Tuesday, June 18, 2019


The Cottage 
always seems a little blue.

  Not in a sad way, 
but in the sense that blue is
 its comfort color. 
 No matter what time of the year it is, 
you will always find some blue 
just around a corner.

This summer
 is preparing to be a 
blue and white summer.

  What that means is
 that blue and white will be 
the meat and potatoes 
of this Cottage stew.

 The two colors will be
 the back drop for all the 
seasonal colors to come, 
up to and 
including Christmas.

The parlor is, of course, 
the main room to display the color blue.

 I have toyed with the idea
 of taking down the wallpaper a few times,
 however, it never gets very far
 because I just seem to be comforted by it.

  The Cottage, 
a small, one story, Queen Ann Victorian,
 built in 1879, 
deserves to have
 at least one room
 that is true
 to its roots.

There are bits and pieces 
of the Victorian era
 sprinkled throughout 
in the form of furniture, pictures, etc.,
but the blue wallpaper
 in the parlor, 
while existing perfectly with the
 Victorian parlor set and the lace curtains,
 still gives me that touch of 
soft comfort 
that I have always been drawn to.

This blue plate special, 
along with a swag of 
 pansies and morning glories,
 just seems to be the right ingredient
 for the parlor mantle.

In the sitting room
 we can begin stirring the pot and 
adding a little more blue and white. 

 As the flowers of the garden 
are starting to simmer
 some lavender, a different shade of blue,
 is added to tiny vases here and there
 and the scent in the room
 makes the mouth water.

Some pillows 
are the same, some are new,
 or at least new on one side,
 and add blue and white flavor
 to the setting...

...while more bits 
of the colors 
are sprinkled around.

Soon some spice 
will be added by way of the color red. 
 Then the patriotic colors
 will come
 to life...

...and when the leaves begin to fall,
 rusts and earth tones will emerge.
  A tribute to the
 harvest in the fields...

...and as Christmas appears,
 that will just be dessert..
the icing on the cake.

There is something
 missing right now 
but, hopefully,
 will be able to be 
revealed soon...

...and before 
the Cottage stew is done
 there will be other stories in between.

 the longer the flavors come together,
 the better the taste.


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  1. How sweet. Your parlor is fitting for your sweet cottage.

  2. Love the victorian parlor. It's perfect just the way it is. I also love how you mix the Victorian with some Country touches. A perfect match. Wonderful post. Thanks.

  3. Well since blue is my favorite color...I so love your blue and white theme. I actually did that for our bedroom this year and will reveal in my next post. Great minds think alike my friend! Janice

  4. Blue and white always a classic and always lovely. Yes, keep the wallpaper it to is a classic and perfect for the room.

  5. Blue is one of my favorites and your choices work so well with my idea of Victorian and blue. It's lovely, Judy.

  6. That cottage stew sure does sound (and look!) yummy! Yes leave the beautiful wallpaper.. it is so much a part of this cottage's era and history. I sure love it too. Love all the blues everywhere and how season you will mix in a little bit of another ingredient! Love how you wrote this and enjoyed all of he gorgeous blue pillows and plates, little bits of flowers and goodies tucked here and there. Just my sort of cottage stew! Hugs.. Marilyn

  7. I miss seeing some Victorian ---floating around on the internet. You have some amazing pieces to fill your Queen Anne---my favorite style, and I am a major lover of Blue and White. Lovely post!

  8. Judy,
    what a lovely post and I am so thrilled that you have not changed the paper in the parlor!! I love it and wall paper is coming back!! I love all your charming blues!!

  9. Blue and white are a classic and elegant combination. I think they look great anytime of year, but especially in summer...and especially in your gorgeous parlor!

  10. Judy, the cottage stew is a fun analogy. Your cottage is always a delight, but the thought of blue and white and the thought of this color pair being the meat and potatoes of your holiday decor sounds wonderful. I look forward to seeing how this sets the stage for Christmas. Happy Summer!

    1. Hi Sarah. Thank you so much for your visit. It appears that I am destined to be with blue and white forever and I don't object at all. I'm trying to think up some Christmas ideas so that it will be different from last year. That is the fun of making a stew, and, hopefully, it always is tasty..Happy First Day of Summer. It is a beautiful day here, hope it is for you too..Happy Weekend..Judy

  11. I am getting into this blue and white going on. I need to put more into my home. I do like the alphabet across the back of your sofa. Did you purchase that online? I need one.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  12. Your home is stunning!!!Just amazing!Hugs!

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