Tuesday, April 9, 2024



This was my view out of the

 kitchen window the other morning. 

 Quite a difference from last week 

but just as beautiful.

  I guess the small amount of spring 

we have been lucky to experience so far 

has changed my perspective on things.

  I don't mind a little change in the weather 

as I know the worst of it 

is in my rearview mirror...

...and for now,

 I am very happy to see

 little bright spots of pink 

peeking out through the sprinter landscape.

Growing Floret

 is starting a new season on Magnolia Network. 

 For anyone who loves to grow a garden, 

even if it is only in their heads (like me)

 and in their hearts (like me)

 this show is a must see. 

 First of all, the flowers are so beautiful 

and the photography is stunning. 

 The keepers of this wonderful property, 

Erin, her husband and crew,

 are such caring and talented people

 with a very down to earth and well managed approach to flower farming.  

The viewer is transported along the journey 

with the tiny seedlings 

and all of the worst and best scenarios

 that can happen

 during their growing process, and

to the most gorgeous display of Erin

 walking the rows of her fields

 with a large armload of the rewarding outcome. 

 It is a treat to listen and to see

 how Erin's thought process is played out in the way

 that she learns the right thing to do for the flowers 

and in the way that she cares 

about sharing them with the world.  

As I mentioned, the photography, done by her husband, is so stunning

 and I highly recommend the show to anyone who is

 a lover of all things beautiful and heartfelt. 

This is my first try at painting 

from a real live subject.  

This Vinca flower, which I grew up calling Myrtle, grows along the edge of our garden. 

I am happier with the outcome

 than I have been with any other attempt...


...and this rose is a little more to my liking also. 
 Just two more practice pieces
 that will help in the grand scheme of things.

Hope you are lucky enough

 to have a little springtime where you are 

without an earthquake! 

 What's up with that?

 Last Thursday we felt a pretty hard jolt 

from one that was a few counties over 

then I saw all kinds of reports 

from all over the place.

Come on Mother Nature! 

 Your only job is to bring springtime on now!


A photograph of lilacs from the book,

 Floret Farms, A Year in Flowers, 

Erin Benzakein.

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  1. I love Erin's property and her lovely book. Wow the snow Ugh! We are finally into Spring here in Illinois. Today is gorgeous. Hope Mother Nature stops being fickle and fighting with Old Man Winter! This back and forth is getting old. Have a great week. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks so much, Kris. We are starting to warm up again too. Love it! Happy Spring xxoJudy

  2. So glad no snow here. Today it was 75. Finally some nice Spring like weather. Your paintings are just beautiful.
    Have not seen that show. I do watch In with the Old. Janice

  3. Thanks so much, Janice. Today is beautiful here too. So glad to see it. We watch In with the Old too. Another great show..Happy Spring..xxoJudy

  4. Aw, Judy...such a fright with snow on your flowering tree. Loved the paintings...some fun there, and wishful thinking. They have promised moderate temps all week with rain ONLY 60 % of the time, lol. So much for SPRING. PS, I've seen a few buds on some forsythia, but NO tree blossoms anywhere here right now. Hugs, Sandi

    1. Thanks so much, Sandi. Every year the rain, snow and wind attack the flowering trees before we get to enjoy them much but this year it had the decency to wait until the trees were almost through blooming. For that we are thankful..xxoJudy

  5. The snow must have been quite a surprise, but it is so pretty - like frosting on the flowering trees. Your watercolors are wonderful - you have real talent for painting! I've not seen the show, so I will have to look for it and the book sounds nice, too. I have one tulip blooming and the daffodils are going strong, but the weather has been so cold and wet that I haven't been able to start my seeds. Hope things warm up for you this week and you don't get any more earthquakes! Hugs, K

  6. Thanks so much. Karen. It was a surprise but the sun is bright today so am thankful for that and that the earth hasn't moved again! Happy Spring xxoJudy

  7. Judy,
    I always look forward to your posts and it was the distraction that I needed...My world has been turned upside down with the recent diagnosis of Joe's pancreatic cancer that has spread to his liver....Treasure every day, my friend!!


Your comments are so special to me...Judy