Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Would you believe 
if I told you 
that I went from 
5ft 6in to 3ft 3in 
in under an hour? 

 I was bending over and
 painting some signs 
I have been working on 
for a couple of days and
 I knew my back was sore
 but when I leaned over 
to pick something up off the floor, 
I heard a crack
 (or it could have been a snap or a pop).

Whatever it was, 
it took me from 
vertical to horizontal
in no time flat.

I have been spending the nights
 moving between the bed and the sofa
 and that doesn't leave much time
 for sleeping.

I can't sit very long 
in one place 
so haven't been keeping up
 with the computer and 
since I haven't been out and about, 
the photo selection is at
 a standstill 
this week...

...so I thought 
I would share with you 
some fresh pretties
 from past times 
and to let you know 
what I've been up to, 
which is about
 4ft 8in 
at this time.

Hope all is well 
with you and 
enjoy your week while 
I address 
the rug burns 
on my chin!


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  1. Dear Judy, It sounds like you are having a disc issue-possibly herniated. You should really check with your doctor; I have several ruptured discs years ago that turned into sciatica and I could barely walk. I remember struggling to sleep too.
    Sending gentle hugs your way!
    ps, love your pics

  2. Oh dear. You are really having a rough time of it, and I am sorry.
    I do hope your back gets feeling better, and very soon.
    When your back hurts, everything in life is pretty miserable, and that goes double for trying to get any sleep.

    Love all the pics that you've posted here today. I 100% love your cottage, and you decorate things in such a welcoming way.

    Hang in there.


  3. These are very pretty photos but I am so sorry that you are in pain. I hope that you get some relief quickly and are up to your full height soon.

  4. Judy- I am so sorry that you are in pain and having a hard time moving. That is just awful and when your back is painful it is hard to move any other part of your body. I hope you can get some pain relief and get a good night's sleep. It will make you feel a whole lot better if you can just get a good sleep under your belt.

    Love your pictures- they are as lovely as always. xo Diana

  5. I hope you feel better soon, Judy! Such lovely pictures in this post.

  6. I have just recently come across your blog and want to tell you how much I enjoy my visits. Your home is beautiful as is the way you have decorated it. I am so sorry to hear about your back pain. I had a very similar situation with my back a few years ago. It is scary how quickly you can be in such debilitating pain. Take good care of yourself and I hope it won't be much longer until you are back to 5 ft. 6 inches again.
    Gorgeous flowers!

  7. Oh no, Judy, I am so sorry to hear this. Back pain in no laughing matter, but I have to say you are funny. Glad to see that your sense of humor is still intact. :) Feel better!!

  8. Hope you are feeling back to your 'ol spunky self soon mom!!
    Did the "Captain" bring you any of those pretty flowers to help you feel better? ( That's you cue Dad!!!)

  9. When you said "crack" that sent shivers. How horrible that is. Will take some time for your back to feel better. Just one wrong turn and it put you on the couch. I wish you well SOON!
    You have some lovely pictures on this post. Take care - Betsy

  10. Yikes! Hope you will mend quickly, Judy. Beautiful photos!

  11. Oh so sorry about your back. I have had back problems all my life so I know what you are going through. Hope you get some relief soon and get a good nights sleep.

    Your pictures are so pretty with all your lovely flower arrangements.


  12. Oh Judy I feel for you. I had a disc issue a few years ago and I remember how miserable that is.
    Hope you start to feel better. Love all the pictures. Very pretty. Have a wonderful week and hope you feel better on Mom's Day. Enjoy the day. You are a special mom, doggie mom and grandmother and deserve a pampered day.

  13. I agree with NanaNor's suggestion you get thee to a doctor for MRI to be sure you haven't cracked something or slipped a disc, etc. I had the same exact thing happen to me years ago, about 33 to be exact.. was leaning over to change the diaper on my baby at the changing table, and pop, crack, and down I went! I was alone and there was baby on the table, alone.. and I couldn't get up to get him off. I crawled to the kitchen in such pain I about passed out. Called my sister in law to come help me with the baby (he was about 7 months old) as hubby was at work. I had already had back problems before that, but this was a biggie. I urge you to get to a doc for the MRI and then to an excellent chiropractor who can help get you back to your normal height! I've gone to chiropractors for YEARS and they help me immensely and keep me upright, walking and still able to work in the yard. But you need a GOOD one.. so get a good recommendation from someone. Without my miracle worker chiropractor who I see now, I would be about 2 feet tall, and laying on the bed with no hope of ever getting up. I know the pain of it all and have had several times of being laid up because I turned wrong, or bent wrong or did some stupid little thing like reach up to get something off of a shelf. I feel for you! Use alot of ice for the pain! Ice is my very best friend! Hugs to you and hope you get this taken care of soon! Marilyn

  14. Oh... and forgot to add that your photos are just beautiful and I'm going to go back and look at them all again! I especially love the lilacs.. and the tulips.. and the sweet william.. and the.......... well I love them all! Marilyn

  15. Oh, the pain! I sympathize and fortunately for me, my chiropractor got me walking and standing even again. Some medical care is necessary I think so that whatever happened in your body does not become your new normal! Your photos are stunning!!

  16. Oh ouch! Sounds like my husband. Hew was brushing his teeth when it happened. I do hope the pain eases up soon and you're back to full statue.
    Love the photos


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