Tuesday, February 27, 2018


We interrupt 
this regularly scheduled report 
to bring you 
breaking news:


As The Captain and Kai
 were leaving on their 
usual morning walk at 5:30 AM on Monday,
 it was beginning to snow.  
It stopped at exactly 8:50 AM 
and this is what 
we were left with...

It was beautiful,
 it was cold 
according to Kai...

...it was fun...

he actually had 
to put his feet in it! 
 It was a fast track
 to his business
 and back!

back to our
 regularly scheduled 

Did you watch the Olympics? 

 When the kids were young 
we would sit down as a family
 and watch them all, 
mainly summer games
 as those were the sports 
that the kids liked 
and were involved in,
 but I have always 
been in awe of the figure skaters
 so that is my most 
favorite part of the games.

 We did watch the opening ceremonies
 and they were really 
grand and beautiful. 
 In the few things 
that we did see, 
I think South Korea
 did a wonderful job.

 The USA 
didn't pick up as many gold medals
 as they have in the past
 but the curling team 
women's hockey 
were spectacular.

Our weather
 has been so erratic
 around here lately. 
One day it will be bright and sunny,
 even smelling like spring,
 and then the next day
 might be dark, dreary and raining.

 I decided 
that we should have
 our own golden moments 
so that we can take advantage of 
those spring like days 
when they go missing.

Some gold 
and other light hues 
have been added to
 the garland...

...and a big gathering 
of springtime blossoms, 
in an old transferware pitcher,
 take center stage on
 the parlor mantle...

...along with 
a chorus line of 
cute bunnies.

A wreath of eggs 
and a few nesting related items 
spell out the place where
 we all feel 
most comfortable...

The sofa and wagon 
look basically the same 
as last week with only a
couple of exceptions...

The second pillow
 on the left side 
is one that I picked up at 
Home Goods awhile back 
and was turned over 
to the back side 
last week:

Such a sweet 
little addition to 
the pretty pillow.

I picked up a 
small bunch of daffodils 
at Trader Joe's
 as I have only had one 
from my garden so far.

I thought it would be fun 
to set the game table 
for a casual brunch.

 It is a very simple setting, 
not in the least fancy...

...almost everything 
on this table comes from 
Home Goods and
 I think the little "chirp" bowls
and the S&P chick shakers 
are so sweet.

Between the light
 coming in from the windows,
 the warmth of the stove, 
and the elegance of 
the long tablecloth
 this feels like something
 a little more special 
than it is. 

The report is
 that we should expect
 more snow on 
Wednesday and then, again, on Saturday 
but the sun is shining brightly
 on the snow today 
so until then...



He's magic!!

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  1. Judy,
    All your Gold touches are so lovely!! The Cottage looks charming in the snow..like a post card!! And the inside of your home is so welcoming and delightful!! Love all the new touches that you have added.... Spring has been flirting with us too but snow is forecast for Friday.... So Winter is still not ready to let go here in NEPA!!

  2. Hi Judy, How I love reading your wonderful blog and seeing all of your inspiring decorating ideas! I LOVE the garland and floral arrangement on your mantel, and those bunnies are so cute and whimsical! The other mantel looks great too, with the wreath for the O in HOME. I see you have eggs in your egg cups, do you boil them for a certain amount of minutes to get a soft yolk and if so how long?
    Your cottage looks so beautiful in the snow, always picture perfect! Your weather sounds a lot like our weather here in Missouri. Sunny and warm one day and snowy or icy the next! Oh well, Spring will be here soon.
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing your talents and ideas with us!

  3. Your home is ready for Spring!So cozy and charming!Love the yellow touches.That egg wreath is inspiring,love it!Hugs,dear friend!

  4. Love your gold touches. They really are harbingers of spring to see the bits and pieces of yellow pop up here and there. Your table is really sweet, too...just enough!

    I didn't really watch the Olympics this year except for the figure skating. It always amazes me at how very graceful those skaters are even when they are spinning through the air!

    Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  5. Snow! It looks so beautiful and it is great for our water supply. It has been cold here too but alas, not much rain.

    Your house looks so festive with all of the decorations, you have so many delightful seasonal touches,

  6. Oh Judy, everything looks wonderful. The snow outside is amazing, crazy weather we are having. I take it Kai didn't like the snow LOL. I wonder what my dogs would do in the snow.

    Everything looks like Spring - all the decorations are terrific.

    I am looking forward to more rain.


  7. The chorus line of bunnies made me smile. How cute! We see that white stuff all the time so it is no thrill for us but I know when you guys get this stuff it is fun and amazing. Love to see all the decorations for Spring. We had two wonderful and I mean wonderful spring like days. Unheard of here in the Midwest for February. It was only a tease though it is cloudy up today and more rain and snow will arrive by tomorrow. Old Man Winter is still hanging on for us. Have a great rest of the week. Kisses from Peggy to Kai!

  8. What a lovely post about your snow, Kai and your sweetly decorated home.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  9. I love your beautiful Spring décor inside with pretty white snow outside! We have had near 60 degree days and now we are expecting up to 10 inches tomorrow night. I have cleared all of my winter décor away except my Let It Snow on my chalkboard. It ain't over till it's over and in the northeast that will be about April!

  10. Your place always looks cozy and inviting. No snow here, but we have had the damp, grey days that just don't want to leave. We did have one sunny day recently. I almost forgot what sunshine was. Thanks for sharing. Here's hoping for spring!

  11. Your snow photos look so much like vintage post cards - so pretty! Love all the sweet spring touches. Everything looks lovely. xx Karen

  12. Good morning, Judy! Is it still snowy? Your fresh snow looks lovely. Poor Kai, though!

    Oh, that tiled fireplace of yours is a gem. I've always been such a sucker for blue and white tile. It is perfection. And of course the rest of your home looks beautiful. You remind me it's time to check out Home Goods for spring things (which I need like a hole in the head!)

  13. Beautiful picture!!, really the weather is extremely erratic. It is so cold, I'm not feeling doing anything , currently I'm sitting under blanket , not feeling to getting up.. :D

  14. Looks like you got a lot of snow. It is so pretty until you have to get out in it! Beautiful pics though. And your home looks so cute and inviting. I love how you have it decorative. Here in Nashville TN our temps will be a high of 58 today and we have spring in bloom all over.

  15. Oh everything is so fabulous. Your house is gorgeous in the snow. We had a bit of snow one time in Orangevale - when the kids were really little. I l love all your bunnies and chickies - those salt and peppers are simply darling - and your table is beyond wonderful - and oh that egg wreath - now I must go and find me some soft colored eggs. Your golden moments are just stunning - glad you could stay indoors and enjoy them. We have cold and rain - though today was sunny and we had a nice ride in the sunshine - but it was only 45 degrees. Happy week ahead my dear.

  16. Thanks for linking up this sweet post. Your snow fall looks lovely. Easter inside and winter outside.
    I love that sweet line of marching bunnies.


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