Tuesday, April 11, 2017


"The first day of spring 
is one thing,
And the first spring day
is another,
The difference between
them is
Sometimes as great
as a month"

Henry Van Dyke

Mr. Van Dyke 
certainly hit the nail
 on the head 
with that one!

the first day of spring,
 we have had
 fog, wind, rain, thunder and lightening,
 frost, snow and sunshine...
and that was all in one day! 

 It has been crazy weather.

I have never planted
 an iris 
but have always admired them.  

The Captain and Kai 
met a nice lady on one of their walks. 
 She was in the process of moving 
and asked him if he wanted 
some container plants 
that she couldn't take with her.

 One was a pretty red geranium 
that was blooming 
and which we enjoyed 
throughout last summer.  
It is too cold for geraniums here 
in the winter 
and it didn't survive,
 but a larger planter of iris did 
and now, hopefully,
 it will produce some blooms
 when it is time.

Kim at 
featured a sweet burlap bunting
 that she adorned with
 the cutest little bunnies 
with button tails.

  I ordered the bunting 
but so far haven't come up 
with anything clever to put on it
 so am just using it for fun
 over the kitchen shutters
 for now.

Barbara at 
 shared the cutest lamp 
in her pretty kitchen 
and I just knew I had to have one.

 He is the perfect compliment
 to my farm themed kitchen 
here at Gold Country Cottage.

 He came from Pier One 
and I just love him. 
 Did you notice
 the little
 pigtail finial?

Thank you, Kim and Barbara. 
 I value your friendships 
and am fortunate that you both have 
such good taste 
and are willing to share it 
with me.

Happy Easter to all,


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  1. Hi Judy, We've had weird weather here too-today started out sunny, but cool. Later around noon it warmed up but then we got wave clouds this afternoon and it's dreary and cold now. Love your lamp, especially on top of a crock. Sending Easter greetings to you as well.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Happy Easter. It is almost here. Seems like the year is moving right along and at a fast pace. I have grown iris, they will spread if you put them in the ground. We have had strange weather the past yr here in Nashville, I think all over the US. Did not really have a winter and I am pretty sure we will have a rough hot summer.

  3. We also have weird weather.. We are not getting sun, the weather is kind of damp, but it is not raining.. not a weather of outdoor..

  4. Happy Easter Judy. Enjoy this week and have a great Easter weekend.

  5. Love the concept of pass along plants! ;-)
    Cute lamp too! Happy Easter!

  6. Happy Easter days wishes Judy
    Enjoy it ,also the chocolate eggs :)

    1. Thanks so much, Rita. I love chocolate but I really prefer a plain old hard-boiled egg. Hard as that is to imagine!! Have a wonderful Easter..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. Judy, your banner looks lovely just the way it is...and that pig lamp is just the sweetest. I have a thing for pigs! ;) I have two in my kitchen. Perhaps I need a third! Thank you for you super kind words. I feel blessed to have found so many lovely friends in this virtual world, including, of course, yourself. I wish you a Happy Easter and a bucket of blooming irises! ;) xo

  8. I always love everything you share, my darling Judy, your taste is delightful and semply unique, everything is so inspiring !

    With utmost gratitude
    I'm sending blessings of joy on your Easter ahead,


    XOXO Daniela at - My little old world - (Dany)

  9. Hi Judy, I love the saying about Spring. It sounds like your Spring has been much like ours here in Utah. One minute it is beautiful and then next snow is laying on all of the beautiful Spring flowers. But it's Spring and that always brings renewed hope.Have a lovely day.
    xoxo Jo

  10. Yes same here.. our first day of spring has not really brought yet a "first spring day"!! Still waiting.. we have had a few 60 degree days though, but still cloudy and gray for the most part. It'll come soon enough.. am still enjoying the last lazy days of winter I think. I love the idea of sharing our flowers and plants with others. When we moved here in Fall of 2015, our neighbor delivered to us a wheelbarrow full of daisies that his neighbor had dug up and needed to find a home for... so now our yard will be full of daisies (again) since last summer they were so beautiful. Love them! I also got Iris from my son's house in SW Washington and a few other things and they are coming up like crazy. almost all of our flowers were given to us or I dug up somewhere for free! Love the little piggy lamp and love that little box on the wall behind it.. very cute. Happy Easter to you too... my son and his GF are here so there will be much joy shared on that day. Hugs.. Marilyn

  11. Judy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Love all your new treasures!! The burlap bunting is so cute!! I hope to make one as I have some burlap to use up! Happy Easter!!

  12. So glad that your iris survived. Mine are in bloom now and are so pretty. Will have to do a post on my Spring flowers. You can bring in your geranium in the cold months and will live in doors.

    Wishing you, Captain and Kia a Happy Easter.


  13. Hi Judy, I really like the quote by Henry Van Dyke; how very true it is! That was a wild day of weather you had, huh? We've had some crazy weather here in N.C., too. I love the burlap bunting -- can't wait to see how you decorate it. :)

    Your new pig lamp is just darling!! I remember seeing it on Barbara's blog a few weeks ago; I'm glad you were able to find one just like it. I sort of have a thing for pigs (and goats) I just think they're so cute. :D

    I hope you have a good weekend Judy!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  14. Happy Easter Judy. We had a nice one. Church, lunch with family and friends at the farm and then bed. I was exhausted. Still am it keeps raining in Oklahoma.

  15. Judy I hope you and your family enjoyed a beautiful Easter Sunday! Thank you so much for mentioning 21 Rosemary Lane in your post and I do have to say that Rodney looks extremely happy in his new home. Your post just reminded me that I have a bag of iris bulbs in my garage that someone from my church left for parishioners last fall. I suppose it is too late to put them into the ground...I guess will have to wait for the fall. Wishing you a wonderful week! XO Barbara


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