can't believe they took out a SWIMMING POOL....

  24. Wow! No kidding about the roses. I know we're not supposed to make comparisons, but I think yours are much more spectacular than my few! haha! Love the beautiful new chairs.

  25. Your roses are beautiful. I'd miss the pool. The dog is so darn cute.

  26. Hi Judy - I was thrilled to see the picture of your Cecil de Brunner rose, as I just bought one on Tuesday and plan to plant it tomorrow. I am hoping that it will climb up over a pergola that is over a gate. Gorgeous rose!


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