Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I usually only put one weekly post out.
  I don't know why,
 but I seem to think that I have to write
 a small essay
 in order to have a post 
that is fulfilling and meaningful.

For that very reason,
 I often have times
 when I can't think 
of something to write about that, I feel, would be interesting to all of you.

  I, honestly,
 lay awake most of the night before,
 trying to come up
 with some viable ideas.

 I enjoy writing and the photography
 that goes along with it, 
and I certainly enjoy the interaction 
with all of you,
 but if there is nothing of importance 
that happened during the week,
 I am at a loss.

As I was reading the posts
 that have come to me this week, 
there were some that were detailed
 and even though
 I can't always comment on them,
 I do read all of them 
and find your stories and ideas 
are always interesting and teachable.

 There are also some
 that just show 
a beautiful bouquet of flowers,
 a lovely garden,
 or a well set table, 
and wish everyone a Happy Day.

 These posts are as interesting to me
 as the others 
and have taught me
 that I don't always 
have to write an essay
 and that I should have faith
 in my fellow bloggers 
that they would not always
 expect one.

So from now on,
 maybe I will just be
 a little easier on myself
 and "stop and smell the roses"
 as they say
 and be content
 to show you just some
 of my simple pleasures of life
 and, hopefully, 
once in awhile 
something exciting will come along
 that I can share also.

This week,
 we have had three midnight visits
 from this tiny creature.

  We have come to call her, Flower,
 as she is very petite 
and takes dinner among
 the other "wild" things
 that reside in the Secret Garden.

 I am a  fairly light sleeper
 so I usually see her first,
 and then I wake the Captain
 and we both quietly sit and watch her
 until she is through
 dining and drinking her fill
 and it is time for her to leave.

  It is hard to get a picture of her
 as I can't use a flash
 because of the glass in the door,
 and we don't want to open the door,
 as that could be 

Just another
 of our simple pleasures
 of life.

The latest Progress Report:

And now since I have managed
 to write you
 a small essay
 to say why
 I wouldn't be
 writing you a small essay...

 I will leave you with...

Have a Happy Day.


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  1. I do so enjoy your posts. Your pictures and all the things you see and do. I don't post every week, because,
    I don't have anything to say nor things that I have done. My garden looks terrible, so I have lost all interest in it. I hate being told when I can water. Some days I just don't feel like dragging that heavy hose around.

    Your pictures are very pretty, even the cow in the pasture. I wish that I lived on the farm. I am eagerly waiting for Fall weather and RAIN.

    Have a great rest of the week. You mid night visitor is very cute.

  2. You could have just posted the photo of the geese and it would have brought a smile to my face - so cute!!
    I hope your little guest continues to 'stay outside', cute - but.... Have a super rest of your week and not more staying up all night worrying about what to post! Blessings, Cindy

  3. You are so cute! I love your posts, and no matter how long, or short they are, I will be reading them :)
    You know, more than once, I've wondered about how small or pitiful my little blog might be to some. Then again, I have fun blogging, and I love all of my sweet blog friends; like you!!
    So, I say... keep blogging girl, keep blogging, and enjoy it :)

    p.s Have a sweet evening, and happy " Flower " watching!

  4. I do all kinds - long things and short. Variety is always good. I do hope to have more time that I am retired. It was getting tough there at the end - no time! Have a lovely week - skunk free of course!

  5. I love your posts - long or short. I like a long post now and then so I can sit and enjoy while I read - rather than jumping quickly from one short blog to another. I tend to be wordy and picturey - is that a word??? - in my posts, but I just enjoy doing the blog so often I get carried away.

    Sometimes we have an owl or two that come through our area at night - the first one to hear it wakes the other and we lay there, barely breathing, listening to the owls call back and forth. Before we bought this house we lived in the country on 11 acres. There was often a Great Northern Owl that came there - and one night it was in the tree right next to our bedroom - we were shocked at how loud and booming its call was - it actually rattled a few things in the bedroom. Before that we had only heard owls from a distance - what a treat it was to hear the huge booming voice.

    I think I would not open the door for the skunk either - one time a friend - in town - had her door open and was sitting on her sofa - it faced away from the door - she heard a noise and got up to see what it was - it was a skunk waddling in the door - she said she jumped so high she vaulted over the back of the sofa and stayed there on the sofa watching the skunk until it wandered back outdoors.

  6. Funny...I always think that I have to have photos for a post. Your posts are always interesting and I always enjoy them, both for the pictures and the writing.

    The photo of your roses is gorgeous...like a rose bower in a fairy tale. And, your painting is coming along nicely; it is going to be very special.

  7. Judy, You are funny...I love it. I enjoy your pictures. That would be a bit chancy to see a skunk that close to your house. Love how your painting is coming along. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. I love your little visitor. Flower is just the perfect name. I really enjoyed visiting your blog and look forward to stopping by again. Have a wonderful week.

  9. Hi Judy,
    You know sometimes a picture tells a thousand words so you don't always have to come up with a lot if you show just a picture sometimes. I enjoy your posts whether they are long or short. You have a great way of telling a story and showing us great pictures. Love little Flower she is cute from a distance lol!

  10. I love your photos, I am a suburban girl and seeing pictures of things ~ and midnight visitors ~ that I would not normally see, is always a treat (with our without the accompanying essay)! I am also very interested in your house painting project. You are a very patient lady!!

  11. Enjoyed your post, I don't feel you need an essay, love your pictures, I like how you have named your visitor, we do that kind of thing around here too :)

  12. I'm the same as you when it comes to posting but I don't let it keep me awake. I was wondering what the 'visitor' was in the photo and had to look again to see it. That's something I don't want to see in our yard but I know they've been through as I find 'evidence' now and then. We have raccoons almost every night and what a racket they make. Is that a paint by number of your own cottage. It's coming along nicely but I see lots of little spots to paint yet. That takes patience. Enjoy the day and the up-coming weekend! Pam

  13. I always read what you write and wish I could write like you do. The pictures today of the farm animals and barn are so wonderful to look at. I like the first picture of the little painting with the colonial house and farm animal. You don't need an essay , but I sure enjoy reading what you write always.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and comment. I usually get the comment first in my email so I can respond but I didn't this time. I found it in my comment section for blog first this time.
    Want to say that you are really moving along with your painting. Enjoy seeing the progress!

  14. Your posts are always delightful, my friend, and whether you write an essay of share a simple photo I would still love visiting you....it is YOU that makes this blog so lovely.

    My, what a "charming" visitor and I just love her name {{smiles}} Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration, dear Judy. Hugs to you!

  15. I always enjoy your little essays and photography Judy. You really do express yourself so beautifully. But what ever you post, short or long, always make me smile and gives me a thought or two to ponder.
    XO Barbara


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