Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The term precious metals 
usually means items of high value. 
 But, in this instance 
"precious" does not mean 
there is any monetary value involved,
 it only means
 these items are 
very dear and special to me...

...this little bunny 
is a replica of a candy mold
 but it was found at Michael's
 and is purely decorative. 
 A statement of 
spring time.

I've had this
 little chain of birds 
for a couple of years.
  When added to a pretty garland,
 along with sprigs of colorful blossoms,
 it is another visual 
of spring.

Some beautiful 
old pieces of silver 
that have been collected over time
 along with a delicate tray 
and the first camellia 
of the season.

Sitting on a silver tray
 that belonged to my mom 
are some metal frames 
holding photos
 of some very special people 
in my family.

A lantern from Home Goods 
makes a pretty pattern
 while the candle within
highlights one of the 
first daffodils from the garden, 
displayed in a metal basket vase. 
 A line up of blue pillows,
all from Home Goods,
 are shown in the background.

Another precious commodity 
around here 
is snow. 
 When it started falling yesterday,
 we thought it might last for awhile,
 but as shown in the picture above,
 it was very short lived.


The most precious of all 
are the young students 
standing up against
 gun violence in this country. 

 They have faced the unthinkable 
and now they are facing another hard fight.

  It is truly a shame 
that they have been put 
in this position 
by some of the adults 
who have not, and will not, 
protect them.

 This could be the turning point. 
 I wish I could hug 
each and everyone of them. 

 They are the 
true and precious heroes 
of the future.


I want to thank Katie 
at Let's Add Sprinkles
 for the feature last week.

 It was a real surprise 
and I appreciate it so much.


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  1. Judy, That's not enough snow...well it would be for me. It's 66 degrees as I leave this comment. Crazy for February weather. Love your cute decorations. Yes, it's sad that no one feels safe at school . Hope any protest can be done without violence. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Beautiful treasures here,Judy!God bless all of you...

  3. You have beautiful treasures.. memories to cherish..

  4. Love all your "precious metals" Judy. I especially love the bunny candy mold. Too cute.
    Have a great week.

  5. Oh Judy, every photo here is a treasure. I love your bunny mold. And your beautiful lantern. And since I'm such a sucker for silver, all that too! What a fun visit today!

  6. Beautiful treasures! I love browsing at Michaels. I'm never sure what "treasure" I might find!

  7. So sad about our students. We just had a gun threat at our tiny local school.Just sad we have to worry about our children...for me my grandchildren. Love your precious bunny. Janice

  8. Your precious metals are so pretty. That bunny mold looks so vintage! I have a few bunnies out inside but I still have my fresh evergreen wreath on the front door. Winter will be around here for awhile yet. So sad about the students dealing with such violence. Three more were foiled this week....does anyone learn from these shootings?!

  9. I love your pillows on your sofa, I am making a few this week of left over fabric. Snow, I am envious, I want some. Silver is a favorite of mine and I go looking for it in thrift stores and purchase it when they are not asking an arm and a leg for it. . Happy Week end ahead

  10. Hello Judy! Such a nice post and loved everything you showed us. I don't have much silver, but many "precious" things... I did love your silverware. I have two sets that were my mom's that I cherish as she would always use it (real silver) on holidays. I spent many hours polishing it! That lantern is definitely an "I want" item and love the blue pillows. I can wander around my house and look at so many things that are precious metals to me... sentimental things and things from my childhood. My heart too goes out to the students and families of those who lost their lives. How sad a world they live in these days and a shame that more can't be done for those with mental issues and illnesses. I would almost be too scared to have to send my children to school in this day and age. Have a nice weekend and maybe you'll get a little peek of some more snow? We're having some here in central Oregon... just enough to be pretty but not enough to keep us housebound. xoxoxo Marilyn

  11. Such pretty 'precious metals' you have shared - love the bunny mold and the sweet picture frames on the tray :) The young people in Florida are so inspirational. xx Karen

  12. Love all your pretties, everything looks terrific.

    Such sadness for those children. I worry about my granddaughter. Now instead of worrying about fire drills, they have to worry about shooting drills - how terrible is that. I certainly hope they can wake up the adults so they can do something about this. It's terrible.


  13. Judy, I love your precious items and yes, the events of late are so heartbreaking and terrifying. Perhaps these young people will be the ones to invoke some real changes.

  14. Your metals are all adorable. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch. Thanks to for the mention back. Have a great week.


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