Tuesday, December 6, 2022



In my mind, 

the sitting room is undergoing a major transformation. 

 I don't see the blue walls anymore. 

 I know there will be a different color in the not too distant future

 but until that happens,

 this room that lives larger than almost any other room in the Cottage,

still deserves the best that Christmas has to offer.


We used to put the Christmas tree in the front parlor windows

 for all that pass by to see. 

 For the past few years, 

 we have placed it where it can be enjoyed

 from our usual perches on the sofa in the sitting room. 

Because the tree is smaller this year, 

less is more on the game table.

Because we had Thanksgiving earlier this year, 

that left Santa more time to relax before the big rush. 

 Here he sits in his easy chair with Mrs. Claus by his side. 

 He has his boots on and his bag of toys at the ready

 in case he has to spring to his sleigh, 

to his team give a whistle 

and be off to fly like the down of a thistle.

With the fire going and a hot drink on the side table,

 this is always the most comfortable seat in the house.

"There is no place more delightful 

than one's own fireside."


I am reusing the autumn pillows

 and I just happened to have a Christmas one that was more orange than red. 

 The black goes in well with the sofa color

 but Christmas next year, color wise,

 will look a little different in here.

"Our little household angels, 

White and golden in the sun

 Greet us with the sweet old welcome

 Merry Christmas every one!"

Louisa May Alcott

"Lo - now has come the joyful'st feast 

Let every man be jolly

 Each room with ivy leaves are drest

 And every post with holly."

George Wither, 1660

We get a peek of the little patriotic tree in the dining room. 

 As in the other rooms there is not much different from last year 

but it looks festive 

and I hope you can tell

 as it is a rainy, dark

 and gloomy day outside 

so the light is not exactly perfect.

We had Thanksgiving early because 

Tami had to work on the day 

and now we are having Christmas early because Jacenda 

has to work Christmas day. 

 This schedule actually makes it a little better for the travelers 

as there isn't as much traffic then.


 I wanted to bring a little blue into the scheme this year, 

so I set the table with 

our everyday dishes, 

 dinner plate:  Churchill, Willow 

and my mom's everyday dessert plate:

 Royal Staffordshire, Cathay

 along with my old ruby glass goblets... 

...and everyone's place setting
 is the star of the show.

"The light of the Christmas star to you, 
the warmth of home and hearth to you."

Sherryl Woods

The old blue Santa is a throwback

 from earlier times 

but fits in nicely 

as part of the centerpiece 

along with a few small 

gingerbread house make-overs.

I hope you are all getting into

 the Christmas spirit. 

 It is the most wonderful time of the year...

Until next week 

when I hope you will join us 

in the Christmas kitchen...


As is their usual contribution to the Christmas spirit around here, 

Bitty Morsel,  Miss Gertie, Olde Scrooge

 and the Jolly Red Snowman 

are pulling their wagonload of trees

 to the town square

 for the enjoyment of all.

"Friendship is a precious gift, 

to give at Christmas time,

 a cherished gift, 

a measured gift

 that last through all time."

Author Unknown

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  1. Love it all Judy. Your patriotic tree is really sweet. Love your angels all gathered and of course your prim Santa and Mrs. Claus is always fun to see. This time of year goes so quickly. I am loving seeing the sparkle of the tree and lights at night. Enjoy. Happy New Week. xoxo Kris

    1. Thanks so much, Kris. It is going by too fast already. When I can sit and take a breath that will slow things down a little..Looking forward to seeing your decorations..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  2. Your home is so cozy. I love the wagonload of trees and your pillow selection and what a lovely tree. So many beautiful touches, Judy. I can tell you truly enjoy decorating -- I'm amazed you have so much done already! Santa and the Missus look grand! Now, to curl up in that comfy looking chair with a good book!

    1. Thanks so much, Jeanie. I am on the home stretch and looking forward to a little time in that chair myself..Merry Christmas..xxoJudy

  3. So love your sweet Patriotic tree. I use to do one for July 4th. Are you planning on a color change and retiring your blue room? It all looks so festive! Thanks for sharing! Janice

    1. Thanks so much, Janice. I love that little tree also and have done it up the same for many years now. Yes, I am planning on a color change for the walls. I love the blue but when we ordered the sofa it was a little more to the orange shades, which I love, but just seems a bit much against the bright blue walls. I know the color almost seems gray in my photos but it really is quite bright and is jarring to my eye. I still want to tie the room in with the parlor as they are always seen together but will tone it down a bit. Anyway, that is what I am hoping for..Merry Christmas..xxoJudy

  4. I just love all the pictures, Judy. Every one of them is jam packed with your decorative treasures, things I've never noticed before...like that pig lamp!! Your home is gorgeous, especially during the holidays. xxoo

    1. Thanks so much, Kim. I love that little piggy lamp but he is kind or stuck back in a dark corner. Keep looking, I'm sure you will find other things! That is what is called having too much stuff!! Hope you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas..xxoJudy

  5. Judy, your Christmas decor is charming. Change is sometime good. The Patriotic tree is lovely. So glad you can now see your Christmas tree while sitting on your couch. Merry Christmas to you and your captain. xoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Linda. I am finally finished with the decorating and am looking forward to enjoying it now withou all the work..Merry Christmas, my friend..xxoJudy

  6. Hi Judy.. I did see this post before Christmas and meant to comment, but it got by me and I forgot! Your home is so so gorgeous! I hope you received lots of joy from it this year.. and I love that new sofa! It IS new isn't it? It looks striking against the blue walls, but I notice you say the blue may be gone in awhile! I know I did comment on your Christmas kitchen! Now the holidays are all over for the year.. and I wonder if you've taken things done and tucked them away yet. If I was you, I think I'd leave them out for awhile, as you go to wo much work to put everything in order! My tree is still up, and a few other things, but not much. I enjoy the tree so much, especially in the evening that I'm keeping it up for another week or two. Just me here so why not??? I hope the beginning to your January started out well.. and that you had a nice New Year's eve! I spent it at home but that's fine with me.. what I have done in the past for many many years! Take care... xoxoxo Marilyn


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