Monday, October 7, 2013


Between now and Halloween, I am going to repeat some of my posts from last year. I had quite a few comments, probably the most I've ever gotten in almost two years, and I thought that maybe some of my newer followers would like to see them. If you are not among this group, I hope you enjoy them again, or you might just want to press a little button and send them on their way.  That is the beauty of blogging.

Here is some background on why I wrote the following:

Maggie has been a member of our household for about 12 years. She had been abandoned, at the age of about 6 months, with a litter of kittens, and she was living under the school house. The Captain took her to the vet and she had probably the first shots she had ever had and was spayed at that same time. He also took the one surviving kitten for shots and spaying but she was so wild that we took her back to school, where she remains to this day. Maggie has never really recovered from the trauma of mistreatment and it has only been about one year since she has felt comfortable enough to sit by us on the couch. She still will not sit on our laps or allow herself to be held. So I wrote this little piece to say how I think she must feel.

I am not a fraidy cat
Though I sit behind the door
I could go outside at night
If I wanted something more...

If I were to put my hat on
And gather up my nerve
I could wander through the darkness
Right down to the last curve...

But why would I want to do that
When all I would do is hide
I'll just sit here, bravely, at the door
And wear my hat inside.

Me, The Resident Cottage Witch, Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween Everyone!

...Judy and Maggie...

I will be posting some old Halloween posts every few days and will add some new ones also. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Such a cute post, love the kitty and her fun hats, no wonder you got so many compliments, it is so cute and creative, love the post,,,Phyllis

  2. Very cute cats! This is my first time viewing!

  3. Judy, I just love it. I love that you talked through her eyes! Poor dear kitty! xo Diana

  4. I think I remember this story about Maggie and the poem and I still love it. I also love the lanterns on your front porch. Are they vintage? They are adorable!

  5. Hi Judy,
    How cute, I don't believe I had seen this one. I'll be watching for more. How do you repost anyway?

  6. What a cute story and sweet cat. Maybe someday she will get on your lap and surprise you. Looking forward to more.....

  7. Good morning Judy,
    Such a sweet story, and Maggie is forever grateful for your rescue, I'm certain of it.
    It's great that you just keep loving, and loving her .

    Smiles :)

  8. You're right - I think I must have missed this one. Maggie is just adorable and I know she must be, deep down, so very grateful to you.

  9. Our cat is a bit timid at times too! Although our cat is a lap cat it does not take much to scare her off.

  10. Beautiful poetry and the photographs are lovely! Spooky and pretty!! :)


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