Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 it's not official 
Summer has come to town...

...while Spring 
had a short dress rehearsal, 
winter kept popping back in and 
closed the show 
before her star had 
a chance to shine.

The Cottage 
is appearing a little drab and 
is looking forward to 
a small make-over.
  When her front porch is 
put to rights, 
she will feel and
 look much brighter.

some of her accessories are
 coming to life and 
starting to put a
 smile on her face.

The lavender is
 full of buds.

The mint is 
reclaiming its place 
along the wall.

The valerian is
 outside the fence...

 inside the fence...

...providing a
 colorful hug 
all around...

...stopping only 
long enough 
to welcome all 
through the garden gate.

This is
 my favorite pose of the Cottage.

   Just a small peek
 through the seasonal branches of
 the crepe myrtle tree.

 During spring, 
it looks mostly green,
the tree is sporting its pink blossoms, 
through the autumn colors of the leaves,
with snow on the ground and bare branches.

This is the time of year 
the Secret Garden 
is doing what a secret garden does best.
  Being overgrown and unruly. 
 Soon its turn will come 
to be plucked and pruned.

The hydrangeas are
 budding out and 
will soon become the 
 in the crown of the garden...

...along with
 the mystery flowers 
(we have concluded 
they are summer phlox, old school) 
which will line the sides 
of the walkway 
with their lacy white blooms.


This is the story
 of a little Cottage that could 
come back year after year 
 all on its own 
with very little help from 
the lucky folks that
 live within.


Summer Dreamin'

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  1. Beautiful. Spring got squashed here, too. The only color in my yard is the bright orange goldfish in the pond. I like your view much better. ;)

  2. Judy your home is beautiful . . . all the flowers are amazing and I can see you sitting on that front porch, very soon, sipping lemonade and smiling at walker as they pass by :)

  3. All so sweet Judy - changing every day and lovely!

  4. beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful.. your cottage is looking like a fairy tale house..


  5. Oh Judy, your cottage is beautiful. All your beautiful flowers in bloom. I love all valirian. I have quite a bit also, but only in the front. It hasn't make it's way to the back yard yet. My lavender has already bloomed and the gardener trimmed everything back on Thursday. The Lantana was going crazy and really needed a trim.
    Love the pictures of the front pf the house.

    Have a a wonderful rest of the week.


  6. Judy, Love your cottage. I love the how the flowers and trees surround it with beauty. I adore the porch. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  7. Awww.... what a sweet cottage it is too! And, I know that you put lots of time and love into making that cottage charming!!!
    Good luck on the porch make~over... it will be nice when it's done :)


  8. I love your 'little cottage that could'. How sweet she is, too. You have certainly poured lots of time and love into making her a home that you love living in. Summer is a ways off here and we have not even had a real spring yet. The leaves are finally out (not all the way) and the tulips are up and the daffodils but that's about it. Soon....summer will be here soon!!! xo Diana

  9. I enjoyed each and every picture along with your sweet narrative. Magical!! Nature is a wonderful thing. Your cottage is as well, Judy!

    Jane x

  10. Oh Judy, your place is absolutely wonderful!!! I love it all.

    Happy playing in your beautiful gardens and sprucing up your porch.


  11. Hi Judy!
    Your sweet cottage looks wonderful...and is so well behaved. My house does nothing on it's own. LOL
    It's very hot here already. I love all your pretty photos. Hope you and the Captain are doing well. Give furry face a kiss from me. Bruce and Jack say hello!
    xoxo, T.

  12. Oh Judy your sweet cottage is looking so beautiful. Love the last photo the best. Happy rest of the week.

  13. What a sweet post and sweet prose! I loved seeing the different perspectives of your cottage.. peeking out from the trees and from behind the glorious flowers.. that Valerian is gorgeous! My summer dreamin' is still just a dream... although I've getting to feast my eyes on some Iris finally and a few little pansies here and there. Your secret garden is so precious... how fun to be out there one of these days, whiling the hours away with the pruners and gloves!

  14. I guess I need some miracle grow on my plants because I don't have anything blooming except my clematis
    Your yard looks so sweet and cottage like

  15. Oh your cottage is simply delightful - I love all the flowers of summer and you have such gorgeous ones. I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading - I get so far behind sometimes - but I always start catching up by reading your blog. Our spring is still in progress - not warm enough to call it summer year.


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