Tuesday, January 31, 2017


What makes a farmhouse? 

 Is it a place surrounded by corn fields? 
 Where cows graze in green pastures? 
 Where chickens nest 
gardens are harvested?

 Or is it just a style, 
a way of life 
carried out in 
our hearts?...

For me,
 it is a distant memory 
of simpler times, 
where I helped gather eggs
 with my grandmother 
watched my grandfather
 milk the cows.

I suppose 
our Cottage 
could be considered a farmhouse
 as there is evidence of
 old apple orchards 
dotted throughout the neighborhood,
 but as far as I know,
 no farmer ever inhabited it.

 It was the home of 
a gold miner and
 his family.

My style of decorating 
is a little eclectic. 
 I have always considered my roots
 to be in country
 but over time 
changes come about
 and little bits of other styles
 creep in.

 If you have checked out
 my Pinterest boards 
you will see evidence of that
 in what I have pinned.

 The parlor has a Victorian flair
 but not to the extent of 
the true Victorian style.

 Since the Cottage dates from 1879, 
I would love to have seen how
 Mrs. Garland, 
the miner's wife, 
decorated it.

The guest bedroom 
is a mix of 
country and Victorian.

A more traditional scene 
is set in the sitting room
 where the emphasis is on 
 with a more modern update.

The dining room 
is done in a darker, 
more primitive fashion,
 which is very
 to me...

...which brings us to 
the reason for this post.

 The reveal of the new "old" kitchen.

 If you would care 
to refresh your memory 
of what came before,
 you can see that here.

 If you do look back 
then you will know 
that I stand corrected.

 There apparently is 
a Time Line #6!! 

 Since the layout is
 pretty much the same, 
I won't give you a
 play-by-play account 
of each picture.

I will start out
 with what you would see 
as you enter from the dining room 
and then turn to your left 
as you move around the room 
to your right...

I wasn't going to keep this chair
 in here 
as it has seen better days,
 but we soon realized that
uses it as a "safe" place 
in the few times 
that he is left alone, 
so how could we not?!

When a neighbor moved out of her home 
we bought this screen door for $8.
  It has found
 a perfect use
 and a 
perfect place.

I have framed 
a few of my photographs 
that fit into the 
farmhouse scheme.

I consider this arrangement 
the crowning glory 
of the kitchen.

  I love the grungy, distressed finish 
of the hanging cupboard 
and the fun transformation 
of the Ikea sideboard.

 It's hard to get far enough away 
to get one good photograph.

My pretty aprons
 act as a window treatment 
on the laundry room door 
and the refrigerator 
still sticks out 
like a sore thumb.

 My hope is that
 I'll be able to talk the Captain 
into building a cabinet around it
 some day.

  I just have to be smart 
 to pick my battles!

One reason 
it took us so long
 to get this job done 
was a disagreement 
that we had about paint color.

 As you might recall 
the walls were yellow 
and this was JUST FINE 
with the Captain.
  I wanted them white. 
 Something very different 
from anyplace else in the Cottage, 
and we all know,
 no matter what,
 the one item that cries farmhouse
 is white walls.

 you can see who won 
that war! 

Which brings us back to...
what is a farmhouse?

 It appears
 that it is a little of everything
 but mostly 
whatever is in 
your heart...

...with a few chickens 
and some farm style
 thrown in...

My heartfelt thanks
 to the Captain 
his little apprentice 
who made it all possible...


💕  💕  💕


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  1. Judy, I am amazed....I LOVE IT !!!!.It's beautiful. I love all the little farm touches and the old mixed with new. The brick chimney(?), and my favorite...you kept the lace curtains.:):) You and the Captain did a fabulous job. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. Kai chair is perfect there.

  2. You did a great job, Judy. People that have never remodeled an old house have no idea how it is to work around all the angles and nooks and crannies in old houses---many of which cannot be changed. You did a great job and everything looks so good. I can see who won on the paint color! lol It does look like a farm house kitchen to me. xo Diana

  3. How fun Judy, it looks great! I always enjoy seeing throughout your house, it has such a cozy and warm feel about it.
    Happy February!

  4. Just awesome!!! it's my dream home... :) XOXO

  5. Hi Judy,

    Your kitchen is just charming!! It's so cozy and welcoming. :D Did you get marble countertops, or are they granite? They're so pretty! I love the little stoves in your living room and kitchen; do they burn wood?

    I had forgotten how old your house is; it really has a history, doesn't it? You and your hubby have done a wonderful job putting your personal stamp on it. Thanks for sharing the update with us and have a wonderful week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  6. Hi Judy! Top to bottom gorgeous. Jane

  7. Wow, Judy! Great job by you and the captain. It is everything I think a kitchen should be- warm, interesting and inviting. Going to go back and look at the pictures again because there is so much to see. I love all of the details. Have a great week.

  8. I LOVE that little chair in your kitchen. Fits in so perfectly, cozy and warm!

  9. Love love love your farmhouse white kitchen. That chippy old cabinet above the IKEA side bar is fabulous as all of it is really.
    It's so nice to get it just the way you want it,oh like all your chickens also

  10. Oh Judy, I love your kitchen! It is a farmhouse kitchen. I love them and can remember all my relatives that lived on the farm and the kitchen was the heart of the home.

    Love the chair in there and I know who else loves it to. He sure has settled in to your home, which is a wonderful addition.

    I love all your chickens - i have them all over my house too.

    More rain on the way Judy, so get ready. But I hope it's not quite as bad as the last one we had - over 4 inches. But we surely need it.

    Have a great weekend.


  11. Replies
    1. Thank you Regine. I appreciate your visit..Happy Thursday..Judy

  12. Judy, it's just wonderful, top to bottom and side to side! I went and read all the timelines and am amazed your dad built those beautiful kitchen cupboards sight unseen and that they fit so well! He did such a fantastic job.. love the curved glass. Love your little "island" in the middle with the drawers.. it is DEFINITELY a country-farmhouse kitchen and everything you have place in there so carefully is each and every one so perfect. I love it all and is so fun to look around. I especially love the little lamp on your countertop. My mom used to do that in her kitchen and it made it so cozy. I had one in mine but it got moved to another room, so I need to get another one to put there. It gives such a warm feel. All of your chippy cupboards and that plate rack above the stove.. it all is just sigh... wonderful. You and hubby and your dad did a stupendous job over the years. You should be so proud. and I do LOVE the white walls too! and the white cupboards. To me white cupboards scream county in every way. Enjoy enjoy enjoy! Marilyn

  13. Judy: Your kitchen is perfectly adorable, as is your entire home! I also love your photography. Your pictures are so sweet. Thank you for sharing your home with us.

    1. Thanks so much Joanie. I'm so glad you stopped by. Come by to visit again..Happy Thursday..Judy

  14. Oh Judy this is an awesome post. I do not think I have ever seen your entire home. Swooning over all your decor. Just so cozy and country. I love all the special decor you have in each room. That old screen door in your kitchen is amazing. Your kitchen and all your sweet signs is amazing too. Love that Mom's baking sign over your stove. Love it!!! I am going back to swoon through your pictures again. Hugs,

  15. Hi Judy, Oh how I enjoyed this post and all your shared from your home. You know I love your style and how you decorate and make each area so comfy and inviting. I love your updated kitchen. It is amazing and so inviting to take a seat and enjoy the details. You are amazing and just pull it all together beautifully. Love the signs and the chair kept in place for Kai is perfect. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. I think I have to go back and visit it all again.
    Thank you also for stopping by and your kind comment. So nice to be back and working hard to catch up.
    Have a nice weekend sweet friend. xo

  16. Absolutely perfect. I think I looked at each picture about 10 times. I also lingered on your older post for a long while. I don't think I ever saw that post. Your kitchen is absolutely charming. I adore the brick, love the cabinets and of course all of the recent farmhouse decor. The new "grungy" cabinet is perfect. I love, love, love it!! Ok, time to go back a peek a little more. Ps. Kai has very, very good taste!! That's where you'd find me!

  17. It's so difficult to decide what my favorite part of your kitchen is Judy! There's so much charm and creativity...the plate rack, the chalk dresser, the white with wood tones, the pretty hardware and faucet. It's all so ovely, warm and inviting.

    I know you love it, as well you should! It must make you smile every time you walk in the :).

  18. Judy, I absolutely love your country farmhouse kitchen! It is really beautiful. I can't believe that is an Ikea cabinet that you have with the chalkboard painted drawers. What a great idea! I love the large chalkboard too. There are so many great elements of country style in this room. Well done!!


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