Tuesday, May 15, 2018


What seemed like 
a world stuck in a dark place
 for so long, 
the game of musical chairs 
is now being played out 
by the seasons 
and a seat has been taken 
in the twilight of 

Although it seemed 
like spring would never come, 
finally the days are beginning 
with sunlight streaming
 through the windows, 
capturing reflections of old lace, 
a fairly obvious breeze
 ringing the chimes 
and the garden is 
sprouting and greening up
 the landscape.

The mystery flowers 
are collecting by 
the front walk...

...the lilys of the valley
 are peeking out through 
their green foliage...

...and the endearing Cecil B 
is languishing over and around 
the arbor gate,
 unruly as ever
 but as pretty as always
 and the bright colors 
of a David Austin rose
 accompany it in 
the foreground.

California poppies
 and Valerian
 are mingling at the
 wire fence 
and beyond.

The lilacs 
have come and gone 
and the "purple rain" 
from two weeks ago
has fallen 
and carpeted the Secret Garden 
with all its
 former glory.

Hope you all had 
a wonderful Mother's Day.

  The kids sent me
 these beautiful flowers,
 in the most gorgeous vase.

 It actually is a pitcher
 and will be enjoyed 
many times over 
after the flowers have faded. 

 Thank you, 
Tim, Tami and Jake 
for your love and thoughtfulness 

The Captain's 
gift to me
 was a trip to the nursery 
and a very pretty make-over 
of the screened porch, 
which is still in progress 
and will be disclosed
 in a future post.

I can finally say 
that spring is truly here.

  We are enjoying 
the pretty mornings 
and being outside
 in the soft sunlight for now.

 as the music plays 
a little louder and a little faster, 
spring is poised and anxious 
to take her seat
 in the next chair.


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  1. Such beauty...as ever!Lovely garden,wonderful flowers!Hugs,dear Judy!

  2. What fun! The musical chairs of spring into summer.. and summer WILL come very soon I think! Our weather has been in the 80's all of a sudden.. and then all of a sudden again, summer will be here! I'm enjoying the "80's days" for now and trying to get motivated to get outside to spruce up our sad yard. Most of our perennials are coming up, but no blooms yet, except our Irises are making a gorgeous display of purple! Love them! Your roses are so gorgeous.... I would love to have another rose arbor.. I had one when I lived in SW Washington and wished I could have brought the arbor and climbing rose with me! That is on my "to do" list for here. I bet your porch is wonderful and looking forward to see it in its new dressings! Have a great week! Marlyn

  3. Your garden looks spectacular - the roses and the charming wire fence. My daughter has a home similiar in vintage to yours and she traveled quite a distance to find that fencing. It is so perfect in style with your house. Yes, Spring is indeed here.

    I am really looking forward to seeing the porch project.

  4. Your garden flowers are soooo pretty. Such beauty in your words and pictures. I cannot wait to see your porch project. I know it will be so wonderful. Happy Week.

  5. Judy, It's so pretty around your yard. I love the roses so much. It take spring a long time and it went fast and we are into summer time heat. 80-90 degrees...in May. Hope you are loving your porch. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  6. Beautiful picture, Love the vase and flowers your children had sent. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.. Hugs..

  7. I enjoyed playing musical chairs in your gorgeous garden ... the rose trellis and lily-of-the-valley are such lovely harbingers of Spring... You have shared an inspiring childhood memorabilia ...BEAUTIFUL ..Hugs

  8. Such a lovely game to play in your amazingly beautiful garden! Oh, those roses.......! Your vase of flowers is so very sweet. Sounds like your Mr. knows what makes a wife happy :) xo Karen

  9. You are the most beautiful writer, Judy. It is truly poetry, accompanied by the most lovely images. What a gift to open this on a beautiful spring morning.

  10. Your writing is truly amazing Judy, you should be a magazine editor! I always look forward to reading your lovely blog. Thanks so much! xoxo

  11. So beautiful! The writing matches the loveliness in the photos.

  12. I always love a peek at your world Judy. I am glad spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. Things are getting greener here, but it's 50 and raining and it doesn't feel much like spring at all.

  13. Lovely flowers. I'm so glad that spring decided to show up. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.


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