Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Friday was an exceptionally beautiful
 first day of summer.  

It was sunny 
but not hot and 
breezes, while light, 
set the wind chimes 
to moving just enough,
 leaving a hint of what 
we would like 
summer to be.

Nature is
 coming over to
 the bright side...

...the lavender 
is ready to be 
what it is the very best at..
being lavender and feeding the bees...

...and we have
 a small crop of morning glories 
already reaching 
for the top of the arbor.

 As I showed you last summer, 
the Captain likes to plant a morning glory
 next to the gate arbor, 
but sometimes the nurseries 
don't have them 
or by the time we find one, 
it doesn't have too long left
 of its growth period. 
 I decided to plant
 my own seeds this time and
 am anxious to see them thrive.

 the Cottage stew is simmering 
on the back burner.

 In the dining room 
I have set a tea table for two, 
using bits and pieces of china
 that have been handed down
from my mother over past years. 
 It looks bright and simple 
along with some
 cuttings from the garden.

"A vase can be a little garden, its contents gathered
 to please the eye."

Debra Prinzing

As a new summer begins,
 and when some things don't work 
the way they
 were intended...

...transform them 
into something else and
 they will shine 
once again.

A shining bit of summer to me 
is when I see the first dragon fly.

  This pretty creature 
was hanging around the garden 
on the first day of summer and 
gladly posed for me. 
 His wings are
 really a work of art.

On behalf of 
this fancy fella,
 I want to wish you all
 Happy Summer Days.


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  1. Summer has come to your world and it is lovely. Those dragonfly shots are especially glorious!

  2. What wonderful pictures!Your table for two is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring!I can't tiring of admiring your amazing home...Happy Summer!

  3. SO many gorgeous pictures today, Judy. That dragonfly is outstanding and you have some real skills catching it like that! Lovely. We grow morning glories from seeds every year. they get really, really big. I guess they don't sell them in our area as plants because they are considered invasive weeds by some, but honestly, we've never had a problem. They've always been quite well behaved! Enjoy that summer cottage!

  4. Your table setting is just gorgeous! I have always had good luck with morning glory seeds. Hope yours grow. I love the sky blue color. Janice

  5. i love your house both inside and out wish ihad one like it we live in a mobile home and it could be very cute on the out side however my hubby thinks if it is not broke why fix it.

    1. Dear Unknown: Thanks for your visit and your nice comments. When our daughter first moved out on her own, she bought a mobile home and we helped her fix it up. It turned out so cute and it was not a hard job to do. When I was a young homemaker, my husband worked nights, so when he left I would bundle the kids up in the stroller and walk to a small mall near our house. I would buy small treasures that I liked such as pictures and then come back home and hang them in our house. I never spent very much money and taught my self how to decorate. It was fun and even though our house wasn't broke, it still made it look so cute and it made me happy. Happy Wife, Happy Life, so they say! Good luck and I hope you will come back again. I always enjoy the visits..Happy Thursday..Judy

  6. Happy summer to you, too, Judy! Love your sweet table settings and the wonderful quote. So fun to grow your own morning glories from seed. Those first blooms will be a nice surprise. My mother grew blue morning glories on the mailbox every year and I loved checking the mail to see the blooms. The dragon fly photos are amazing. Sometimes we don't notice the little miracles all around us. Love the pretty patriotic lanterns on your porch! So charming. Sending hugs xx Karen

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  8. Beautiful photos of the start of your summer. Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  9. Oh such pretty photos Judy! The ones of the bees and dragonfly are just wonderful and so detailed. Love them! I've never grown morning glories and may have to try it from seed. I'm late this year planting any seeds but will still do some zinneas and nastursiums I think as they grow fast. Love the little separate pitchers on the table with flowers and the pretty blue striped napkins. Makes me want to entertain someone! I don't do much of that anymore but you always make it so inviting. Yes.. summer is here I think. We are having some thunder and sprinkles of rain, but not enough to even wet the earth. Still haven't gotten my blog post done to show our "afters" in the yard.. one of these days I will! Take care! Marilyn

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  11. Great pictures. I just love dragon flies. Thanks so much for linking to Keep In Touch. Your house is so adorable. Great curb appeal.

  12. Happy Summer Days.
    I love the dragon fly pictures.

    All the best Jan

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