Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Welcome Winter!

A week and one day short 
of a White Christmas, 
but we are happy for
 what we get.

You can tell
 by his tracks 
how much Kai loves
 the snow! 

...he goes
 by the "3G" rules:

Get out there

Get the job done

Get back in the house!

Hope everyone had 
a beautiful Christmas 
and is looking forward
 to the
 New Year.


The Snow family 
have returned to their rightful place
 on the parlor mantle.

 They are a little regretful 
that there won't be a 
Downton Abbey premier
 to attend this year 
but in the 
Duchess of Snow's own words:

 "It is quite tedious
 walking the red carpet"...

..."I'd rather be home, 
looking out the Cottage window
 at the snow,
 where there is only 
one crazy paparazzi
 to deal with".


Oh, Tannenbaum, Oh, Tannenbaum
Your lovely branches 
I did once adore..

Oh, Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum
Now all that's bright and beautiful
 is laying 
on the floor..

Oh, Tannenbaum, Oh Tannebaum
With all your jewels and treasures 
that were shining 
through the night..

Oh, Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum
Now you are just
 to the right.


We now have
 two new beautiful ladies
 gracing the Cottage 
with their presence.
They are my Christmas present
 from Tami and Tim.

 She thought 
they would be a pretty addition to 
our Secret Garden 
and I placed them 
in the sitting room until weather permits.

 I don't think 
they are going any place.
I love them right where they are.


This beautiful 
little silver bracelet 
was my present from 
Jake and Jacenda. 

 It came all the way 
from Spain 
and I just 
love it.


"A Casual (and cold) California Cowboy"

The last leg 
of the kid's trip
 was spent in Morocco, 
riding camels through the Sahara Desert 
and spending the night in a tent.

They heard the word "desert" 
and immediately thought hot.

 No one told them 
it was freezing
 and they were not prepared.

 Jake has one of his t-shirts
 over his face 
so he could breathe.

 I'm so glad 
they had a wonderful time but 
more glad they are back home.

  It gets scarier 
by the day
 to be traveling.


It is raining now 
as I sit in my office car, 
composing this post,
 but a small amount of snow 
lingers on at
 the Cottage...

...this is why 
we like getting snow so much.

 It doesn't stay around very long.


"May your troubles be less
And your blessings be more,
And nothing but happiness
Come through your door."

Author Unknown


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  1. Hi Judy, So glad you had a good Christmas and new year. Love the way the snow looks but hate getting out in it..I am like your sweet Kai. :):) Love your angels. Oh I get garden items I keep inside too. :) Your grandson has a wonderful tale to tell , but I am a bit more scared of travel...and never ever wear anything that is outstandingly American, like a flag shirt . Not safe. Blessings to you, Captain, and your family, xoxo, Susie

  2. Happy New Year!! Snow, huh? We've been getting so much wet, cold rain. I think the snow would be prettier...glad you are enjoying some! Your grandson looks like he's having a ball. Ah to be that young and adventurous again! Good for him!!

  3. Happy New Year Judy! I love your snow people and the feather one! What is the snowball garland made of? From what I can see of your tree it was beautiful. Nice gifts you received too. How nice to have some snow, we are suppose to get some tomorrow, yay! Cute picture of Jake with the camel, I would have thought it would have been hot too. Love the last photo of the close up on your porch!

  4. Forgot to comment on how cute Kai looks in the snow, and how much I like your header!

  5. Judy, Kai and Sadie are the same when it comes to wet or cold weather. 3 Gs rule is followed here too. '-)
    Happy New Year and all the best for 2017. I look forward to more visits in the coming year.

  6. Hi Judy,
    Poor Jake! What a fun trip, though.
    Kai in the snow is so cute...I can't imagine what ours would do if they ever saw snow.
    You received some beautiful gifts from the kids!
    Stay warm and enjoy the start of the new year.
    xoxo, T.

  7. Kai in the snow is adorable. Cooper is the same way and follows the 3 G's too!!! Love all the pretty gifts. Wishing you a brand new year filled with lots of good health, safe travels for all your family living life abroad and unexpected joys throughout the year.

  8. Happy new year.. Pictures are so beautiful..

  9. Hi! Love your blog header.. it is so warm and inviting.. and so glad you got some pretty snow... just enough to lightly dust things, but not enough to snow you in! We have about 15" of snow right now.. a big winter blast came in during the last two days and I feel trapped and buried! too much for me..... I just want out... feel like I'm in prison. Oh to live at the coast of Oregon.. but wait! they got snow too! Crazy weather. Your Christmas song was so funny.. I had to laugh out loud! I love your little snow family with the pom poms on the rope... very sweet. Glad you had a nice Christmas and your family is all safe. I'm not much of a traveler, but I doubt if I'll EVER fly again... too scary for me and too much fear of the plane getting hijacked or some awful thing. My sister flies back and forth to Florida from Oregon (to see her son and grandson) and every time she does, I worry. Happy January!

  10. Happy New Year, Judy!

    Kai is TOO cute and almost camouflaged in those flurries! I'm sure the Snow Family are the perfect guests, keeping you good company but the fire.


  11. Best wishes Judy to you and your family for a happy 2017 ,again a year filled with blogging joy ,loved the snow photos and the doggie running in the snow and I would be as him to ,enjoying outside but after awhile being glad to be warm inside the house again ,indeed that would be my thought to dessert you expect not freezing ,what a experience ,one "far away " travel your grandson did ,greetings Rita

  12. Happy New Year Judy! Beautiful photos of the snow! I love it also at this time of year! Your puppy is adorable!

    1. Hi Rebecca. Thanks so much and hope you have a wonderful New Year..Judy

  13. Wonderful pictures of snow, We have it here and I will miss it when it's gone. Kai is adorable and I love your bracelet. Can't believe it's almost 11 months til Christmas again. I know I should just HUSH.
    Happy 2017


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