Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Do you remember when the Secret Garden was revealed last summer?

It was exactly as we had envisioned it and we were so proud and happy over the way it turned out.


It is now but a distant memory.

It first started with the falling leaves.

The gazebo sits under a large walnut tree and another tree that constantly drops leaves and large seed pods all summer long.

It actually looked pretty in the fall after adding a few seasonal touches, but it was not conducive to summer relaxation.


Then came the birds, who totally believe that this is their very own playground.

"Waiting for the 4th of July?
My feathers!!
This is just your own personal space to experience the softness of Charmin!!"


So we've changed things around a bit...

We've put the table under the gazebo, which is a larger space than the porch.  We've added a screen netting to keep the leaves off and the birds out.

We placed the wicker pieces up on the porch which the birds haven't found yet!

And we've added a few different plants and accessories that were not here before.

Do I like it as well?

It looks prettier to the eye then it does in the photos, I think.

But, I can't really say that I like it as much.


Right now, as I'm sitting in my office car writing this, and the Captain is walking his dogs, it is pouring down rain.

As we return to the Cottage...

The only two plants that were really looking good in the garden now...

...have become a flattened mess.

This is our neighbor's flowering plum tree.

I have never seen it like this even in a snow storm.


...yet again we have a mess in the Secret Garden.

We knew the rain was coming so we stacked some of the things on the porch.

I didn't pick up the table as we thought the umbrella would be able to keep a little rain at bay!

Well, nothing that won't dry out...

...hopefully in time for the holiday.


"It was the sweetest, most mysterious-looking place anyone could imagine.

Mary Lennox, when she first saw "The Secret Garden"


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  1. We have a giant old walnut tree in our backyard too. They sure do make a mess! Not to mention the birds using our swing for a bathroom. I guess it's just part of living outside. Mimi

  2. I think that your secret garden idea is wonderful - sometimes just takes a little adjusting - and waiting for the storm to pass. We are expecting heavy rains and thunderstorms - fairly unusual for the PNW - so everything from the deck has come indoors except the planters and the furniture that is weather proof. Maybe sun in a few days.

  3. hello
    quand la nature reprend ses droits !!!!!
    chez nous aussi , avec la pluie + le vent ,tous mes Iris ont perdus leurs pétales
    des branches de rosiers cassés
    des roses , avec la tête penchée gorgées d'eau
    et l'herbe qui pousse sans arrêt
    je ne sais plus quoi penser de mon jardin
    beaucoup de mal à prendre des photos , par manque de clarté
    bon courage et bonne semaine
    edith(iris) France

  4. Hello Judy,
    What a transformation. I think your secret garden looks lovely.. Its a little place, where you can always change things.
    Winter plays havoc here on my patios.. I have to put things on top of each other and cover them with plastic.. as the rain can be harsh at times.
    I like it very much.
    wishing you a happy day..
    valrosa59blogspot.com val's alentejo

  5. How darling - I so enjoyed this! I know about messes to. We had the carpet cleaned in 2 rooms yesterday and I can barely fit in a chair in the kitchen to type. Your area "Secret Garden" is darling and loved the little birdie!

  6. Hi Judy, everyone should have such a secret garden, somewhere you can escape to. unfortunately there's nothing you can do about the rain or indeed the weather in general, just go with the flow (oh dear, an unfortunate choice of words given the rain!!). It will be beautiful again.

  7. Oh, Jusy-How very, very disappointing to not have your garden continue to look the way you wanted it to stay. I hear you though- we have trouble with the birds and trees that never seem to stop shedding. It is still lovely though, and I hope it dries out for you-What a lot of rain you have had!!! xo Diana

  8. Hi Judy
    I guess you can say your secret garden is versatile and sometimes it's refreshing to change things up. A good idea with the netting to keep the leaves and birds out but a driving rain can sure soak the best laid plans. Poor doggy looks wet too.
    With all the rain we've had, I have plants that should be at least a foot tall and they're sitting at an inch or two waiting for hot and dry weather.

  9. The secret garden is beautiful. I think it's best to keep the birds and leaves out. I love your wicker furniture but am in envy of that old wood rocker. What a beauty!

  10. Your secret garden looks lovely as it transitions with the seasons/weather. I really enjoy touring through your photos!

  11. Your secret garden is pretty. Too bad it couldn't stay as originally set up, but nature throws us curveballs once in awhile and we have to adjust. It still looks pretty and hopefully the bird and leaf problems are over.

  12. Hi Judy,
    Isn't it fun moving things around, even if you don't like it as well? It's only temporary until we get a whim to change things up again. I like your Secret Garden both ways. The netting idea is great, as is moving the table there. I like those blue floral chair cushions, did you make those? I need new one's and am having a hard time finding some that look Victorian or Cottagy, everything is so contemporary these days, including chair cushions.
    Have a great Fourth!

  13. Your "Secret Garden" is darling and I know once all is dry you will enjoy it again. Funny how those birds think! We spent a lot of time and money creating a garden behind our house with a bird bath in the center of it and the crows thought we put it there for them. They destroyed every single flower we planted by biting off the heads and they would bring in scraps of food from everywhere and soak it in the bird bath which of course made the water filthy. The songbirds wouldn't come near the bird bath because the crows were always there. We put up with it for a while but nothing could keep those crows away. So we finally moved the bath into the front yard under our maple tree. The crows still bring their garbage and dump it into the bath. A couple of weeks ago, Hubby pulled everything out of the back garden, raked it, planted grass and that's that! He really doesn't have the time to garden and I can't do it with my injured back. So, for the time being, I have to be content looking at everyone else's. I'm so glad I can come to my friends' blogs and drink in all the beauty I find on here, yours included! Thank you for sharing at my HOME and have a lovely weekend.


  14. I think it's a charming space Judy. It's to bad the birds took over the porch.
    The netting must help a lot.Nature is wonderful, however it would be nice if those birdies found their own space.
    Enjoy your secret garden. Have a happy 4th...xo Linda

  15. Your secret garden is beautiful and inviting.


  16. Judy your secret garden is just lovely in all seasons! We lost so many trees in our yard over the past 2 years, what once looked like park now is more like a disaster area. I love your neighbor's plum tree...we need to purchase new trees. Maybe a birdbath and/or a bird feeder set away from your sweet little nook with keep your feathered tenants busy in another part of the yard!
    Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July!
    XO Barbara

  17. PS...Love your blog's new look!

  18. Fun post - you did solve this problem beautifully - love the screen netting - terrific idea - it is a frog chocker here today - I am wondering if my house will float away! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  19. Your secret garden is just delightful! The place where fairies reside ...
    Have a happy and blessed 4th of July.


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