Tuesday, May 22, 2018


We went down to Santa Cruz 
this past weekend to the kids.

 We all went out to a wonderful dinner
 on the wharf 
in celebration of 
Mother's Day and 
Tami's birthday.

On Saturday,
 the Captain and I 
attended the Goat Hill Antique sale
 at the fairgrounds. 
 It was a good show, 
but I really didn't see anything 
that I had to have.

it is amazing to me 
how much the prices have gone up
 over the years since
 we started collecting.

I did buy 
this little what-not, 
 over-riding the Captain's opinion 
that it is just plain ugly. 
 I think it's kind of cute, 
and I always like to have something
 to show for 
my efforts!

Thank you all so much 
for your excitement and congratulations 
for us 
about our Country Sampler magazine article.
  We are still 
up in the clouds 
about our forever fairytale 
coming true.

Speaking of fairytales,
 did you watch the Royal Wedding? 

 Since we were gone, 
I taped the whole thing 
and sat down Sunday 
to watch seven hours of 
romance, tradition and fashion.

 It was such a treat 
to feel like we were all 
in a world without 
hate or controversy 
for a short time.

 This was such an uplifting experience,
 even though the local news followed up 
with stories about
 a five year old found dead 
in a storage locker 
and a sheriff's K-9 deputy 
being shot 
and, yet, another school shooting.

 To escape to a fantasy land 
every once in awhile 
is something that
 we all need.

I have never been 
a collector of royal memorabilia 
but, I have always held 
a fascination for the royal family.

 I have seen their weddings,
 have mourned Princess Diana's death
 and celebrated the births
 of their children.

Harry and Meghan 
seem to be more 
accessible and modern
 and they are such
 a darling couple.

Even Kai
 donned his "fascinator"
 and enjoyed watching the festivities.

  It was a beautiful ceremony
 and the love between 
Prince Harry and his Princess 
is quite obvious.

To me, 
it was the true meaning 
of a fairytale 
and I hope 
they live
 happily ever after.


 off to slay some dragons 
and on to the next round of 
red, white and blue...
the real world!

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  1. Judy, Maybe he really means "it's so ugly it's cute." Haha! When does 'your" magazine come out? Oh I am slaying dragons! I don't know if you remember I told you that we got our dream home 4 years ago after 32 years of marriage/ 3 kids. Well someone wants to put a wedding venue next door! Beyond upset. This grandma is learning how to fight city hall!

  2. A lovely post, Judy! I agree, the Royal Wedding was lovely, and Prince Harry and his lovely bride Meghan look SO happy! I hope they have many, many years of happiness together.

  3. I am a total royal nut so it was scones, strawberries and tea for me. And yes, I watched the replays the next day, too. Truly, a time not to think of things political or brutal and sad.

    Can't wait to see your magazine and it looks like you had a grand weekend!

  4. Judy,
    I love your little What not and it is perfect for your home!! I too watched the Royal wedding!! I taped it as I had to work on Friday night!! It was a treat to watch and i am like you following Princess Diana and Will and Kate and now Harry and Megan..... It was a lovely escape from the reality of the world. Wasn't the town of Windsor that they rode through in the carriage after the ceremony just delightful?????? Truly , right out of a fairy tale!!! Thanks so much for visiting!!

  5. Aww!! sweet little Kai, she also caught the royal wedding fever.. :D

  6. I did not watch the wedding, but I saw photos and I think that Kai would've fit right in. Fabulous fascinator! And it sounds like you had a fun visit.

  7. Awww little Kai looks adorable. I watch some of the highlights of the wedding. It is great to see that a true American and true Royal can come together to make such a beautiful couple. I see lots of good things coming out of both the marriages. Diana their mother would have been so proud of these men. Have a great rest of the week.

  8. I had to stay up all night to see the Royal wedding - I couldn't miss it! It's history!(And I am a die-hard romantic) Such a nice diversion from all the bad news in the world right now. Kai fits right in with the fashionista's of the day. Hope you have a nice holiday weekend! Love your patriotic magazine feature. Congratulations once again! xo Karen

  9. Hi Judy!Beautiful pictures as ever!Sweet embroidery,gorgeous roses and cute Kai!Hugs!

  10. Hello there stranger.....I love the flowers. I'm going to look into some of those varieties for our farm. I'm totally dressing up my goats for the 4th of July now, lol. Great idea. Happy Memorial Day.

  11. Those goats on the truck! So fun. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch. We do need to escape don't we?

  12. Such a sweet post - so glad you could have some time to visit with your kids - and a trip out to see pretties and buy something fun. I've been fighting with some health problems lately and haven't been up to even reading blogs - but I think (hope) things are swinging the other way. I got more done yesterday (and it wasn't much) than I have gotten done in over a week, so I think I'm coming out the other side. Reading your blog posts has been such fun - and dear little Kai - all dressed up in his fancy hat for the wedding, it gave me a smile.


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