Tuesday, May 1, 2018


I know 
that Prince sang,
 and I think wrote,
 Purple Rain.
  I don't know any of the words
 to the song 
or what they might mean,
 and if you were a fan of Prince,
 I don't mean any disrespect, 
but the title seems to describe
 what is happening 
over the Secret Garden
 these days.

We planted this wisteria
 at least ten to twelve years ago
 with the hopes that 
an umbrella of blossoms 
would cover the gazebo each coming spring.
  Believe it or not, 
it bloomed very little
 over that period of time,
 never making much of a showing. 
 But this spring is
 something different...
this is what was intended
 all those years ago...

...the only problem is 
that the blooms
 are a bit higher up
 over the gazebo 
than intended.

We admit 
that this is due to our
 short comings as gardeners. 
 Some pruning 
should have happened many years ago, 
but it is what it is...
a haven for every bee in the world
 and a
 beautiful and magical sight...

...is it any wonder
 that the fairies chose 
this exact spot
 to set up 
home keeping?

Another spot of purple in the garden 
is the lilacs. 
 We had a late frost
 that damaged some of the blooms this year 
but they made 
a pretty showing, nonetheless.

after all these years, 
I have become allergic to them. 
 I am finding 
that any type of flower 
with a strong scent
 does not do well by me.

I couldn't resist 
a quick display 
in the guest room 
- only because the colors are so pretty - 
then out to the porch.
  I can no longer bring them 
into the Cottage
 and that makes me 
very sad.

Thank you for your help 
in trying to identify our tiny birds.
  It appears that they are wrens 
as near as we can tell.
  They are so busy and so fast 
that it is very hard
 to catch a glimpse of them 
as they go about their day.
 I snapped these two blurry photos 
and maybe these will give a better idea.
 I will keep you informed 
when any new developments occur.  
The fairies 
are keeping a 
close look out 
on the subjects.

I received notification 
from Magnolia Market 
that Jo's cook book,
 Magnolia Table, 
was now on sale. 
 I thought it might be a good book
 as I don't imagine Chip
 would be into 
too many fancy foods 
which is the way we like to eat.
On the Magnolia Market website 
the book sells for $30 
but I purchased it 
on Amazon for $17.99.

Have to love Amazon!

The cook book is full of 
lovely photography of 
Jo and Chip and their kids on the farm, 
personal stories and,
 what looks to be, good recipes. 
 I haven't tried any yet
 but will let you know
 when I do.

Jo writes a personal sentiment 
about each recipe 
which are fun to read. 
 It really is
 a beautiful and 
well done book.

If you want to taste a great cookie
 - as close to home made as you can get - 
these from Trader Joe's 
are excellent. 
The Captain picked them out
 and he never reads 
any of the ingredients. 
I would have seen 
that they are vegan
and probably wouldn't have chosen them
 for that reason, 
but I'm sure glad he did.
 Very moist 
and tasty 
without being too sweet.

Have a wonderful week...


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  1. How wonderful that your wisteria bloomed so fully this year! We had one for 11 years that never put out more than three or four blossoms. We tried everything!

  2. I'd give anything to be able to grow wisteria -- one of my favorites in color, fragrance, look in general. It's lovely, Judy. And good for you, getting the Magnolia book -- looks terrific!

  3. Beautiful! In fact I'm planning to plant one wisteria in our garden.. :)

  4. Beautiful Wisteria. I never had luck with them, wished I had. Look forward to hearing if you liked any recipes tried from your new cook book.

  5. How funny, we both posted about purple this week - like minds. LOL

    I am a little envious of your fairy house, it looks so cute. So far I have resisted but....maybe.

  6. Lol the purple rain title could kinda work. the lyrics to the song are about a lost love and it's fitting since you loved the wisteria and now you're allergic so it's a lost love kinda thing. LOL okay so I'm reaching out there.
    Wisteria is pretty. You'll just have to admire from afar now. Well you've almost convinced me to go buy the cookbook. Thanks for sharing

  7. Love the purple in your garden. Lilac's are my favorite smell and triggers Spring for me. Love that soft scent coming in the windows especially after a rainy day. I am smiling because as I am typing this I am burning a Wisteria candle and the house smells heavenly. Yours is so pretty. I hope you figure out what kind of little visitors you have in your garden. You will have to let me know how you like the cookbook. Happy Wednesday.


  8. Hello Judy, how wonderful!
    How lovely the door on the trunk.
    It is filling to the eyes and heart.
    Good start to the month.

    1. Thanks so much, Janicce. We do love our fairies! I am happy for your visit and glad that you enjoyed it..Happy Thursday..Judy

  9. I have always loved Wisteria and yours looks gorgeous. I am hoping my husband gets the new Magnolia cookbook for me as a gift :-). I always love to know about new Trader Joe's goodies...thanks!

  10. Stunning wisteria!How beautiful!Best wishes!

  11. Your wisteria is so beautiful! I've yet to get a bloom on mine. I'm so glad you reviewed the Magnolia cookbook. I was thinking it would be nice for gifting on Mother's day. I love the tulips in the tin - so pretty! xx Karen

  12. Oh sigh... all those pretty purples and lavenders. Our one lilac bush is not doing so well after we transplanted it last summer. I've gotten a few cuttings from a friend and just stuck them in the ground, as I was told to do, but they don't look too good! That Wisteria is beautiful. I've never planted it as can see how it takes over EVERYTHING in close vicinity! It's such a joy to see Spring opening its loving arms finally..... Hugs. Marilyn

  13. HI Judy, I so miss Wisteria plants like we had in Santa Rosa. They don't do here well. My Korean Dwarf Lilacs are still pretty small and don't bloom much; I may have to add another larger Lilac in an area where we were going to plant a Weeping Cherry-but the high end nursery says they don't do well here either(which explains why we had two die at our old house). I saw some Weeping Crabapple trees which are supposed to do better, but a Lilac might just work. The birds are so precious. I am wondering if Jo's book would work for me, since I'm gluten and dairy free.
    Have a great week; so looking forward to coming back to no.Ca. in June.

  14. Beautiful. Your wisteria looks amazing. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  15. Judy, All your purple flowers are very pretty. Lilacs were my mother's favorite...but like you a don't like strong floral scents in the house. I never buy floral scented candles. I like spices and fruit scents. I may buy that book for one of my daughters. One rarely uses recipes, one eats glutin free, and one is way too busy. LOL. ...but one bakes for everyone , neighbors, friends, co-workers. Yes there are four of them ! :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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