Tuesday, January 24, 2017


You may have noticed 
that Gold Country Cottage
 has not been around for a little while.

 I couldn't get on line 
and even though AT&T sent a technician out,
 they weren't able to fix it. 
It worked when he left
 and then crashed again.  
I called them back
 and they sent another tech out 
and he did fix it,
 but not until we had to wait 
a couple of weeks for him to arrive. 
 Seems a loose outside line 
was the culprit. 
 Why are some technicians better than others?

Disaster finally averted.


Last week 
a large sink hole 
opened up
 in a local car dealer's parking lot. 
 It is quite an 
 and really scary,

The hole is 
seven stories deep 
and eighty feet in diameter. 
 It occurred 
when a seven and one-half foot diameter
 underground culvert failed. 
 It has not been determined 
exactly why it formed 
and the dealership was able
 to move all the cars 
to another lot.

Disaster partially averted.


might be a reason 
to rethink 
having a faux Christmas tree
 next year!

What a disaster!


Do you remember
 when I told you 
we were working on the kitchen? 
 You do?
Seems like so long ago,
 I've almost forgotten it!
I promised that I would have it
 decorated for Christmas 
(even if it wasn't finished until July).

 I might have mentioned 
that I have a bad habit 
of starting the decorating process
 while my carpenters 
(the Captain and his little apprentice) 
are still working on them. 

 here are a few spots
that depict the holidays
 and you can make up your own minds
 if it's a little late 
 a lot early!

In the midst of it all, 
I baked a little
 Cottage Cake 
in the cutest little
 Cottage Pan...

All of the above 
might not be considered disastrous,
 but I'm planning
 on the formal reveal 
next week
and if it doesn't happen -- 
 that would be
 a huge


2017 Snowmen Whimsies

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  1. As usual Judy, I want to shop your house! ;) I am glad you're back online. I have been there and yes, I don't know why, but some technicians are better than others!

  2. Judy, Sink holes scare me. There will continue to be more and more as our infrastructures breaks down...Old leaking water and sewer pipes washing away the soils. Too scary to even think about. I pray for all of you to be safe. Can't wait to see your kitchen...when you are ready. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Oh, I'm loving your decor, Judy. Especially the scale. . .I am so envious of anyone who has room in their kitchen for decorating. Ours is so tiny that there isn't a spare place to put anything out. . .but I'm loving yours!

  4. Hi Judy, what cute snowman whimsies, and your cottage cake is perfect for your cottage and I'm sure it was good too! The milk glass cake stand is beautiful!
    Wow, sinkholes are bizarre, and scary! Never seen one up close and in person though. Love your header photo!
    Have a great rest of your week!

  5. That sinkhole thing is really pretty scary---it's huge! Remember the one in FL that opened and the man was sleeping in his bed and his house (and he) went down the hole and it was GONE! So awful!
    Your header is really lovely, Judy, and I am glad you got your problems fixed with your lines. We have had good AND bad techs, too. xo Diana

  6. I truly enjoyed your pics and the cottage cake floored me. But the sink hole----scaaaaary. Is there a way to make sure the ground around you is okay?

    We still have the old AT&T lines from when we had a land line. They came down in a recent storm and they have been dragging their feet in getting out here. Grrrrr...


  7. Lovely and picturesque post as usual. So glad you are back! It's hard to live these days without the internet, I hate to admit it (sigh). All of your decorating for Christmas is so pretty. To me, any pops of red and green, and tree greens and holly, depicts Christmas. One year, I just put big red bows everywhere, and that was the extent of my decorating, but it sure looked festive. That cottage cake is amazing too! I've never seen such a thing! I love your table place setting.. so pretty, and the wreaths. I think you did a great job and am anxious too to see your kitchen. Take care.... Marilyn

  8. The recent rains although a blessing have certainly caused quite a bit of damage, although I don't think they are responsible for your Christmas tree. LOL

    Happy to see you back.

  9. Glad to see you're back Judy! I knew you were have difficulties from your comment, and boy, isn't it weird to realize how much we depend on the Internet? I'd be lost without It!

    That cake is darling! Makes me want to buy a cake pan like that :).

    We were discussing sink holes the other day with a friend. It seems in Florida insurers are far more concerned about those than hurricanes, and in fact if you live in an area prone to them good luck getting insured! I heard someone actually got buried in one in the middle of the night, and they never found him! Can't imagine!

  10. Wow Judy that sink hole is so scary. Glad to see you back and posting again. I had heard from others that the reason one repair guy is better than another is that they Cable companies hire out contract people on top of the full time regular guys. Sometimes you get someone that is contract and really does not know what they are doing and is just filling in part time. So maybe that is what happened in your case. Frustrating. Just glad you are back up and running. Happy Friday.

  11. Those sink holes are scarey for sure. My husband is from Florida and has expressed interest in the past about maybe moving there , well I am not so sure about that! Where he was raised there is usually not to much a risk for sink holes in Palm Beach County as other places, but still - No! Plenty of golf courses draining the ground of water to make a void - again scarey.
    It seems they can happen anywhere and have in Virginia. Who knows how long there can be a leaky drainage for a time that could cause them? Don't like thinking bout it really.
    I love your decorating style and I am sure the original owners of your house would be proud of how you have fashioned it into a Beautiful Home. I will have to check out your pinterest boards.


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