Tuesday, November 27, 2018


All my dwellers 
had a wonderful Thanksgiving 
and have given me their permission 
to say...

"Hope you all had the same."

The excitement is building around here.

 Even though I am a mess 
with a mixture of fall and Christmas
 decorations strung all over the place.

  I am trying not to complain,
 as I know the Mistress is
 trying hard to make me put
 my best foot forward.

It is always
one step forward and two steps back
 around here every time there is 
a seasonal decor change. 

 I am the oldest
 soul in this family
 so I try to keep the worries down 
to only a few creaks and groans,
 but it is not easy 
when you are 
139 years old.

The Mistress 
has no idea 
how we handled things in the past, 
only that we
 Victorians do Christmas up right! 

 I would so love to tell her 
exactly how it was
 but no one kept any records or pictures,
 that we know of, back then.

  She has read newspaper clippings
 about the people
 surrounded by my walls 
but only a very little 
about me, personally.

 That is why 
this blog she writes 
is so important to her. 
 Now, there will be a record
 of the memories
 that have been made here.

A few pretties 
get unpacked and put in their place of honor,
 only to be removed again
 as shining, dusting and ironing 
need to take place 
before they are 
really presentable.

The Mistress 
just can't seem to keep her head about her 
at this time of year.

 I know she has planned it all out,
 to the last detail,
 since the tree was taken down last year, 
but when it comes time,
 things just don't look like she thought,
 so she is off on another tangent.

  This time of year 
is the worst, however, 
and I think there is 
something about Christmas
 that is more important
 than any other 
decorating holiday...

...I can't fault her for that though, 
as I feel the same way.

 Always one to offer my best side,
 I know I can shine 
at Christmas 
if I'm allowed.

Right now,
 the Mistress is just trying to figure out
 what will go where 
when she finds some treasure 
that has been hidden away
 in the corners of my cupboards 
and when that search is exhausted,
 the 1-2-3-4, 
"Oh, I've lost count of the many boxes
 that come in from storage." 

 I find that I just can't help
 groaning a little 
as I feel like a small child,
 once again, 
being asked to wait for
 Christmas morning.

In order to give my Mistress her due, 
I think we will draw the curtains 
for the coming week
 so that wonderful and glorious things
 can happen here 
and then I can share with you all,
 that you really can teach
 an old dog new tricks
 put lipstick on a piggy.

  After all that,
 I promise,
 I will be ready to shine. 

 See you week after next.

...Respectfully, The Cottage...

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  1. Judy I love this. This gives your beautiful cottage a voice. Oh how I know your Christmas will be wonderful and the Cottage will be proud and will shine with delight. Have fun finding hidden treasures to decorate and make you smile. This is the fun part to discover and create.

  2. The mistress has a most articulate home. And I suspect by next week, that home which is already charming will be extra beautiful. I can't wait to see!

  3. Oh, if only our Victorian walls could talk! I would love to know some history of my 1870 house. Looking forward to seeing your pretty walls decorated for Christmas! I haven't even begun thinking of decorating :-(

  4. I still have my Fall decor in the kitchen and back room waiting to get into the attic. Look forward to seeing the mistresses Christmas! Janice

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  6. OMGoodness...this is so cute! LOVE your photos and the 'voice' of the cottage....such a sweet way to share! Thank-you! Sandi

  7. Judy, I love hearing from your cottage. And I love getting a peek of what's going on and up in your neck of the woods. I'm done with my decorating, but somehow this year, it's opened up a whole other can of worms...cleaning and organizing. Exhausting!! Can't wait to see your cottage dressed in her Christmas best! xoxo

  8. If your Christmas decorations this year are anything like the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations they will be truly spectacular. I can hardly wait until you share them. By the way...I am finished and now mostly (except for a new remodeling project) sitting back and enjoying. It's all so much fun!

  9. Good morning to the "Mistress" of the Cottage. I'm sure my little home is groaning too.......not Victorian, but a mix of this and that. Would love to be a fly on the wall and watch what is going to go on in your home until next week. I'm sure the cottage will be a thing of beauty and a joy to behold.
    Have a great week !
    Charlotte in Va.

  10. Hi Judy! Your cottage is a very wise and eloquent speakers & and definitely deserving of your love and care. Enjoy your week of decking the halls! I'm sti!l cleaning up after the fireplace install, but this weekend will bring on the decorating frenzy. Have a wonderful rest of the week! Jane

  11. Judy, your sweet cottage is so lovely. Thanks for sharing your Mistress of the Cottage at Dishing it & Digging It. Here's to lovely weekend ahead.

  12. Thank you dear sweet cottage - your mistress is the best guardian of all that is special in you. You will shine and we will all be back to see the glories of it all. Thank you for sharing your feelings, you are a wonderful little cottage and deserve such a sweet and caring mistress.

  13. Very nice hearing from you dear sweet Cottage... I'm so glad you appreciate that your Mistress is taking such good care of you. I wish you could tell her many things! Bet not too many other cottages are as adorned as you are! xoxox Marilyn

  14. Walls can kinda talk can't they? I relate to the creaking and groaning. I am looking forward to seeing how Sweet Cottage is adorned. I bet it will be sooner than mine will be.

  15. Charming post, Judy!
    You are always so creative and inspire me so.
    I have been on a tangent, though a different sort than yourself. This year I am dejunking every square inch of our home and donating loads and loads to a charity.
    So many past years worth of decorations will find a new home, and put a smile on new faces.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful cottage with us, and inspiring us with your decorative and poetic talents, dear friend.

    Warm wishes ~

  16. I love how the story was told. Wall can talk and there are times I feel my Charmer has spokent to me when she doesn't like the direction I'm going in. I feel crazy pressure decorating thankgsiving and right in to Christmas. too much decorating! Waiiting to see all your decorations!

  17. Good morning, Judy,
    I'm finished with my Christmas decorations, I think. Need to do some cleaning and polishing yet. It seems that this year has flown by so quickly that it doesn't give us time to really think about much of anything before the season is over. No pressure....take your time with your Christmas lovelies. They will be enjoyed by all when you are ready to share. Hugs, Charlotte in Va.


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