Tuesday, February 12, 2019


the photo above usually sets the scene
 when the title question
 of this post is asked, 
but today 
it means something 
very different.

What it means today is: 
 Isn't it 
Valentines Day

For such a short month, 
February is turning out 
to seem like a very long time! 

I will admit, however, 
that I did start our
 Valentines celebration
 a little early...

...the first posting 
reminded us of the garland 
and how it had looked before...

...the second posting 
showed the planning 
that goes into 
a labor of love...

...and in the third posting 
you could find beauty 
through gray skies
 if you looked hard enough.

we are at the fourth posting
 and it still isn't Valentines Day.

 Not until
 two days from now 
will we reach that 
auspicious occasion.

since I won't be here then,
 I will show you, today, 
what I am fixing for
 the love of my life
 for his special 
Valentines Day dinner.

The candles are lit,
 the wine has been poured 
and the mood has been set...

...and now the food 
has been served.

 A porterhouse steak (for two), 
baked potatoes, 
fresh green beans and...

...fresh fruit 
to be enjoyed 
as a salad 
or as a sweet ending 
to the meal.

But, the puzzle remains:

 Since there is still 
two days remaining 
until Valentines Day, 
was the meal cooked ahead 
for a photo opp only, 
and then consumed 
at a later date, 
or was the day 
celebrated ahead of time?
If you answered 
"a little of both",
 you might be right.

 In actuality, 
the Captain had 
two teeth pulled on Friday
 and we didn't know
 how long before 
he would be able to eat 
anything of substance.


"If apples were pears
And peaches were plums
And the rose had a different name
If tigers were bears
And fingers were thumbs
I'd love you just the same."



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  1. I love this. Yes, I pulled it out too early and it seems like it's taking forever this year. Thanks for linking up.

  2. What an sweet post, each photograph is wonderful. Looks like a delicious dinner for you and your Valentine, whenever it was eaten! Love your tablescape too. I can't believe still two more days!

  3. Wonderful dinner date! Bob and I really dont celebrate...but we will go to lunch on Friday. Something we dont often get to do. Great post by the way! Janice

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Judy!! And I hope The Captain is feeling great!

  5. I think you will have a lovely Valentine's Day. Rick will make me dinner. I will make him a book. Traditions!

  6. You make me think that Valentines day should be every day. I like that concept. I hope your hubbys feeling better and not suffering any ill side effects. Happy V Day!

  7. Wishes for the Captain for a speedy recovery!!
    I always love your post, and your pictures.
    We are celebrating on Valentines day proper, though we have a trip planned in the future that we are defining as our Valentine's Day trip~ *smile*.

    Have a Happy Valentine's day, you two love birds :)


  8. Judy, Love all your decorations. The food sounds good to me on a cold winter's day. The embroidery piece is so cute. Blessings to you and the Captain for a beautiful Valentine's Day, filled with love. xoxo, Susie

  9. It's so funny that you think February is slow because I think it's zooming by after a slow slow January.

    I love your wire heart.

  10. Happy Valentine's Day to YOU and to your hubby. Hope his mouth recovers fast! ..... so he can eat that delicious meal. I'm sure he'll be looking forward to it! We don't do much. We usually do give each other a card and a little treat. I send a special card to my son and his fiance and that's about it. Every day should be "love" day right? Love your table setting and your sweet bunny embroidery. I think February is kind of dragging, but that's fine with me. I hate it when time zooms by so fast that I'm always a few steps behind of things. Take care....have a wonderful week! Marilyn

  11. I think it is fun that you can celebrate with several posts on Valentine's Day. I have enjoyed them all. Poor Captain I hope he will be feeling up to eating that yummy steak soon. I am making Terry and I a prime rib tomorrow with all the trimmings for our nice dinner together. Have a great Valentine's Day tomorrow.

  12. Judy, this is delightful! Yes, the day matters not, it is the time together to celebrate each other. Hope you husband is feeling OK.
    I adore that little poem! I'm going to copy and file away.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetheatt!

  13. Aw! Look at you two - so precious! Love that you celebrated early so the Captain could enjoy his steak - everything looks wonderful. Hope he has a speedy recovery. Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs xo Karen

  14. What a beautiful post!
    Happy Valentine's day. XOXO

  15. My heavens what a delicious dinner! Good you both enjoyed early. Always a joy to read your posts.

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