Friday, October 11, 2013



                 Here is the next part of last year's 
           Halloween posts. Enjoy!!


The witches and the goblins,

The ghosts all dressed in white,

They all will be converging,
On the Cottage, come tonight.

They arrive upon their broomsticks,

They arrive by other means,

Some arrive so very quiet,
Some arrive amidst the screams.

A single fairy pumpkin witch,
Will try to set the tone,
But when it comes to game rules,
Everyone is on their own.

Once they are assembled,

That's when the fun will start,

You wouldn't want to join them,

If you were one bit faint of heart.

You are all invited,
Join the party..have some fun,

Nobody is excluded,
It's fair game for everyone.

It's strange how it all happens,
Just ask one whose mostly sweet,
Once you're a member of the party,
No one would pass you on the street.

If you are brave enough to enter,
Then you must be quite prepared,
For the ones who are the strongest,
Will survive those who are scared.

When we sit at the table,
And say, "Good potatoes, won't you pass",
They are eating eye of newt,
And tiny spiders under glass.

The pumpkins and the candles,
Are alight for all to see,

This is quite a different story,

The moon is shining brightly,
Look closer...see the bats?
They are coming to the party,
You'll want your necks kept under wraps.

Mrs.vonRichWitch was invited,
She thought the party would be fun,
She didn't know that when she left,
Her two hands would be one.

Now the dawn is breaking,
The air is still and cold,
All the guests have left the party,
And the story has been told.

Myself, the Resident Cottage Witch

TRICK OR TREAT....Judy, The Cottage Witch

These party goers are partying again at these parties:

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  1. Hi Judy!
    You have some wonderful Halloween decorations. I love them all!!

  2. What a great post. So spooky! Love all the decor. I am your newest follower. Please stop by my cottage when you can...

  3. Judy, Your scary things are cute. I love seeing the kids' pictures...that brought back memories for me, of my own goblins. smiles, xo, Susie

  4. Judy your home looks so festive for Halloween! What sweet photos of past Halloweens too!

  5. Wow, you went all out decorating for Halloween. I think your cottage will be a very popular place for little ones on Halloween. Everything is wonderful but I especially like the vignette on the buffet or chest. I hope I never meet up with that mad crazy dog!!! Happy Halloween, Judy!

  6. Great Post Mom!! The cottage looks very festive!!! Although I do believe from the look on my face you used a picture of me that was taken AFTER you and "The Captin" raided my Halloween bag!! Ah, the good old days!!! LOVE YOU!! Tami :)

  7. Super fun post. I love all of your folk art Halloween decorations. They have a vintage feel. What is the thing that the hand is in? Cute photos of past Halloween of your kids and grandson.

  8. I loved this post Judy! I bet you will have loads of fun at Halloween.

  9. AH Judy,Youve been having fun! LOVE it! What a great post,I would love to join your party...
    Happy thursday! Dear friend,love julieXxxx

  10. What a great Halloween post! Love it, Jean

  11. It sure seems as you're ready for Halloween. We don't celebrate that at all in our family, even though many swedes have began too. I don't really understand why we shall take this party to our country, after all, we've never even heard of the reason why you celebrate until about 10 years ago!! And I do think we have other things to celebrate instead. Lol, I really sounded boring there, didn't I? Well, maybe I did, but the meaning was right. I rather celebrate our All Saints Day at the beginning of November, I'll show you what I mean on my blog later on.
    I do hope you have a wonderful day. Have been a bad visitor lately. But I do love your post about Halloween. It seems very big "over there".
    Love Elzie

  12. Hi Judy, What fun you are making the Halloween celebration. I would love to be trick or treating at your house. I love all your vintage decorations and that headless horseman is a frightful delight for sure..hope you have all treats and no tricks come to your door...
    Hugs...and hang on to your head..Yikes...

  13. It's sad to say, but I usually don't read much of a post... I mainly like to look at the pictures! BUT, when I started reading yours....I read every word!! I enjoyed your post so much and your decorations are just amazing! Hugs, Penny

  14. Hi Judy,
    Great Halloween Post! Everything looks amazing. You have done a wonderful job decorating for Halloween.

  15. Wonderful Halloween post! Love the photo of the moon with the bats. Very 'spooktacular'.

  16. Judy!! I LOVED this post and the poem was fantastic!! love all your Halloween decor!!


  17. enjoyed reading your post just finished reading the older posts love them all thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you so much Ginny. You are very welcome to stop by anytime..Happy Weekend..Judy

  18. Fabulous decorations! You have the magic touch!!

    Susan and Bentley

  19. Great post with fantastic decorations! A fun read.
    Mary Alice

  20. Wow, great images, love your Halloween decor especially the scared kids picture. You certainly have spent a lot of time getting all this ready. Great job!

  21. Oh, I'm so skert! This is amazing, Judy! I love it and how creative you are with your spooky little vignettes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. How fun it this! I'd love to be there! The spiders under the dome was genius!

  23. I just love all of your vintage style Halloween decor! It goes perfect with your old home too. I love how you decorated your front door area too. I just recently put out some Halloween decor outside. I'll be sharing that later.

  24. Oh how fun! Looks like it will be a fabulous party indeed. The cloche idea was really cute too. btw..yes, I did eat all my lunch. Maybe left a fry or two:) I am a good eater Judy!

  25. Great decorations! I laughed at the picture of the cute dog looking scary!

    Visiting from Debbiedoo's party and looking forward to following you.

    Have a great day.

  26. I don't know if I would be brave enough to come in, you've decorated great. I love the dog with red eyes and blood dripping down their tongue. The cloche idea is very cute too. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you liked my Autumn Porch! Followed on GFC

  27. Well, you have certainly brought Halloween to your home. Love it all Judy. So many wonderful scary items. Scary dog too! Have a Boo-ti-ful week.

  28. Judy,
    I loved everything about this post!
    Thank you!!

    Hope you are having a great day..


  29. Hello Judy - you really got into the spirit of this holiday! Love the sweet vintage pieces - I could just imagine you smiling as you decorated - this story was wonderful. I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  30. You have a lovely decorations on your Halloween party! Nice photos! :)

    philippines property

    1. Thank you Lisa. I appreciate your kind words..Happy Friday..Judy

  31. What a fun blog - love the invitation and all the decorations.

  32. Love the new decor, especially the hand in the slicer, so creepy my kids at school would love it!

  33. A fun read and so enjoyed your decorations. I wish I could get into the spirit of the season, not there yet for some reason. I like your door decoration, so neat.


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