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Who knows how a dog 
really ends up in a shelter? 
 There are many reasons,
 some are excuses,
 some are a necessity
 and some are strays.

 In the case of Kai,
 he was owner surrendered. 
 The owner was moving
 and couldn't have pets in his new place.

  I think it would be very hard
 to leave a pet after seven years,
 but who am I to judge,
 never having been in a similar situation.
 that's how Kai came to be
 at the shelter in Santa Cruz
 where we met him.

Our daughter, Tami, 
volunteers at that shelter
 and since we lost our sweet Buddy 
last year, 
she has kept us informed 
of many of the wonderful dogs 
up for adoption.

 We didn't feel ready 
to welcome 
another dog into our life just yet
 and it took awhile for
 her to wear us down! 

 But the minute we saw Kai's picture
 it was a done deal.

 Thank you, Tami, 
for your perseverance. 
 You are the true meaning of the old adage:
  If at first you don't succeed,
 try, try again.

We drove to Santa Cruz last week
 and met Kai.

 The name that he came into the shelter with 
was Kanai. 
 It is Hawaiian in origin 
and means content or champion
 but we kept forgetting
 how to pronounce it
 so we settled on Kai.
 He is starting
 to respond to it already.

 It was love at first sight 
all the way round.

  He is a
 small miniature black poodle mix,
 very sweet
 and gets along well with humans
  and other dogs
 but wants to chase cats.

He bonded with us,
 especially the Captain,
 right from the beginning.

  If we are not all together in one place,
 he will start searching
 for the missing.

When I first went to my office car
 this morning 
and the Captain was walking the dogs,
 he had a little melt down 
of separation anxiety at first
 but, as you can see,
 he finally got over it.

On the way home
 after picking him up,
 I noticed a similarity between us...

...it was meant to be!

He had a beauty treatment
 at the salon
 and he looks less like a ragamuffin
 and more like the refined little gentleman
 that we hoped
 he would be.

He looks very black
 in real life 
but more silver in most photos.

Kai and friend at Pet Smart

Kai goes to the vet tomorrow
 for his wellness check-up 
and then we will decide
 if he needs obedience training or not.

  Although he is seven years old,
 Kai doesn't know
 the meaning of the word 'sit'
 and we are working toward that goal 
for the time being...

...until then, 
little guy,
 you are learning to dance
 and we love you.
  Welcome home.


I would say
 the "content" meaning in his name 
fits him well.

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  1. He is adorable! I cannot imagine having to give up an animal after 7 years but I guess we never know. So glad he found a wonderful home with you!

  2. Aw, Judy...he is so cute. I can see a real love-fest happening here. :) I know he will enjoy you as much as you enjoy him. Welcome, little Kai. Look forward to getting to know you here on the blog. Hugs, Deb

  3. Hi Judy! I'm so proud for you all on getting this little man! He is so sweet looking and sounds like it really was meant to be. He has found a wonderful home! Loved the snap of both of y'alls hair! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Hi Judy,

    It's such a pleasure to be introduced to Kai!! I know you've missed Buddy, and I'm so very glad you and the Captain have a new dog to love. He definitely looks like a well-mannered little chap. :) He's as cute as can be, and I think he's luckier than he knows to have found a forever home with you two. I've never thought about it, but my hair probably looks a lot like Duncan's hair, too. :-D

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about Kai on your blog! Have a great week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. Little Kai has stuck it rich!! Not only did he land a forever home in Gold Country, he landed a forever home in Gold Country with the two of you!!! So happy about this happy ending!!!

  6. What a lovely thing to adopt a pet from a shelter and bring him home. How lovely! He looks like a very sweet little guy and is probably so happy to be spoiled and loved! I wish you all many happy years together! AND better he likes to chase cats than skunks! ;-)

  7. He's so cute! And he appears to be very happy in his new home. What a nice addition to your family.

  8. He's so cute, and happy to be around t a nice and lovely family and hes forever home god bless you and your
    for for the adopt from the shelter, one of my Boxes we adopt her.

  9. Oh Judy, I squealed with joy! Kai is absolutely precious! What a blessing for him to have such a good loving home and what a blessing for you, my friend, to have such a sweet pet :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  10. Awww, welcome Kai! As someone who has just adopted a rescue myself I know just how hard it can be to settle in a new fur baby and the thoughts that run through your head of what life used to be like for them. My own rescue is now learning sign language as her previous owners weren't kind and one of her 'scars' is that an ear infection was never treated so she is now deaf. Rescues just want love and are so willing to please. Enjoy your new life Kai xx

  11. How wonderful! Kai has a great home now! He is so beautiful.I get so sad when i think about the dogs in shelters, I wish i would win the lottery so i can have a big home for all of them.


  12. un billet plein d'humour et de tendresse
    je suis heureuse de voir que certains " toutous " s'en sortent bien , il va être heureux
    j'en suis sur
    mais il restera un chien inquiét dés que vous le laisserez un peu seul
    j'en ai eu un comme ça que l'on a recuperer , il ne supportait pas d'être seul
    le seul endroit ou on pouvait le laisser c'était la voiture
    je vous souhaite pleins de bonheur à tous

  13. Oh Judy what a special friend you and the Captain have found in Kai! And what a lucky little gentleman he is too! I am sure he will live a long and happy life with your family.Welcome home to your precious Kai!!!
    XO Barbara

  14. Judy,
    What a sweet little addition to your family. He is perfect! You crack me up with the hair comparison lol! May he have a long and wonderful life with you guys. He is just adorable.

  15. Oh, for sweet!
    He's adorable, and sounds like he has a gentle temperament, and a sweet disposition too.
    Hope he learns how to get along with Flower ok..****smile**.

    Smiles :)

  16. So adorable! I love seeing and reading about our dogs. They literally make our lives whole.

  17. He is Adorable, Judy! I hope you are enjoying your time with him! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  18. This post really touched my heart. Our last 3 dogs have all been rescues and they have brought us so much joy. Your little Kai looks as though he's been there forever. Apparently meant to be! Congratulations on your new family member! He's a lucky boy!

  19. He is a happy looking little doggy with lots of energy. I like him. Too funny about the hair, love the photo.

  20. Oh Judy he is just precious!! What a blessing! Post lots of pictures ok?

  21. Oh Judy he is just precious!! What a blessing! Post lots of pictures ok?

  22. Precious! Kinda looks like our GRAND dog Charlie.

  23. Awwwww! One of my sweet granddogs was a "rescue dog" as well. He is such a sweetie and we are very blessed with him. In fact, I've enjoyed being his pet sitter a few times over the summer and it's been a delight. Thanks for the chance to meet your sweet dog via The Enchanting Rose.


    1. Thank you Kaye. I'm glad you met Kai. We are smitten, that's for sure. He is a cute and active 7 year old..Happy Weekend..Judy

  24. Awww he is a cutie, congrats on your new family member!

  25. What a sweetie!!! Congratulations, and I love his name! We adopted our Tabitha (a cat) six years ago. Best decision ever!!! She has given us so much love <3

  26. We had a very similar dog, in tan, named Timmy. Our son's name is Rusty and one time a friend visited with her nephew from out of town. When he went home he told his mom - "those people have a kid name Rusty and a dog named Timmy". Guess he thought the names were backwards. Timmy COULD obey some commands but sometimes seemed to have a mind of his own. Glad you are all getting on so well - and he does look like a nice refined gentleman too.

  27. ...just absolutely precious...:) xoxo

  28. Kai is just sweet and I'm sure will become a faithful (and well trained) companion for you and the Captain. Have fun!


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