Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Chrysanthemum:  Truth
Calla Lily:  Modesty
Orchid:  Refined Beauty

I really don't have much news this week.
  Just thought I would string along
 a few random things
 that have been happening
 over the last few months or days. 
 Also, for lack of photos
 to go along with it all,
 here are some of my go-to subjects, 
flowers and their language... 

Alstroemeria:  Devotion

 ...these are being used to signify
 our better selves in better times. 
 Bright spots of color 
that are so
 badly needed now.

Larkspur:  Lightness
Canterbury Bells:  Constancy
Calendula:  Sunshine, fire, passion
Statice:  Fond memories, sympathy, success

Over the holidays,
 we received multiple phone calls
 that are a waste of time and energy and, frankly, offensive. 
 We get a lot of 
these types of calls most days
 but there is something about receiving them at Christmas 
that just seems to make them so much worse...

Sunflower:  False Riches
...calls from Medicare, 
calls about selling back braces,
  calls about orders placed on Amazon 
  wanting to deliver some piece of technology equipment 
that costs $7000, 
please give them the OK to deliver.
All of these calls 
are made in order to
 gain access to your personal info and
 it is so sad 
that a lot of them do succeed.

Iris:  Message

  The best (or worst) one 
was a young man calling me Grandma and 
saying (crying) that he 
was in dire trouble and 
evidently needed my help
 in the way of some money.  
I knew it wasn't my grandson,
 so I admit,
 that I strung him along
 just to hear what he wanted. 
 I called him Bobby and 
told him I missed him
 which he didn't object to and 
after a long babbling of how
 he had an accident while on vacation 
and had to go to the hospital
 because of his injuries 
I told him that his real grandma
 must be so proud of him
 and he hung up.
  The very next day 
I received the same call
 from the same person,
 this time I called him Jack and
 he didn't object to this either.  
I then told him that if he wanted 
to make some money
 he better keep track of 
who he was calling
 and told him
 I didn't think he was any too smart. 
 Well, he hung up again and
 that was the last call I got.
 Merry Christmas!

Camellia:  My Destiny is in Your Hands

Before Christmas 
we saw an ad from Omaha Steaks 
which money wise was a pretty good deal.  
We decided to order the package and
 its expected delivery date 
was December 18.
  That date came and went and
 I called to see where it was,
 the auto voice said it had been delivered,
 I said no it had not.
  So they tracked it and said 
it would be here on the 20th. 
 That date came and went and
 I called them and cancelled.  
It is frozen and packed in dry ice
 but how long will that last?  
They said no problem,
 how sorry they were and
 they would remove 
the charge off of my card... 

Pink Roses:  Grace

 ...on Christmas Eve,
 our next door neighbor called..  
there was a box 
on their front porch 
addressed to us.  
We picked it up and 
sure enough,
 it was the box of meat. 
 I expected it to be
 all thawed out and stinking, 
but even though the dry ice was gone 
all of the meat was frozen hard,
 so I put it in our freezer. 
 That night I got an e-mail 
saying the meat had been delivered so
 I called them and 
told them the meat was in good shape
 and they could put the charge back
on our card.
They replied absolutely not,
 that for what we had gone through,
 keep the meat free of charge. 
 Now this wasn't a $20 charge
 by any means,
 and we thought that
 was pretty good business. 
 we have eaten almost all of it and 
it is very good meat.
 As of this writing, 
we have ordered another package, 
promised delivery on January 18,
 and in was on our front porch
 on that date.
 They included a cheesecake medley, 
and we had one for dessert last night.
 Oh, so, good!

Yellow Tulips:  Declaration of Love

I got all of my Christmas packed up 
but not put away. 
 The trees are still standing, 
but undecorated.
 I can't wait to get it all put away and
 dig into some deep cleaning.

Remember this old Sequoia Redwood tree 
right by our driveway and back door? 
 The one that the city
 (or someone hired by them) butchered? 
 Well, the Captain was noticing
 that our foundation at the back of the Cottage was lifting out of place. 
 He surmised that 
the tree roots were the culprit. 
 We had heard rumors that whoever owns the adjacent lot where the tree is 
was planning on selling and
 we needed to address this problem
 before they did.
  We got hold of the property manager and she said he would call us.  
We didn't hear anything right away 
so we contacted
 the property manager again and
 just a little while after that call,
 a man showed up
 from a tree company and
 said as soon as the permits come through
 they will take down the tree. 
 He said in his estimation
 the trunk is about eleven feet in diameter.
  I am sorry. 
I know the tree has been here 
a very long time and 
one neighbor has already 
raised objections, but
 I am so excited 
to get this monstrosity out of here...

 Now, we will be able to have a clean car,
  no stickery branches in the carpets,
 none hanging from poor Kai's tail
 or climbing up our pants legs. 
 I guess we will address 
the foundation after 
the tree is gone.

Asters:  Patience
Feverfew:  Warmth

Regarding the above photo:  I think the little white bloom is feverfew, but am not sure. If anyone knows the right name, please tell me.

The very last piece of random news 
and the best one yet.  
Tami was exposed to Covid_19 
from someone she works with. 
 She went to get tested right away
 and she is negative.

Pale Peach Roses:  Modesty
Periwinkle:  Tender Recollections
Lily of the Valley:  Return of Happiness
 So that's all the randomness
 I can come up with for now.  
The inauguration is
 scheduled for tomorrow.
  Please let there be
 nothing horrible happen. 
 So many toxic circumstances 
have been unleashed into our country 
and it will take a long time to clean up. 
 What has happened
 in the United States 
since the election (and before) 
has been a disgrace and 
the time has come 
for it to stop!

Parsley:  Festivity

 Close down the playground, 
lock up the bullies,
 their leader and his enablers
 and let the adults and, 
what the United States has
 always stood for,
 take charge!

Rosemary:  Remembrance
Sweet William:  Gallantry 
Carnation:  I Will Never Forget You
Nandina berries:  Protector of household

Stay Smart

Stay Well

Stay Home


Wear Your Mask

On Thursday, January 21, 
it will be exactly one year
 since the first known Covid case was found in Washington.
 As of today, Tuesday, January 19,
 the United States has had
 400,000 + deaths.
 If the vaccine is available where you are 
please take it. 
 It is not available yet 
in my town in California.


Daffodil:  New Beginnings

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  1. Hi, Judy! Cheesecake medley definitely sounds good! Visiting with you from Life and Linda. Hope you have a blessed week!

    1. Thanks so much, Tai. I appreciate your visit. My hubby said he was too full to eat one, but then took many bites of mine!!! It was really good..Stay well..xxoJudy

  2. So much here. First, all good wishes and prayers for Tami and her tribe. My thoughts will be with you all.

    That scammer needs a better system! But well done, playing him! And thanks to you, I am now more interested in Omaha Steaks. I see their commercials and it looks like very good meat. But knowing their customer service is so good is indeed a bonue point and one I will remember. As always, beautiful images and much to love in all your words. And tomorrow!

    1. Thanks so much, Jeanie. That is the about the fourth time I have gotten one of those calls. The first one, the kid really sounded like Jake and it scared me at first until I figured it out. This one was a little older guy so I knew it wasn't Jake right away and I couldn't resist. Where do these people come from? I had seen their ad many times too but never ordered. Jerry spotted this one and it was about half the price that they usually charge so we went for it. The second one is really good too and reasonable. It's kind of nice to get groceries and only have to get veggies mostly. Beautiful celebration of life for all the victims tonight. I hope you got to see it. Stay well..xxoJudy

  3. Your flower meanings were very interesting. I need to type them up and put them in one place so I know! You sure had lots of "interesting" things happen in the last month or two! We don't hardly get any spam phone calls.. we keep a whistle by our phone and when they call, we blow it! We have caller ID, so we know it's spam, and we usually just let it go to voicemail (which they never do leave a message).. and let them call and call and call and they finally give up! If the same caller keeps calling, that's when we pick up and blow the whistle. Seems to cure it. I finally got my tree down and all decorations put away, and am starting on some cleaning, dusting and reorganizing things. Have also gone outside and cleaned up our entire yard of dead stuff, debris, twigs, leaves, etc. and am proud of myself since is only January! We've had such mild weather, I'm getting spring fever early this year. Feels so good to have it look fairly decent outside now. Have a nice week! xoxo Marilyn

    1. Thanks so much Marilyn. We have caller ID also and don't always answer but some we are not sure of so we do. Wouldn't want to miss any thing important. It doesn't seem to make much difference whether we answer or not they just keep calling, and it all happens so fast that we don't always have time to see the number. Sounds like I need a whistle! Sounds like you are doing good work like you should. I need to clean up so rooms but I find that I get too easily involved in things I shouldn't so never really get anything done..Stay well..xxoJudy

  4. Hi Judy,
    I enjoyed reading your post today. Love seeing all the pretty flower pics. It is crazy how these phone scammers get ahold of the elderly and take such advantage of them. You were on to them but can you imagine those that are hard of hearing or not as acute in thinking and how easily they can get confused and scammed from these people. I hope there is a place in Hell for them. My brother orders from Omaha Steaks and loves them. Glad to hear they have good customer service. That is so rare these days. I am in the process of fighting with a company over a refund and that we are now in month 2 of the refund process and still no refund even though they acknowledged it was return two months ago to them. Terrible customer service! Plus with everything going on I just do not feel like fighting for what is right. It takes the joy right out of you and hours of your life you can never have back. Have a great new week. xoxo Kris

    1. Thanks so much, Kris. Where do those crazy people come from? I read in our paper all the time that some have gotten scammed and sent money to them. We are really enjoying the meat. It is really packed nicely and they offer some good prices. Hope you get your problem straightened out. That certainly can be frustrating..Stay well..xxoJudy

  5. Loved reading about the kid trying to extort money from you and loved how you handled it. If that ever happens to me I will use your line. Glad your meat was alright and it made perfect sense to remove the charge. Thats what good businesses do...others are not as nice. I remember an old man who purchased a crock from us. he brought it back weeks later saying their was a crack in it. Well it smelled like pickles, so I knew he used it to make his batch of pickles and then just wanted his money back. I gave him his money and then asked him how the pickles turned out. He looked at me kind of sheepishly and I just went on telling him that my mom use to make pickles in crocks like these and wondered how his came out because I could smell the vinegar. He walked away embarrassed. Janice

    1. Thanks so much, Janice, and good for you! Some people are so wierd! You can use my lines anytime, it seemed to work on this guy as I haven't heard any more. I have been known to play the little old lady (truth?) at times just to see how far they will go. It is no laughing matter really as my dad fell prey to a scam years ago..Stay well..xxoJudy

  6. Prayers for Joe Biden and his family, Kamala Harris and her family and this country. So glad to be rid of Donald Trump and his entire corrupt administration. There needs to be jail time for most of them and Donald Trump needs to be convicted by the senate so he can never run for any office ever again. We get lots of calls too, we just let our machine pick up and of course they don't like that. Too bad! Have a good day.

    1. Thanks so much. I hope the impeachment goes along and that he will be banned from ever darkening our door again. But, even then, I'm sure he will try. What a joke that he is what he is and for everyone that clings to him..Stay well and thanks for the visit..xxoJudy

  7. Lovely flowers and nice to see the meanings. I just had an email scammer, supposedly from Amazon. Not the right logo, telling me my info was wrong and that I'd need to update. I deleted. I don't answer my phone unless I know who it is. Enjoy your week ~ Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks so much, Lorraine. It is kind of fun to realize exactly what some of the flowers mean when you receive a bouquet. I get those from Amazon quite a bit. Some seem like they could possibly be true so I just check my account with Amazon and of course they never are. I noticed that on the logo too..Stay well..xxoJudy

  8. I always enjoy seeing flowers, and your post was full of them, thank you.

    I've always liked cheesecake, so the sound of a cheesecake medley sounds wonderfully delicious:)

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks so much, Jan. Those little cheesecakes are so good. There were 4 in the package, all a different flavor. Almond, New York, cherry and chocolate. We have just the chocolate left. They are pretty rich so we divide each one in half and it is just enough. It is kind of fun to figure the meaning of the flowers you might get in a bouquet..Stay well..xxoJudy

  9. We've received Omaha Steaks orders as gifts in the past and they were good. The kids liked the cheesecake and the apple fritters. Back in March, when meat was impossible to find, we ordered again. We had the same experience that you did. It was lost, but they were sure it would arrive in good shape. Um, no thank you, we canceled. Then it showed up and they said keep it. So we did and placed another order. They are a decent company and seem to stand by good practices! That's always nice to hear- and I fear a little unusual these days! Hugs to you!

    1. Thanks so much, Kim. I was quite impressed with their business practices. I think I mentioned that we ordered again and again, that shipment was to arrive on the 18th. It did exactly and the second is just as good. The little cheesecakes are awesome. I think the hold up was because of Christmas deliveries. Probably not a good idea to order something like that too close to a holiday..Stay well..xxoJudy

  10. Hey Judy, we had to buy a new set of phones for our land line last year and the set we bought with 5 individual chargers automatically filters out spam calls because the first time they call it has to be a real person to put in a 2 digit number. The scam and spam calls stopped. Check out Panasonic. So glad the inauguration went so well. I've been a little anxious waiting for it to come about. Thankyou Lord, that the previous admin is out the door. Let Florida deal with all the lies and crazy. Take care and be well!

    1. Thanks so much, Debra. That sounds like a good system and I will check it out. It does make sense. It was a beautiful inauguration, especially the night before when they honored the victims of Covid. Really, I don't think even Florida wants him there. Maybe he can take sleep overs with the 70 million that voted for him. What a joke..Stay well..xxoJudy

  11. "Close down the playground,
    lock up the bullies,
    their leader and his enablers
    and let the adults and,
    what the United States has
    always stood for,
    take charge!" I certainly can't add anything to this, except Hallelujah and Amen! Hugs, Sandi. Gorgeous photos---maybe we will all be able to focus a bit more...sleep easier...and hope that vaccines are available soon. We are waiting here in the burbs also! Sandi

    1. Thanks so much, Sandi. I could add a lot of words to that but it wouldn't be legal!! I would have used Hallelujah too but I didn't know how to spell it! We just got notice from our doc today that they don't have the vaccine yet so are still playing the waiting game. But, I am sleeping easier a bit. Stay well my friend..xxoJudy

  12. Judy, I am with you regarding those dumb phone calls. Way too many! Flowers are so refreshing and beautiful. We never tire of seeing them. Happy the tree is being taken care. I feel bad when trees are so old, but when they cause problems, it's time to go. I hate politics, life isn't fair! So many corrupted politicians and then we have the bias news media who only covers 1 side of a story. What has happened to America? Happy weekend.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda. I agree with you that politics are not fair. I watch one news channel and everyone says that I can't get the full story from just one place, but I feel pretty certain that I am getting the right story. It isn't hard to use common sense and figure out what is the right way and the wrong way for the world to work. It just seems pretty darn simple to me. I don't think anyone could describe anything different than what they see with their own eyes. Hope the winter is going good for you. We are lucky to still see some sunshine..Stay well my friend..xxoJudy

  13. Well that was a jam packed post! First LOVE the flowers, I am always all about the garden, and to be honest, I'm sorry about the pending death of that old tree... I cherish the living, read so many books on trees I think they have souls, especially when that ancient... We lost a 150 year old oak to rot, just imagine all its lived through, but I digress.

    Congrats on your steaks, nice to see good customer service, but extra thrilled you are not getting bamboozled from your faux grandchildren! I never answer my phone, I get 2 calls a day between 10-11, I am always outside knee deep in projects, fearful its my husband calling, I scramble to find my phone on a tractor, pulling off gloves, shredding roses, you name it, I am always furious! You are brave to answer, they must call you 24/7 for answering, just once I would like to answer police department, may I help you!

    thank heavens our country is getting back on track, I'm no longer fearful to read the news when I wake and be embarrassed to be an American. Its delightful to hold my head up high again with true leadership in place, read both Biden's and Kamala's new books last week and feel very honored to have such life long dedicated adults in situ again.

    Popped over to see if you had snowy pics to share, I didn't see any here when I woke this morning but I could see it on the hills around me this morning when in the extremely cold garden this morning! suppose to be a very wet week, looking forward to nothing, when the sun shines I'm always working outside, but frankly I could use the winter rest!

  14. Thanks so much for your visit. We did have a little snow on Sunday night. It is still on the ground and on some of the roofs but it has been nice and sunny. Supposed to get a little more?? The news does feel lighter and more hopeful. Of course, there is that second impeachment looming but hopefully it will be successful, only so that he can never hold office again. I don't think we will ever be totally done with him, he is so devious and will continue to be so. I know it is shameful to wish for a tree to be gone, but when you are forced to live with the destruction it is causing and the simple fact that it has already been defaced because of the way it was trimmed, it becomes a different story. The owner of the property is dealing with PG&E because the wires are so close there may be a problem getting a crane there. We shall see what happens..Stay well..xxoJudy

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    1. Keep your crap off of my site. I don't bust my butt to have you come along and mess it up. Nobody that I know would be interested in reading your words.


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