Tuesday, September 10, 2019


We were on the quest 
for a spray can of white chalk paint.
  We went to every paint store in town 
and no one carried chalk paint 
in a spray can. 
 We finally found an Ace Hardware 
that did 
but they were all sold out of white. 
 No thank you, 
cream will not do.

We have been wanting 
a smaller island in the kitchen. 
 As you well know by now,
 we have had a few 
and none have worked. 
 The working part of the kitchen (above)
 is pretty small
 in comparison to the whole kitchen 
and nothing has seemed to work out.
  I've been trying to get
 the Captain to take a trip to Ikea 
for the longest time...

...as I love
 the Ikea sideboard we have 
but he firmly believed that 
we wouldn't find anything
 we liked there.

So, by chance, 
we stopped into our local consignment shop 
and he picked out this 
cute little number and 
guess what, folks? 
 It is an original Ikea product! 
and that is why 
we want the spray can of chalk paint.

  So this is the simple story 
of the Saturday surprise. 
 I got to go to Michael's 
(who was also out of white chalk spray paint)
 but who can leave Michael's 
empty handed? Right...

...and I came away with 
these two little sweet things
 and we went on to Home Depot
 where we did find the paint, 
and then to In-N-Out Burger
 where we had dinner, 
and you know 
how happy that
 makes me.

I can't wait 
to get the little island painted 
and put in place 
which means there will be a few changes,
 yet again,
 in the kitchen.

Besides dreaming about the kitchen, 
I have put a couple of touches of fall
 in the parlor.
  The velvet pumpkins, 
along with some faux ones, 
sit on the marble table
 in front of the settee. 
 It looks pretty at night 
with the lamp lit 
in the background.

The mantle 
gets the honor this autumn
 of showing off the garland 
which has been adorned with 
sunflowers and zinnias 
that have been dried 
throughout the summer.

I pulled this old Christmas wreath 
out of the closet 
and after removing the red bow 
and adding a few of the dried flowers, 
it is a close match 
for the garland.

I love
 the earthy look and feel
of it all.

(I am fully aware that red candles are not what is called for here, but they were all I had, and I am not known for my patience when something needs to get done NOW!!)

 is dressing herself in 
showy dahlias and splendid marigolds and
 starry zinnias."

Hugh MacMillan

Here is Santa #4. 
 I tried a little 
different approach on him and 
changed up the color 
of his coat...

...I'm not sure if I am liking it.
  In my mind, 
Santa is always wearing red. 
 That is just the way it is 
and has always been.

 we will just call him 
Father Christmas.

Have a great week.


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  1. Judy, your fall decor looks lovely. Love the velvet mixed with faux the pumpkins. Your Santa #4 looks amazing. Love the new color. Thanks again for sharing at "Love Your Creativity."

  2. Your kitchen is so cute!! I'm sure the little island will be darling dressed in chalk paint. I love the dried garland and wreath. The red candles look fantastic with the Fall decorations on your mantle. It must all look so cozy in the evening with the candles lit. Love it all!!! Debbie xo

  3. So love the red candles lit up against the mirror and garland. Looks like you found your island. Cannot wait to see it finished! Janice

  4. Judy I cannot wait to see how you make this cute little island work in your sweet kitchen. Love all your fall decor.

  5. Well that's new to me about the spray chalk paint. Thank you for sharing that info.
    I love that island, good of your husband to find that for you.
    I am tempted to take down the large mirror over my fireplace. I like how your mirror is with a frame, that is what I want. I heard that molding can be purchased to frame them but haven't looked into it.
    Your wreath is just perfect and those pretty lit red candles looks so nice flickering in the mirror.
    Father Christmas is a great name for your Santa. I love the color of his coat. My late MIL would have loved the color being from Florida especially and she always had coastal colors like that. I wonder how it would look also with stain rubbed over it and wiped off? For me, I love that bright color. He looks like MIL Florida Santa.
    Love all the things you do at home and your crafting and art projects. A joy to see.
    Happy Wednesday to you
    I love all colors.

  6. Oh the wreath and garland look so beautiful on your mantel! Love those deep burgundy colors with the golds. Believe it or not, the red candles DO look really pretty with what you have... orange or gold ones of course would look more Fallish... but I also love the look of the red ones too! Neat idea to remake that Christmas wreath into a Fall wreath. You are so talented! I love your Santa #4.. even though not in his red suit, I suppose there are times he needs to wear something a little different, for the "off" holidays??!!!! But I'm like you... Santa ALWAYS needs to wear red.. that's just how it is! Even when alot of the "cottage" gals use only pinks and aquas in their Christmas decorations, I still really want to see some red in there (especially Santa!). I'm still in the summer mode here.

  7. Well, first of all, I love your blue Santa or Kris K. I see the "traditional" Santa red, as you do but the more classic, European style I say can go any way you like it! You can add red to other details if you must!

    I love your new stand -- and I had NO idea chalk paint was available in a spray. Excellent!

  8. Judy, everything looks gorgeous. That wreath and the garland is outstanding...wow, the colors!! And you know I'm a huge fan of those red candles. I would leave them out all the time. They pop and make me smile. And I'm so sorry you couldn't find the chalk spray paint. I see it at Home Depot all the time. It must be very popular in your neck of the woods! xoxo

  9. I'm glad you found you island and a ikea one! I didn’t know Cahill paint can in spray paint either but many others do since it’s out of stock everywhere! The wreath and garland looks great swapping out for the Hydrangea! Clever! I love this Santa blue too!

  10. Let me try this again..”chalk paint came in a spray”!

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