Tuesday, December 29, 2015


 here I am 
waiting for company.

 My mom snapped a photo
 and she was so thrilled 
(her words, not mine)
 with it 
that she decided it would be
my official
 2015 Christmas portrait.



My cousins
 arrived late Wednesday
 and after sitting in traffic 
for a long, long time, 
they were exhausted.

We went out 
for breakfast Christmas Eve morning 
and I left a present 
for my people in their car.

 I had eaten sneaked 
some of Rosie's food
 and it didn't sit well with me.

 What started out to be
 a very crappy day, 
(Mom's words, not mine)
 turned into a wonderful one.

was trying real hard
to snatch that turkey...

...while Rosie and I
 were patiently waiting
 for a crumb to drop.

It was all such great fun!

One of the best things was
 that it snowed on Christmas Eve. 
 At least, all of my people thought so.

 They kept repeating
 something about dreaming 
and a white Christmas.

 You know me,
I wasn't too thrilled,
 and as far as
 Cruzer and Rosie were concerned,
they live by the beach,
 so what do they know!

 we had the most wonderful Christmas 
and hope you did too.

My mom will be back
 in a few days 
talking about some very special stuff
 and she was so excited
that the nice lady named Sandi 
from Rose Chintz Cottage
 added her post about decorating 
in the dining room
 as one of her features
 on her last linky party 

 Mom says
 thank you very much, Miss Sandi. 
 She is honored to be included.

Can't quite figure 
this one out. 
I hear a car go by 
I always look out the kitchen window
for my cousins to show back up,
 but they haven't so far.

 Mom says this makes her feel sad.

 What's up with that?


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  1. Cute dog pictures...while they were still. LOL. I would not let a dog that close to dinner's turkey. LOL...I would be afraid it would be snatched. Hope everyone is well there. So glad your Christmas was a good one. So was ours. Blessings for a healthy new year. xoxo,Susie

  2. So Adorable!! Loved it and a White Christmas too!! We had a warm and rainy Christmas!! Boo Hoo!!
    Happy New Year!!

  3. Dear Judy:
    What a darling group of doggies you have there. The picture of the dog looking at the turkey is priceless. I saw a face book video this morning of how happy a dog was to be taken home from a dog shelter - it was priceless! I am so glad you shared!

  4. I loved seeing Christmas at your home and hearing all about it. We had heavy snow on Christmas too, but Hunter doesn't mind going out in it.
    From our home to yours, Happy New Year,
    Noreen and Hunter

  5. It does indeed sound like you had a nice christmas - and your portrait is wonderful. Tell your mom hi for me - I'll be looking forward to seeing what she has to say next time.

  6. So glad you had a great Christmas Judy. Kai got to be with cousins too. Now on to a wonderful new year.
    Happy New Year.

  7. Sounds like a great Christmas!! I hope your 2016 celebration is just as nice!!

  8. What a wonderful Christmas you must have enjoyed!! Our Buster spent his first Christmas with his new cousin Lexi. I think he is still recuperating!LOL. Tell mommy that we here at 21 Rosemary Lane wish you all a wonderful weekend as you ring in the new year and the very best life has to offer in 2016!
    XO Your friend Barbara

  9. Uh oh, Kai -- those are not the kind of presents that your people like to find in their car. Your cousins are awfully cute, but not as cute as you. ;) After the rough start to the day, it sounds like you, your cousins, and your people all had a wonderful Christmas. Aren't you lucky to be part of such a great family?

    Duncan and his people had a really nice Christmas, too. Tell your mom congratulations for being featured on Sandi's blog! Sending Happy New Year wishes your way!


    Denise and Duncan McGee

  10. Dear Kai, so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas. Lili and I had a visitor also, Skittles, guess she is like a cousin or something. Rosie and Cruzer are very pretty dogs.
    Skittles is Kelly's dog and she got to stay a few extra days. Mom liked her also. It was funny at night as all three of us got in bed with mom and she hardly had any room. LOL
    I am so glad that you liked the snow. We didn't have snow, but we had frost and it's been chilly here.
    Your pictures of you and your cousins are great. So glad that you had a great Christmas and that turkey sure looked good. We had prime rib bones as Shaun cooked. Yummy
    Have a great New Year and give good wishes to your mom and dad.
    your friend,

  11. So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas with your family :)
    Loved reading all about your adventures through Kai's perspective... so fun!

    Wishing you all a very Happy New Years!!


  12. Belated Merry Christmas and Wishing you a very Happy New Year...your home is simply lovely...Greetings from Maine...

  13. Hi Judy,
    The "kiddos" are adorable, I hope Santa treated them well, fun post.
    Wishing you a happy and blessed new year!

  14. Darling post Kai!!!! Tell your mom I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

  15. How sweet to see Christmas thru all of the dogs' eyes! That is wonderful that you got snow on Christmas Eve too. Happy New Year!!


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