Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Beautiful blooms from the kids
 for our 58th October wedding anniversary

Here we are 
in the beginning of November 
and I am aware that
 a lot of you have already 
showcased your lovely autumn homes
 and are now, in fact, 
looking forward to Christmas.  

I, too, for some unforeseen reason,
 am looking ahead to Christmas 
a little earlier than usual this year.

 Do you think it might have
 something to do with my addiction to
 the Hallmark Christmas channel? 

 No matter what the reason, 
autumn is such a beautiful season 
and it does not deserve 
to be overlooked.

 Since we had "company" 
for all of October,
 here I am, arriving fashionably late,
 to share our 
Harvest Home with you.

The garden is in the process of 
shedding her colorful foliage 
and the morning glory 
has reached its 
peak of performance.

"Autumn this year
 painted the countryside 
in vivid shades of 
scarlet, saffron and russet,
 and the days were 
clear and crisp 
under harvest skies."

Sharon Kay Penman

The front door is ajar
 so won't you, please,
 step inside
 and notice the pretty autumn wreath
 I picked up for
 $5 at the thrift shop,
 as you do so...

And Welcome to the Harvest Cottage:

I hope you will note
 that I really have tried 
to tone it down this year, 
so to speak,
 with just a few small touches of fall
 in each room.

 As in here in the entry, 
just a lighted candle
 with a lovely autumnal scent
 along with what has turned into
 an acorn themed vignette 
on the chest.

Off to the right of the entry,
 the guest room night stand 
displays a bountiful bouquet 
of hydrangeas 
that have turned a burnished burgundy 
on the bush 
and a small cloth pumpkin 
that matches in color.

  Nothing intended here,
 just a scene courtesy of 
Mother Nature and 
an old discarded sweatshirt...

...and back across the entry hall, 
the parlor's mantle carries the message 
in plain and proper seasonal language.

 The message being appropriately used 
as my header
 for this glorious 
time of year.

Coming in through the back door
 you enter into the kitchen.

 You will see some
 small touches of fall 
scattered around...

...with one 
that might be considered, curiously,
 a work of art?!...

... and the table 
that is set with 
a bit of 
Home Goods style.

A whimsical metal pumpkin centerpiece
 sporting a small glow of candle light
 and some really pretty rustiness...

...and colorful plates and napkins
 at the ready for a 
morning brunch, an afternoon tea, 
or a late night dessert.

Moving along to the dining room, 
the Christmas goose
 has arrived a bit early...

...he is nesting in
 a broken down white garage sale basket, 
surrounded by a garland of bittersweet.

A metal lantern,
 also from Home Goods, 
and some pumpkins fresh from the field, 
complete the tablescape.

Another home-made sign 
hangs over Noah's Ark...

...and a last bouquet 
from the Farmer's Market 
is sitting pretty in 
the vintage harvest 
corn pitcher...

...while Bitty Morsel and Gertie 
watch over all 
from their place of honor.

This post has turned into 
a lengthy piece 
so I will continue with 
our Harvest Home - Part Two
 next week.

Have a wonderful week 
and don't forget to vote.

 All our voices
 need to be heard.


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  1. Everything is so lovely and cozy, thank you for sharing.

  2. The kids did well with the bouquet! And it looks so warm and inviting. I could just crawl into any one of your photos and be happy till spring! (I'm not ready for Christmas yet. Another week or two -- despite my Hallmark addiction!)

  3. So pretty, festive and inviting! Your outdoor autumn foliage is also spectacular. Such pretty pictures you have put in this post, I love it!

  4. We're just settling into fall around here, too, Judy. While I may be thinking about my Christmas crafts, decor won't go up until after Tom Turkey has left the building!! Of course, as usual, your home looks fabulous and I find myself thinking, "oooh, I want one of those and one of those AND one of those!!" You have some lovely pieces and display them so artfully. Just beautiful!! xxoo

  5. Hello Judy, your Autumn trees look amazing. I love the changing colors. Thank you for sharing such lovely posts at Dishing It and Digging It. Happy week ahead.

  6. Oh Judy your Autumn home tour was very colorful and beautiful! I always say better late than never. Janice

  7. Hi Judy! You're autumn home tour is absolutely breathtaking. You have so many gorgeous and cozy pieces, like your "Christmas" goose. He looks awesome mixed in with the fall. Jane

  8. Sending Happy Anniversary (belated) wishes!
    What a testament to love and commitment and happily ever afters :)

    Five dollars?!! What a great thrift store find! I would have snagged that wreath too... that's too nice a price to not buy it!

    I've been decorating more minimally too. Getting everything in the house pared down, and simplified.
    Tell me, why do I need 6 or 8 totes of containers for every holiday?? I'm going to try to get my holiday decor pared down to one or two totes for each holiday, and cut the Christmas decor down by 50%.
    Remember how we talked about getting ready and downsizing for retirement ..**smile**.

    Have a happy day, and thanks for sharing your beautiful home and gorgeous decor!

  9. Lovely as always Judy. Love seeing Gertie and Bitty together. Your home always feels so welcoming and cozy. Have a good day today.

  10. Everything is oh so carefully placed! I just love it all. Loved that metal and mesh pumpkin with the light twinkling through.. and the real pumpkins here and there, and the goose in the basket. It is all so very inviting and warm and cozy... I think that's why I like this time of year... the evenings are so cozy with the dim lights and the candles flickering here and there... and that sign on your header is just wonderful. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY too! The flowers are gorgeous... your kids are very fortunate to have parents who have committed to each other through years of thick and thin.. congrats to you both. I always love visiting your warm and welcoming home! Hugs.. .Marilyn

  11. Always a treat to see your home. I'm an autumn loving girl, and these vignettes make me smile. Happy Autumn!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah. I'm glad you liked it. I love autumn too..Happy Thursday..Judy

  12. Your home is absolutely adorable. Seeing it has added to my Fall enjoyment. So many pretty things and arranged so very nicely. Wishing you blessings for the remainder of November and an especially happy Thanksgiving.
    Charlotte in Va.

  13. I don't think I will remember to comment on every little detail that I love.

    the color palette
    those mice
    the vintage cabinet with the lovely ironstone
    the ark
    I love that you don't skip over fall and Thanksgiving. It is such an important time of year- no gifts, just taking the time to be thankful.

  14. I love Bitty morsel and Gerty, so cute. So very Autumnal and cozy at your home as always.


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