Tuesday, June 4, 2019


This porch 
has been on the job for 
140  years. 
 Over time, 
I think it has done its job well. 
 There are certain duties 
that are demanded from
 a porch 
and they are:

To give a warm welcome 
to all who
 climb the steps...

...to offer a place
 of solitude and rest...

...and all the other 
numerous and varied 
 duties and pleasures 
stated above.

There certainly are 
many more pleasures 
that a front porch can provide and
 everyone has 
their own opinions...

...for some
 it is a vantage point 
to oversee that all
 is safe and secure...

...and, for me, 
it is a place for daydreaming and 
sorting out the plans for 
today and beyond.

Sitting on the porch
 conjures up all kinds of memories 
of the ones that have
 sat here before 
 what their dreams and their stories 
might have been...

One of the biggest jobs of our porch 
is to preside over the garden 
that surrounds it.
We have had so much rain 
this past winter, and 
it was hard to distinguish 
how the garden might survive it all. 
 For some reason,
 I didn't think that
 it had been successful, but 
after a few days of sunshine and 
a little elbow grease, 
I can now see 
the fruits of our labors.

 We have not had 
official summer yet, 
but greenery is showing up and 
buds are forming 
so, I think,
 there is great hope
 for a robust and healthy garden.

  I have snapped a few photos 
(well, maybe a little more than a few)
 to illustrate my point:

The old lavender 
is regaining its place of honor 
once again.

The old-school phlox 
are covering the beds 
with their thick, lush greenery,
not yet showing
 their lacy white blooms...

The busy butterflies are appearing...

...and the California poppies
 are sticking out of small pockets.

A simple David Austin rose,
 in the dappled sunlight, 
lingers under the covering of...

...a tangle of 
green trees and bushes 
that are hiding places for
 the birds that sing
 their whispery little songs that
 accompany our porch rocking.

I have heard 
that a frog in the garden
 will ward off any evil tricksters
 that might dare to intrude 
so the porch is prepared.

Tiny buds of hydrangeas are showing up,
 ferns are intermingling and 
the valerian is now making its move 
to invade more cracks and crevices 
around the garden.

Because the old-school phlox 
is so invasive in the garden beds, 
we added a trio of barrels 
filled to the brim with
 coreopsis, zinnias and snapdragons. 
 Even some nasturism seeds 
are tucked in and...

...Chinese Lanterns 
are coming up showing the white blossom
 that will be a nice addition
 to the fall garden, and
 the pretty pink blossoms 
of the spirea 
are showing off against 
the bright green of their foliage.

Under the Crepe Myrtle tree 
is a foundation of 
valerian, ivy, grasses and jasmine 
all tumbling over each other,
 showing the lack of skill 
of the resident gardeners, 
but looking almost
 perfect regardless.

Last summer, 
we took a bit of lawn away and 
added bark, under the lilac bush,
 to make a tiny spot for
 resting in the garden.
  The little bistro set and umbrella 
has since been gifted to 
Jake and Jacenda 
for their little spot of garden and 
we have replaced it with...

...two perfectly comfortable
 plastic chairs 
that match the feel 
of the patriotic garden. 
 A bit of color needed
 on this side of
 the garden.

it will be time for the addition 
of stars and stripes 
in celebration of 
America's birthday...

...come on by,
 sit a spell,
 our porch and others like it, 
will be here for
 another 140 years,
 tending to memories of the past and
 making new ones
 for the future.


As if this post wasn't long enough,
 we just got back 
from the kids (a story for next week) and
 I couldn't help sharing with you 
my Mother's Day gift from Tami and Tim.
 Perfect for the porch and 
so sweet. 
I just love them.

"My grandmother used to say
 that the front porch
 is a postcard of 
all who live
 beyond the door."

Alda Ellis

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  1. What a wonderful PORCH POST. How funny because I just did a post on how I wanted to find a porch for sitting. lol
    Your porch is wonderfully welcoming. So perfect to just sit a spell. I am glad so much of your garden survived. What a blessing to see all those green and growing plants.
    AND- I love your Mother's Day present.
    Have a great afternoon! xo Diana

  2. Love me a good porch and yours is so very Patriotic and welcoming for sure! Janice

  3. I love your porch, especially with the lanterns on. It's beautiful. Longing to get north to my little porch!

  4. Your porch is a treasure, Judy. I love when you share it, it's just so charming. That frog is adorable and your garden is so lush. Things are beginning to bloom here, but the rain and cold are keeping a lid on spring and summer. I hope it gets sunny and warm soon. And that shot of your darling cottage through the gate is outstanding. I lingered there for quite a while...what a view! xxoo

  5. What a great place to have on the front of your sweet home. To rock the day away on a porch. Does not get any better than that. I too think like you and think about all the family members that sat and rocked and talked and enjoyed that front porch.
    Your little red chairs are adorable. The flowers are coming in so nicely too. The lanterns are so fun.

  6. I would love to have a porch like this☺

  7. I love your porch. It always seems so comfy and inviting. I love sitting on our back porch to look at the pasture of wild flower and cows and doctors. I need to sit on the porch but we have moved our rockers up there yet. Almost ready to do that

  8. Well said your grand mother. Like your porch images specially the last one.
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  9. I love your sweet and cozy porch... patriotic colors, lanterns, lights, rockers, pillows.. it's all just so inviting! I would love a porch like yours again. I lived in a small town in Southeastern Washington about 20 years ago, in a 100 year old Victorian house, and it had a wonderful wrap-around porch. I loved it so much... and would sit out there most evenings, after a day at work... on the swing, with my glass of wine, and enjoy the views and visit with people walking by. A small town still has that - people who walk! Such good memories on that porch. Your little garden sitting area is so nice too and love the red chairs! The view of your entire house and yard from the side is so neat to see and gives me the full picture of your sweet cottage and yard. All of your flowers are just wonderful.. it's so fun every spring/summer to see them waking up from their long winter's nap! Hugs... Marilyn

  10. Wow, the rain you had made everything come alive with growth and color. I love the stained glass birds on your front porch. The red chairs and table under the crepes is a wonderful punch of color. I do love that front porch and when you said the word daydream, that is exactly what I would be doing. I wouldn't get a thing done sitting there with a good book and coffee or lemonade. I will take either one. Your lavender is loaded with wands. Do you make anything with them?
    Lovely post.

  11. Judy,
    I am sorry it took me so long to come and visit!! I am finally up and about and trying to do some things around the house that could no longer stand being put off. I love your sweet porch and yard!! Everything looks so charming!! Your flowers look fantastic!! We have our first dry weekend since March!! Can you believe it??? Joe and I were finally able to clean up the yard and get rid of an over abundance of weeds from all that rain. Tomorrow, we will attack the patio...Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave such a sweet comment!!

  12. Hello Judy, what a beautiful porch you have, it really have a soul.
    I love your house and garden, thank you for sharing all the photos!
    Have a lovely day,

    Hugs, Ida

  13. What a charming porch...Your house is adorable!How cozy and beautiful...Gorgeous garden too!Blessings!


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