Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I know 
you all think you have seen 
this picture many times before.
 You haven't. 
 This is a brand new one.

 This is the view I see 
every morning with my 
first cup of coffee. 
 It is how I judge my day. 
 And, I know,
 any day when the sun shines 
through the lace curtains, 
is going to be 
a good day!



Last summer,
 we put the finishing touches on
 the screened porch.

  Do you remember
 the table and chairs
 that we used there?...

...and did you notice
 that same table and chairs 
is now being used 
in the kitchen?

I loved the rustic look
 they added to the porch,
 but they were never intended
 to be there for very long. 
 We knew that when winter set in
 they would survive 
much better indoors...

...and now
 the rustic look is a plus
for the farmhouse kitchen.

We found this cute little bistro set 
for the screened porch. 
 It will weather much better here 
and is just the right size 
for a table for two.

 In a couple of more weeks,
 we will be getting the
 porch and the Secret Garden 
ready for summer 
and I can't wait.



Our Farmer's Market 
has opened for the season and,
 even though it seems a bit early to me, 
I thought I might find 
some flowers to brighten 
up the Cottage. 
 Nary a one was to be found,
 so I did the next best thing.

  I fashioned a bouquet
 out of an arm full of
Swiss chard.

Not only 
did it make a 
pretty arrangement...

...it was also
 darn tasty.



The Captain loves sandwiches. 
 He loves to make them 
and he loves to eat them. 
 Every so often he will say,
 "I'm cooking tonight" 
and there is no question 
there will be 
 on the menu.

His favorite place is 
Jack's Urban Eats. 
 They cook a fresh turkey every day
 (usually, more than one) 
and make the best 
turkey and cranberry sandwich around 
to which my photography 
does not do justice. 
 We split a sandwich 
and with a salad on the side, 
it makes a 
filling and good meal.

This particular day 
we had company for dinner.

 Jack's is built on the edge
 of a lagoon 
and this proud mama 
brought her sweet babies over 
to search for any leftovers. 

 It was so cute 
to see her strolling along
 with other customers 
on their way to the patio seating.
 I wasn't fast enough 
to get photos of that 
but she would have looked right at home
 with a little bonnet on
 just like she was going shopping.

 I wonder 
if you noticed 
that I had no problem 
eating yet another sandwich?

 How could I not be happy
 when the payoff is...

...it just so happens 
that my favorite place in the world 
and Jack's 
are both in the
 same shopping center.

Just a little hint 
of some goodies 
I found.


We had more 
of those pesky April showers 
on Sunday night...

"Rain is grace;
Rain is the sky condescending to the earth;
Without rain, there would be no life."

John Updike

...and that is proof 
that the May flowers 
will soon

I would like to thank Linda 
for featuring my post from last week
 on Dishing It & Digging It Link Party.
It is always such an honor 
to be chosen as a feature on one of these great parties.

 Thanks so much, Linda.


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  1. Hi Judy!
    Surprise.. you probably thought that I fell off the planet, didn't ya :)
    Nope. I'm still kickin' *** grin**
    Love, love your pictures, as always. And, I'm very fond of that pick lamp. Might have to try to find me one, that is similar :)

    I've missed catching up with you and seeing what you've been up to.
    I'd love to catch up with you over one of those yummy sandwiches, and go shopping for some yummy home decor together. **sigh** too bad I live so far from you.

    Anyways.... I did a post explaining a bit about what's been going on around here.
    Sure looking forward to catching up with you.

  2. Enjoyed your post. Love the rustic table and chairs in your kitchen area and the bistro set looks great in your screened room.

    That turkey sandwich looks scrumptious.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  3. I guess your center piece was able to be recycled. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I like the vintage table in the kitchen and the new one on your screen patio. The sandwich looked really tasty

  4. Your vintage table set is beautiful and looks great in the kitchen. Glad you found a sweet Bistro set for the porch. That would be a lovely spot for morning breakfast or coffee/tea. Have a good day. Pam

  5. It's always good when we can eat our table centerpiece!!! I love the sun shining in your window. I owned a house in Waitsburg, WA (eastern WA) that was a 100 yr old Victorian and all the windows had those long cream colored lace curtains. I just loved them.. they came with the house! Sometimes I wish I still lived there. I have ALWAYS loved sandwiches too. I'd rather have one than anything else (or a good juicy hamburger). Whenever we went to the mountain cabin or beach cabin with my mom and dad when we were small, lunch was always a plate of various kinds of sandwiches, cut in quarters, so we could have one of each! Such good memories. I wish we had a Homegoods somewhere near but don't think we do. I need some good goods for my home! Here's hoping we all have some sunshine soon. Be blessed... Marilyn

  6. This is my first visit to your blog. I am in love with the view just beyond your new bistro! It looks so lovely out there. And I love your swiss chard bouquet!
    :) gwingal

    1. Hi Nikki. I had a bunch of trouble getting into your site and when I finally did I left a comment but it seemed like it didn't go, so I guess Google is being weird again. Hope you come back to see this as I want to thank you for your visit and kind words. The view is of our Secret Garden. We call it that just because I was crazy over that book as a child and have never forgotten it. Guess I am just a romantic!! Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. Your room with the wallpaper and lace curtains just makes me smile. It is so pretty! What a lovely view to be able to take in each morning.

    1. Thanks so much, Joanie. That room is the only one in the house that has never really changed in almost 30 years. I guess I like it too..Happy Weekend..Judy

  8. your vintage table and chairs are perfect in the kitchen. they were fine on the porch, but like you said the bistro will weather better out there. I would like to be able to have a stove like you do in my kitchen. Had one in the kitchen growing up and it was just so nice eating breakfast in the morning with a fire going.
    I could eat sandwiches every meal too. love the combination of turkey and cranberries. Gosh it looks so good.
    How nice to get up in the morning and see the sun dapple in through those lace curtains. I wouldn't want to get up to do a thing but enjoy the beauty.
    You have such a lovely home. Always enjoy seeing your pictures of your decorating and neat treasures.

  9. This is my first time visiting your blog and your home is very lovely! I love the farmhouse look in your kitchen. So glad I stopped by.

  10. Judy, that room with the table reminds me of a B&in we stayed at a few years ago. It's so warm and cozy looking!

    I never would have thought to use Swiss Chard as a centerpiece, but it looks lovely. That was very creative!

    HG is a dangerous place ;).


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