Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Isn't this pathetic? 

 I still have never figured out 
how to take a decent photo of fireworks.

 We didn't plan to go to
 the actual fireworks this year,
 but we did get in the car 
at about 9:15 PM,
 turn the radio up loud 
(so maybe the dogs couldn't hear the booms)
 and drove towards the fairgrounds.

 There are lots of hills 
around where you can see the show and 
just by driving around
 we could see quite a few. 
 The streets were lined with throngs
 of people and
 all seemed to be sticking to the law 
of "no personal fireworks allowed".

 Kai was still afraid and shaking 
but there seems to be no 
talking him out of it 
whether he is home or not. 
 Robin is a totally different story. 
 She is very calm and 
the sounds don't bother her.

Every 4th of July 
our town and Nevada City, 
a small town next to us, 
take turns putting on the
 Independence Day parade.

  This year was our turn and 
even though we didn't actually attend,
 we could sit on the front porch and 
hear the marching bands playing.

  It really was a beautiful day and
 sitting and rocking 
seemed to be just the 
right way to spend it...

...we were able to have 
our own little fireworks celebration
 right here in our own front garden.

 The zinnias are blooming so prettily and 
the bright colors are bursting out
 with a tribute of their own
 to the rockets red glare.

I think I mentioned 
that my hydrangeas did not do well this year,
 but a couple 
out of the seven bushes we have
 proved me wrong..

The purple one, above, 
is usually more blue than purple 
but it is still bright and pretty and 
the pink one always has
 good size blooms
 on sturdy stems.

We have more blooms
 on the butterfly bush this year 
than ever before, and 
the Captain's trimming 
didn't hurt it
 one bit...

...and I am just now beginning 
to see butterflies
 coming around.

I finally got
 a pretty good photo of "Big Gulp". 
 His head is so red and
 with the green stripe down his back, 
he looks very elegant in person.
  We have been noticing 
a "Little Gulp"
 coming around also. 
 He is much smaller 
but still has the same
 bright colors.

We took our first trip 
to the Farmer's Market this past weekend. 
 We stocked up on some 
wonderful fruit
 that was sweet and juicy and,
 of course,
home grown tomatoes and
 pretty flowers...

...which fit right in
 with the patriotic colors 
just like they 
belonged there.

Now the hard part happens. 
 Taking down and putting away
 all the decorations. 
 They were enjoyed 
while they were here 
but now the time has come for
 just plain old back to normal 
until it is time 
to concoct
 another stew.

Hope you had a wonderful 
4th of July.


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  1. Judy,
    Love all your beautiful blooms!! I just bought a packet of Zinnia seeds. i will throw them in a pot and see how they do... Sounds like you had a nice 4th of July.. We were going to go up to the top of the hill outside of our development to see the fireworks but it was almost 90 degrees with high humidity which I can not take so we stayed home and watched the Capital 4th on TV.. We did have the kids over and my niece and grand nieces since my nephew was in the hospital at the time...Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave such a sweet comment!! I forgot to mention how much I love those red chairs!!

  2. Oh, your garden plants are lovely---and your little seating area is great! Just the perfect place for some iced tea. That butterfly bush is huge...fun post, have a great summer!

  3. Beautiful flowers. We saw some fireworks in my moms town Saturday night. My butterfly bush is still waiting to bloom. With the rain everything is a few weeks behind here. Your outdoor seating looks very inviting! Janice

  4. Glad you had a nice 4th Judy. Kind of fun to drive around and see what's going on everywhere. I can see some HUGE and LOUD fireworks right from my front yard, but I hardly even went outside. They were so loud the house was shaking and I just wasn't in the mood for some reason to hear all that noise! I'm kind of glad it's all over with and we can get back to "normal".. whatever normal is for this time of year! I guess "normal" is hot hot days, warm nights and lots of watering every day! Your zinneas are so pretty and all of your other bushes and shrubs. I've NEVER had good luck with hydrangeas.... have tried growing several but they never did make it. I'm so envious of your! Have a good week.... Marilyn

  5. Wow, you really did have some fireworks in the garden! Our beds are just starting to take off and the zinnias won't bloom until at least August 1st...sometimes later. We watched the fireworks partially from a neighborhood watering hole where my girls sang for the holiday and partially from our family room window! We could still see them over the trees. It was a fun weekend and there wasn't any rain! Unbelievable. Enjoy the week! xo

  6. That zinnia rocks my soul and the butterfly shot, beautiful. Who needs loud fireworks when you have this quiet, dazzling beauty right at hand!


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