Tuesday, March 7, 2017


 came down to our house one night, 
quietly pirouetting in 
on silvery-toed 
slippers of snow."

Bill Morgan, Jr.

As is often the case,
 after a dark, dreary and sad day,
 Mother Nature tends to her 
winter business 
and we awake 
to a soft, quiet and serene world.

  The butterfly bush
resembles a magnificent
 ice sculpture that,
 if the smallest twig is touched, 
can shatter and fall to the ground
 with the sound of a
 million tiny 
crystal bells.

Some new animals
 have taken up residence in 
the farmhouse kitchen...

...along with one little vignette
 that calls us 
closer to springtime...

...and another that 
does the same...

...while a new plant 
joins the existing group 
that is still 
alive and thriving.

Hope all is thriving 
where you are and 
you are managing 
the business of winter.


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  1. In spite of the rabbit/carrot thingy it still looks like winter at your house to me. lol So tired of it all but your pictures ARE pretty. xo Diana

  2. Hi Judy, I'm so ready for spring and thankful all the snow has been blown away by strong winds here in northern Co. Hope your snow goes away quickly too.

  3. We should be getting the weather you are getting. Wow, what is happening. So beautiful though.
    I am envious of your snow.
    I love the fat pig picture, I love pigs. Does it help to put carrots in water? I have never done that before. Looks pretty on your table. You have so many neat things to read about and see.

  4. I know long wither is very depressing... Your little Spring time collectibles are so cute

  5. We live in the "snow belt" in Oregon and is funny that you, in California, have another touch of winter, and we haven't had a flake for the last 2 weeks! I'm not complaining though.. not one bit. I look out at all my dead plants that were last year's lovely and colorful garden, and still have no desire to go out and work! I'm happy with the winter weather for now. Your little spring touches are so sweet. xoxoxo Marilyn

  6. Hi Judy,
    We are suppose to get snow this weekend here too. Ughh just wish Spring would come and stay.
    We have not had snow since December so I really cannot complain too much. Just can't wait for Spring. Love your vignettes for Easter. So sweet.

  7. That wintery picture is soooo pretty but looks soooo cold. Love your little vignette's

  8. Good morning Judy....found you over at Val's Aliento....Love the snow pics.....it is already getting warm here in AZ.....I really do hate the heat. Can't believe I live where it is so incredibly warm in the summer.


  9. Mother nature can't seem to make up her mind around here. Sunny and 60 on Wednesday, windy, icy and snowy today. Grr...I am ready for spring! Bring on the bunnies!! ;)


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