Tuesday, April 18, 2017


is creeping into the landscape.

  It seems to be replacing 
the spirit of 

...it crawls along the horizon, 
sometimes hiding behind 
the cover of 

...just before 
it reveals itself again,
 like a puff of smoke, 
moving upwards
 to mingle with the 

Just when we are wanting 
to move out to our gardens,
 days like this
 make me think of ways 
to bring the 
garden indoors.

we are a bit removed
 from urban areas, 
it is not always easy 
to run by Costco or Trader Joe's 
for a beautiful bouquet of flowers,
sometimes I have to make do
with your typical grocery store bunch.

 But they, too, can be pretty 
when arranged 
in an
 antique pitcher...

...or beside 
a ceramic rooster 
on the 
breakfast table.

Even the walls 
and a china dish 
can play into the garden game
 when they are covered in
 soft colored roses.

Beautiful vases of roses 
don't always have to sit
 on a 
real table...

...and they can still be beautiful 
to some eyes 
when others might say
 they are 
past their

Floral inspirations 
can be found 
in many places 
in the

...and until you are able
 to get out in the real thing,
 bring the garden
 indoors and 

...the fog
will soon lift
 and spring
 will be on the 


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  1. My garden seems to be growing nicely! Lots of sunshine for it today then this evening it had lots of rain. At least I did not have to worry with watering. No fog here in Nashville.

  2. How pretty! Flowers, any flowers bring instant joy. I brought in my first bouquet of sweet peas today, now the whole room is fragrant with their scent. I do wish we could get a bit more rain down here, that would be wonderful.

  3. beautiful flower arrangements .. hope fog will recede soon and you'll get real spring..

  4. Beautiful post Judy. The fog is very beautiful also, but I know your waiting for Spring to arrive so you can pick some of your lovely flowers. I have been picking my roses for over a month now and they are really blooming now. Need to get some pictures of them.

    Have a great rest of the week.


  5. Spring is still hiding here, too. I have been relying on my indoor garden for a little color as well. I have some new floral plates and I LOVE them. I have been keeping them in plain sight so I can see a little springtime in the kitchen and best of all, they don't make me sneeze!! ;)

  6. What a beautiful post, Judy! I hope that fog lifts soon and that you are out enjoying the sunshine in your garden.
    xoxo, T.

  7. What a lovely post filled with the beauty that fills your home. Hope the fog lifts soon for you.

    Weather down here in s.e. FL, warming up to summer already. We just had a bit of a shower, but we need rain badly. Wild fires in the middle/norther part of the state, the worst in 6 years I think I read, and down here where I am grass is dry, like straw and some shrubs and trees are losing leaves. I only water my main garden area with the sprinkler on my allotted days and hand water plants in containers whenever they need it.

    Love & hugs ~FlowerLady

  8. Very pretty Judy. Sometimes on a cloudy sunless day it is good to find flowers for indoors too.
    Happy Wednesday.

  9. Judy, sorry the fog is stealing your pretty spring days. Hopefully you'll be in the garden soon. Like you, I like to bring fresh flowers into our home. Trader Joe's is one of my favorite resources for flowers and not far from our home. Fortunately our other grocery stores offer great flowers as well. We've come a long way. I remember when the only source for beautiful flowers was one's florist, and one bought by the stem at considerable cost. The "flower people" started selling on the street corner in the mid 70s. My husband was a graduate student then and would by me bouquets of flowers each week. I was spoiled early in our marriage. He still gives me fresh flowers.

  10. If you were closer in you would not see the beauty of the country side as the fog lifted. I like watching the fog lift off the mountain when I visit my daughter. Your dried roses are so pretty with the soft pink in color. Days like this with the fog , you get to enjoy the sunshine you created inside and it's pretty and cheery.

  11. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful flowers on our Share Your Style Party. Your photographs are really stunning.

  12. Such a beautiful post! Spring is slow coming to where I live and florals in my home especially this time of year is so welcomed! Thank you for giving me new ideas from your lovely home!

  13. Judy, I wrote a comment, but not so sure it went through. Your photos are lovely. love the flowers and vignettes you created. The fog will soon be gone if not already. Sunshine is coming. Have a fantastic weekend. I also featured this post on Sunday's link party.

  14. There was something so calming about this post Judy. It was a pleasure to read and enjoy your photos. Spring is taking its time here too, but in a couple of weeks all of that will be a distant memory.


  15. Hi Judy! What an absolutely lovely post :) Your photos are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Dishing It & Digging It & congratulations on being featured this week!


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