Tuesday, May 30, 2017


We are starting, today,
 with the letter "P".

This is a Picture.

This is a Porch.

This is Primer on the Porch.

Just so you don't think 
that I am so delusional 
that I would believe that
 this is Pretty.

 I know it's not Perfect, 
but you have to agree, 
from this Point on - 
the Potential Possibilities 
are Probably Pointless!

 And, also,
 just to show you that
 we are making

The beginning of summer 
always starts for me
with Memorial Day.

 I plan for it every year.
  There is something 
about the colors of our flag 
that gets my juices flowing.

 This year, however,
 because of working on the "P", 
things have been slow 
getting started.

We are hoping 
that we will have
 this Project done for, 
at the very least, 
Flag Day, 
but certainly before the 
4th of July. 
 After that, 
my plan is to carry 
the patriotic theme, 
inside and out, 
throughout the summer.

I am showing 
some small ideas 
that may or may not show up, 
in and out, 
of the Cottage 
over the summer.

I do know, however, 
that along with 
the red, white and blue,
 there will be pops of yellow, 
even to the extent of
 California orange. 
 To me
 they are all colors 
that compliment
 each other.

Along with the
 stars and stripes of Old Glory 
there will be another 
Grand Illumination 
and lots of little details 
that will be fun to see.

This is going to be 
a great summer.

  One that we are going to 
take full 
advantage of.

the red, white and blue 
comes out for Memorial Day, 
and is put away 
after the 4th of July.

  This year will be different.

 It is time 
for the Cottage 
to stand up and 
be proud...

...now is the time 
for the USA 
to get a 
little TLC!


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  1. It is a Pleasure visiting your Pretty blog ! Thanks!

  2. Judy, I am excited to see your porch. I love the patriotic theme. I have it pretty much in my kitchen all the time. My daughter's laundry room is patriotic. It is going to look so good. Please show us the front of your house from the sidewalk when the porch is done. :) I love seeing your beautiful home. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Beautiful post.. Love your writing style..Love to see your decorated porch.. XOXO..

  4. WOW, everything looks great! Love all your red, white and blue. My intentions were good, but just didn't follow through with my decorations. Hopefully I will get my decorations up for the 4th and leave them up until after Labor Day. Then I will start decorating slowly with my Fall decor. Then before you know it it's Christmas.

    So my dear looking forward to seeing the porch revealed, I know you will have it looking good.


  5. I love all your red, white and blue décor! It does create a summery feeling wherever it is.

  6. Such an inspiring post Judy! Now I want red, white and blue (and a little primer) on my front (nonexistent) porch! Don't have a porch, but we are planning (and I'm hoping it happens) to remove a raised rock wall along our front walkway, to allow us room for a front patio area, to sit underneath the eaves and enjoy the nice evenings.. and red, white and blue there would look so pretty. I did get our flag up right before Memorial and have a lovely white wicker chair I can put out there with a flag themed pillow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Your house is decorated so patriotically.... and love Raggedy Ann doing her needlework on the little flag! I'm excited to see your new porch redo and other projects! Oh.. and love your new header too! Marilyn

  7. I would love to have a front porch to decorate and sit on...but I don't. We have a side porch and it's lovely, but no one sees it but me. We probably wouldn't sit on the front porch near as much (and I certainly would not go out there on a weekend morning with crazy sleepy hair and my pjs), but the idea of it has always been so romantic and your porch has just reinforced that...

  8. I love your porch Judy! That was on my 'must have' list for our new place. There's just something about porches...

    (Your new header is wonderful)!

  9. I miss my wrap around porch on my previous house. Your porch is roomy and I bet it's nice to sit there early in the morning with coffee.
    I like your flower arrangement on your table with the flags and the door arrangement. I need to get out my flags and stars hidden in one of a hundred boxes unmarked in the attic.
    enjoyed reading your post.

  10. Yay for the red, white and blue!
    Cute post, and your pictures are inspiring!
    I put out the red, white and blue decor at the beginning of May, and I don't take it down until the last day in July.
    Patriotic colors are Perfect for Memorial Day, Father's Day and the 4th of July, and as an added bonus, here in Utah, those colors and patriotic themes are also perfect for Pioneer Day. The celebration of Utah gaining statehood :)

    So three cheers for Perfectly Patriotic People..***smile**.

    Have a lovely rest of your weekend, and thanks for this great post!


  11. Postively Perfect, my Preference is for the Pillows, Piled high. Plenty to enjoy and Pure delights. Well, I must Puff away and Pitch my tent for the night, Precious Friend.

  12. Judy,
    Love all your ideas and everything looks lovely!! I too am all decked out for the Summer Patriotic Holidays! I am playing catch up and will be visiting with you , catching up..


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