Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Do you remember 
I wrote a post last year 
entitled Sprinter?

 here we go again...

Apparently,around here, 
winter is just a word
 not a season.

It has become tradition 
at the Cottage 
that the month of January 
belongs to the snowmen and women.

  But, here we are, 
in the middle of winter
 and it has been reported
 that the groundhog 
has seen his shadow 
which means there will be 
six more weeks 
of the same...

...but Kai 
is not buying it!

 It sure doesn't seem 
like a cold winter's day 
to him.

The surrounding hills 
are already turning green 
and people are actually 
walking around in
 short sleeves.

 We have no indication
 of rain or snow 
and in the newspaper, 
where the weekly weather is displayed, 
there are five repeated pictures 
of a bright sun.

 I have stated,
 and repeated over and over, 
that I do not want to wish time away
 and I like to just take
 the seasons as they come 
and enjoy each one, 
but it really is kind of hard 
to keep on track 
when what you see outside 
does not jibe with 
what the calendar says.

as January moves on,
 so do we, 
and the snow people get put away 
for another year.

"Maybe you guys 
will get lucky next year. 
 These sunny days 
couldn't have been what 
you were wishing for.

 I would hate to think 
of what a mess we would have 
 if you existed 
outside of my mind."

Now February is here
and our thoughts turn to Valentine's Day.

 We don't celebrate this day
 to any extent.
  I put a few hearts here and there
 and there might be some
 cuddling in front of the TV 
but, other than that, 
it is just a normal day.

 In honor of said Valentine's Day 
here are a few photos 
I have played around with
 in Picasa...

...just to show you 
that my heart is
 in the right place.


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  2. Judy, I love all your valentines decorations. It's nice to use what we have, I like the red transfer ware plates and the milk glass. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. Will try again to leave a message with out so many spelling mistakes - geesh...
    I love the way you have your home warmly decorated and especially like how you mixed sno balls in with the pine cones. I've not seen that done before.
    I do not decorate much really for Valentines Day, a box of candy and t.v. watching in front of a warm fire is good for us. Great post as always and have a wonderful week.

  4. A beautiful post. I love your bunting so very much! Yes, snowpeople hold court here, Lizzie looks for a sun puddle and I bundle up with down coat, scarf, hat and gloves. Spring will come. Maybe not soon. But one day. Hang in there!

  5. I love that old message board. How cool is that!?! Your bunting is as cute as can be, too.

    AND because I don't LIKE winter I would be happy to send you semi-truck loads of snow and you can return the truck full of sunshine and heat. lol

    Have a wonderful night-your decorations are all lovely, Judy! xo Diana

  6. Love your valentine decorations..

  7. Love your sweet valentines decor. I do not do much either a few things here and there. We are having lots and lots of snow. It is pretty but hard to drive in. I think we are in for a good maybe more 6 weeks here of this cold and snow. I hold out hope for a early Spring here in the midwest.
    Ahhhh to wear a short sleeve top and flip flops. A midwest girl can dream!!!
    Have a great day.

  8. Lindas imagens. Lindas flores. Feliz dia. Cumprimentos.

  9. Beautiful pics as ever!Love your dishes and the milk glass pieces!Hugs,Judy!

  10. Judy, your home looks so warm and welcoming. That banner is darling, I am a huge fan! We are nowhere near spring. Boo hoo...I am tired of ice and snow. I am craving a few of your pink springtime blooms, but I am also trying not to wish it all away, as you said. So I pull on the afghan, light the fire and heat up the cocoa...for now. Hugs!

  11. Judy,
    Love your Valentine' s Decor!! It is 20 degrees here today and we had snow and ice yesterday so Winter is still holding on here in NEPA and will probably continue to do so until the end of March!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  12. Such pretty vignettes! I have a little dog named, Kai, too! Love the rosette banner. x Karen

  13. Hearts have replaced my snowmen as well. I love your mantle and sweet garland! Happy Valentines and thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. That education board is the cutest. What a wonderful teaching tool. I take the seasons as they come too. Thanks fro sharing at Keep In Touch.

  15. I am like you (or you are like me) in that we love to play with photos! I love just playing with them and making different effects and looks, adding some frost or fuzzy edges, or making them look old! There is such a mystique in that and I could spend hours doing it! LOVE paper rosettes so that garland is wonderful... I have a "thing" for them I guess... that is how my Etsy shop got started, I was making so many paper rosettes I needed somewhere to (try to) sell them. I love them all layered up so I should make myself a garland too.. great idea. All of your photos are lovely and mysterious. We had two weeks of warm weather and dry dry days... last week we had a day of 71 degrees! Now this week we're back to winter.. was 12 degrees last night and one day of a little snow. Pretty.... but 1" was enough for me! Happy Valentine's Day to you... we don't do much.. I have friends here so we are having a brunch and I'm going to make the effort of putting a red tablecloth on the table and some napkins with hearts on them.... I also made some little "cup" treat boxes filled with Hersey's kisses.. that's about the extent of it. Have a nice week Judy. xoxoxo Marilyn


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